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  • How to Dress for Any Style of Wedding

    Even the most modern brides and grooms often find themselves in classic ensembles not so different from those worn by their counterparts generations ago. That's because when choosing wedding clothes, couples are guided not only by fashion, but also by tradition and a dose of decorum befitting the event. Use this wedding etiquette as a guide to wardrobe choices based on the time of day and the level of a wedding's formality. But, remember, it's your big day and you can wear whatever your hearts desire.

    Daytime vs. Evening Weddings
    A daytime celebration is held before 6 p.m., while an evening wedding is held after 6 p.m. or begins a bit before and continues well into the night. The question of formality is less straightforward; it is not a single detail that gives a wedding its style, but all of the elements combined.
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    Match Attire to Wedding Style
    For example, an evening event in a grand ballroom with a seated multi-course dinner

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  • Beat the Heat: Summer Beauty and Makeup Tips

    If you're a summer bride, your wedding can literally be a day in the sun. And although the warm weather is glorious, it can also pose a challenge when it comes to looking and feeling your best: Hot temperatures can melt and move makeup and turn complexions shiny, and high humidity can be downright hair-raising. But armed with the right strategy, you will prevail -- and look your prettiest.
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    For Your Body
    The day before your wedding, cut back on dehydrating alcohol and avoid spicy foods, which can make you flush.

    Lighten Up
    Instead of a thick body cream, which can cause perspiration, try a fast-absorbing dry oil, such as Huiles & Baumes Gentle Dry Oil ( Its mist-on formula is lightweight yet potent.

    Shower Smart
    On your big day, give yourself two to three hours to get ready. Racing around only raises your body temperature and stress level. In the shower, use a moisturizing cleanser, then rinse with brisk

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  • Frosty Dessert Recipes to Cool Your Wedding Guests

    These sweet and refreshing recipes for ice cream, sorbet, and granita will pair perfectly with your wedding cake.

    Photo: FirstviewPhoto: Firstview Beautiful Beadwork
    We brushed mini waffle cones from Chef Source with different shades of luster dust for a frosty look. Shiro-an vanilla ice cream gives the topping of these shimmering cones a richer taste and a little bit of texture.

    Get the Shiro-An Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe

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    Photo: FirstviewPhoto: Firstview Applique
    Blackberry-cocoa sorbet is light and refreshing, no matter when you serve it. Cool off your crowd after outdoor vows with mini scoops presented in tiny cones or Chinese soup spoons. Or dish it out for dessert alongside shortbread cookies flavored with green tea, for a subtle sweetness that balances the tangy berries.

    Get the Blackberry-Cocoa Sorbet Recipe
    Photo: FirstviewPhoto: Firstview Dreamy Draping
    They say good things come in small packages, and sure enough, these decadent ice pops-three inches tall, minus the sticks-are downright
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  • Ace Your Wedding Vows in 7 Easy Steps

    It's always a nice touch when couples write their own vows. It's the best way to bring you and your fiance's personalities into your wedding ceremony, and a sure-fire way to engage the audience, whether they are left crying or laughing. Expressing your love on paper may seem daunting, but it's easier than you'd think. Let us count the ways...

    Photo: Bryan GardnerPhoto: Bryan Gardner1. Begin Separately
    Schedule some alone time to write your vows on your own before sharing them with each other. Doing this exercise individually will help each of you reflect without the other's influence, making the result more interesting and personal.
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    2. Ask Yourself Questions
    "The first step is to excavate your own heart," advises the Rev. Judith Johnson, author of "The Wedding Ceremony Planner". She recommends sitting quietly with a blank sheet of paper and asking yourself questions such as, "Why have I chosen this person to be my partner? What do I love most about him or her?" Take time to

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  • Sparkling Wedding Day Jewelry

    Nothing pairs up with a gorgeous dress (and dreamy guy) like some heirloom-quality gems. These day-of dazzlers are breathtakingly beautiful and built to last.

