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  • Weekend To-do: See Funny Toddler To-do Lists (and Share Yours!)

    Priorities in a child's busy day.
    This cute little boy's to-do list went viral last week, which caused a flash of recognition over here in the Shine Parenting section. As a mom with two toddlers, I am an inveterate to-do list writer, though not an inveterate to-do list finisher.

    And of course, since my daughter imitates me, she makes lists too. But she's three and can't write yet, so her list is a little more abstract. When she handed me the sheet of paper below and explained that it was her "to-do list," I really laughed. I thought she got the spirit of my day down perfectly, though.
    Okayee, I'll get right on those tasks.

    I'll bet the mother of the little boy whose list went viral is a list-maker too. Wish we knew what was on her list that day, though it probably wasn't "play" and "sing."

    Has your child made a hilarious, charming or unintentionally satirical to-do list? Share it with Shine and we'll make a slideshow.

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