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  • 6 Fast Fixes for Wedding Emergencies

    These products should be packed in your wedding survival kit.

    Clear Nail Polish
    Reattach rhinestones and beads that may have fallen off your dress with clear nail polish. It can also stop stocking runs in their tracks.

    Dryer Sheets
    To keep hosiery from sticking to your dress, rub a damp used dryer sheet over them. Toss one in your luggage, just in case (it'll freshen your clothes). If you don't have one, run a wire hanger or a metal spoon over or under your dress.

    Lip Balm
    Zipper stuck? Lip balm or hand soap can loosen it.

    Plus: Wedding Cake Alternatives

    Give your diamond a real cleaning and shining using vodka (yes, vodka!) and a toothbrush.

    Baby Powder
    Baby powder is great for treating wedding-dress stains. Sprinkle on to absorb oil from spots, then brush off with a white cloth. It's also useful for hiding the residue of wine and makeup stains after you've used stain-removal wipes.

    Use the inside of a banana peel to erase scuffs from your guy's leather shoes,

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  • 6 Trendy Alternatives to the Traditional Honeymoon

    Skip the old-standby locations and plan a trip to these exciting locales.

    If You Love the Bahamas, Try St. Vincent and the Grenadines
    Find the stuff honeymoons are made of: charming cottages, exquisite beaches, and turquoise waters.

    Where to go: There are lots of isles to choose from, but we recommend Bequia. It's lush yet beachy, and is developed yet retains enough local traditions. Stay at Firefly Bequia, wallow on the sand until midday, then head to the bar at the Frangipani Hotel to watch the boats sail in and out of the harbor.

    When to go: Anytime's a good time: The island is below the hurricane belt. December through April, however, is the driest period.

    How to get there: Fly into Barbados (there are nonstops from many major cities), then connect on SVG Air.

    Plus: The Coolest Hotel Pools

    If You Love Mexico, Try Belize

    With spectacular ruins and beaches, this Central American country is essentially our Latin neighbor's twin.

    Where to go: Kick off your trip at the remote

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  • Great Ideas for Regional Wedding Favors

    Whether you are having a destination wedding or you just want to showcase your hometown, here are some cute ideas for delightful favors.

    Caramel Apples from New York
    Caramel apples bring out the kid in everyone and make the perfect souvenir for an informal afternoon wedding. Each piece of candy-coated fruit is wrapped in a sheet of cellophane and tied with waxed cord; bright paper scrolls are hole-punched three times and speared by bamboo skewers. Get the Caramel Apple Recipe
    Maple Sugar Candies from Vermont
    Maple sugar candies are a melt-in-your-mouth local specialty sure to be gone before the last dance. Transform a store-bought box of candy (this one is from Maple Grove Farms of Vermont) by replacing the lid with a paper band printed with a personal message (leave the shrink wrap intact). Finish with a yarn bow.
    Lobster Lollipops from Maine
    Guests are sure to grin when they
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