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  • Wedding Cupcake Recipes

    Three-Tier Wedding Cupcakes
    If you're craving towering tiers and buttercream, this staggering confection is proof that you can serve cupcakes without sacrificing those classic-cake moments. Inspired by tradition, this vanilla cake is fresh, fun and meant for sharing.

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    Meringue Bouquet Cupcake
    Perfect posies aren't just for flower girls. Crisp on the outside and soft in the middle, this vanilla cupcake has a bevy of yellow, ivory, and pink Swiss meringue blossoms perched atop a bed of buttercream. Customize their flavors or match the colors to your palette. Either way, this is one bouquet no one will want to toss.

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    Buttermilk Cupcakes in a Jar
    Sticky desserts as favors? Yes, you can. Our solution: Cushion a vanilla cupcake between a layer of raspberry jam and a dollop of cream-cheese frosting in a classic canning
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  • DIY Wedding Hairstyles

    You don't need a professional to get hair that's as gorgeous as your gown; you can easily create an eye-catching style on your own. These four versatile looks deliver maximum impact but require minimum skill. The hardest part is choosing one for the big day.

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  • Affordable Wedding Centerpieces

  • Inexpensive Wedding Flower Ideas

    Ceremony Garland
    Bundle airy baby's breath into a wreath-dotted swag and delicate table spray.

    The secret ingredients behind this jaw-dropping backdrop (that also happens to be jaw-droppingly simple to make) are foam wreath forms and basic rope.

    How to Make This Ceremony Garland
    Miniature daisies, doily-shaped Queen Anne's lace, and baby's breath come together in a beautiful balancing act atop a tall, graceful candlestick.

    How to Make This Centerpiece
    Layer cuttings of filler flowers, such as goldenrod and mimosa, with herbs and fruit to make boutonnieres. To make these adornments, cut each flower down to about 4 inches. Then stagger the clippings at different heights, and bind the stems together with floral tape. Cover with ribbon, and snip the ends to even them out.

    (clockwise from top left): Goldenrod and olive
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  • Out-of-the-Ordinary Bridal Shower Ideas

    A New Kind of Shower
    If you'd rather forgo the traditional fete (tea sandwiches and parlor games sound painful?), consider a few of these fun, activity-driven party ideas that let you and your friends laugh and learn together.
    Pick A Theme
    Culinary events are held nationwide for every meal of the day through companies like Hipcooks, which hosts parties in Los Angeles, Seattle, and Portland, Oregon. Boutique hotels, including Detroit's Honor & Folly, have chefs on-site and room for parties. And cooking schools and local bakeries, where you can try preserving fruits or cake decorating, are great resources.

    A honeycomb motif on the invites shown here hint at delicious treats to come.

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    A Sweet Start
    At this bridal shower, the bride and her friends made mimosas out of fresh-squeezed oranges. If cocktails are more your thing, at
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  • Choosing Your Wedding Dress: A Step-by-Step Guide

  • Wedding Cake Alternatives

    Cupcake Tower
    Homespun white cupcakes are crowned with fondant hearts cut with a cookie cutter and imprinted with the bride's and groom's first initials using a new rubber stamp.
    Provencal "Cheese Cake"
    Crottin cakes in the shape of French goat cheeses are stacked on a wooden stand to mimic a tiered cake. Flowers such as Queen Anne's lace and tweedia are paired with rosemary, lavender, and oregano to capture the romance of the French countryside

    Doughnut Dessert
    We used chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla frostings, and mixed milk to match. If your local doughnut shop doesn't carry flavors you fancy, ask if they'll mix custom icings for you. Be sure to place flattened paper cupcake liners in between doughnuts so they won't stick together.
    Coconut Souffle
    These desserts make an impressive entrance, handed out one-by-one
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  • The Truth Behind Four Wedding Myths

    #1 The "Cover Your Plate" Myth Explained

    At dinner this weekend, my in-laws explained the origin of the belief some people have that wedding guests should give gifts that are expensive enough to "cover their plate."

    This belief, which I had never encountered until I moved to the Northeast, is roundly disparaged and denied by every single etiquette expert I have ever consulted. Despite Emily Post and Miss Manners, however, my mother-in-law holds this belief quite firmly, and was a bit disparaging toward people "who act like they're going to a party."

    My father-in-law, however, gave the first explanation for its origin that ever made sense.

    In the little European village where my husband's parents grew up, it was absolutely not possible for a family to entertain their neighbors and friends at a wedding, providing food and drink for everyone. They simply were not rich enough. No one was. And so every wedding celebration was a village affair; everyone who came brought something to

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  • 9 Creative Ways to Cut Wedding Costs

    A beautiful wedding doesn't have to be expensive. Here are nine small things you can do to save big bucks.

    1. Limit Alcoholic Beverages
    Limit alcoholic beverages to wine and beer, choices that will satisfy most of your guests.

    Sign up for newsletters or join mailing lists at wine shops. Then, when wines you want for your wedding go on sale, buy in bulk.

    2. Buy Wholesale
    Buy your own wine wholesale. You'll pay your caterer a corkage fee to pour it, but wine purchased through him can cost twice as much. Most merchants offer a 10 percent discount for buying wine by the case, and they'll often increase that if you purchase several cases at once.

    Check into wine that's available in magnums (bottles twice the size of regular ones); several quality wines are. Wine sold in a magnum costs less per ounce, and because the corkage fee goes twice as far, you'll save on two counts.

    Plus: Wedding Budget Dos and Don'ts

    3. Forgo Full Dinner Service
    How dinner is served affects the price. French

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  • Playful Wedding Centerpieces (Flowers Not Required)

    Playful Wedding Centerpiece
    At this wedding, each table had a different theme. The "photo" table held vintage View-Master discs, slide carousels, wooden frames, and a classic camera; larkspur, peach roses, scabiosa seed heads, and craspedia shot out of the centerpiece's wheatgrass base.

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    Floating Centerpiece with Stars
    A constellation of 3-D stars becomes a floating centerpiece with the help of fishing wire and a lot of glitter. Candleholders in matching shades and varying heights set the stage for a sparkling night.

    Rice-paper star lanterns, Asian Ideas, Cylinders and votives, Jamali Floral & Garden Supplies, "Victoria Ghost" chair, by Philippe Starck, from Taylor Creative,

    Plus: Warm-Weather Wedding Favors
    Fruit and Vegetable Wedding
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