    Photo: Stephan LewisPhoto: Stephan Lewis Dazzling Earrings
    From divine danglers to dainty drops and sweet studs, these earrings show off your sheer style genius.

    Kimberly McDonald 18k white gold and diamond slices. Mikimoto "Lace Collection Akoya" 18k white gold, pearls, and diamonds. Sharon Khazzam "Charr" 18k white gold, pavé, and gray diamond slices. Cathy Waterman platinum and micro pavé. Forevermark "Center of My Universe" 18k oxidized gold and diamonds. Rosanne Pugliese 18k gold and rock-crystal slices. Suzanne Kalan 18k rose gold, white topaz, and white diamonds. Belle by Harry Winston platinum and diamonds. Mish New York "Double Arden" 18k white gold, white topaz, and pavé.

    Plus: Wedding Toast Dos and Don'ts
    Photo: Stephan LewisPhoto: Stephan Lewis Show-Stopping Bracelets
    When it comes to bracelets, the sky's the limit. Pile them on, or opt for one statement-making piece.

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  • Your Trickiest Wedding Invitation Questions, Answered

    Etiquette advisor Patricia Napier-FitzpatrIck is best known for dispensing protocol and manners-training services at The Etiquette School of New York. So when it comes to wedding etiquette? We think it's safe to put your trust in her, starting with these seven simple stationery tips.

    Photo: Phillip FicksPhoto: Phillip Ficks1. You Can Never Give Too Much Notice
    Save-the-dates typically go out three to four months prior to the wedding, but if guests are spread far and wide-or you're throwing a destination wedding-more time is better. No one will complain about having extra leeway to plan. Send invitations six to eight weeks beforehand, with an R.S.V.P. request of two to three weeks prior to the event so you can get a final head count.
    Plus: Wedding Toast Dos and Don'ts

    2. Be Creative (But Clear)
    From telegrams to invisible ink, couples are doing fun things with their save-the-dates and invitations. If you're getting innovative, just make sure that all pertinent information is included. For save-the-dates, the

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  • Upbeat Songs to Calm Your Pre-Wedding Jitters

    Whether you prep for your big day at home or at your venue, a proper soundtrack (along with bobby pins, hair spray, and double-stick tape) is an essential part to the getting-ready process. So here are our favorite songs to put you and your bridal party in a happy mood before you walk the aisle. Extra points if you use a hairbrush as a microphone.

    Photo: Bryan GardnerPhoto: Bryan Gardner1. "Chapel of Love" - The Dixie Cups
    It could be the most no-duh getting ready song ever, thanks to lyrics like "Gee, I really love you, and we're gonna get married." For a faster-paced doo-wop update, download Bette Midler's version.

    2. "Countdown" - Beyonce
    Queen Bey has written her fair share of breakup anthems, but this syncopated jam is all about being gleefully in love. And she samples Boyz II Men! Nothing not to like here.
    Plus: Wedding Toast Dos and Don'ts

    3. "Marry You" - Bruno Mars
    Consider it the guy version of "Chapel of Love": a joyous pre-aisle-walking song expertly sung by the slick Hawaiian crooner.
    Plus: The

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  • 6 Summer Wedding Get-Fit Tips

    Did you know about 80 percent of your fitness success stems from your diet, which means that exercise is only part of the equation? There's no one secret behind slimming down, but rather a whole set of secrets that need to work together. Here are six ways to put a wedding fitness plan in motion.

    Photo: Stephen LewisPhoto: Stephen Lewis1. Juice Up!
    Once just a wacky Hollywood fad, wedding juice diet plans are fast becoming as ubiquitous as yoga and Lululemon pants. Before you drink up-or sign up for a multiday cleanse-get the lowdown on these liquids, and four juice recipes you can try at home.

    2. Start Sculpting
    Whether you're a beginner or a fitness fanatic, personal trainer Brett Hoebel designed this printable exercise routine to make toning up for the big day easy. Choose a few of them to target a trouble spot, or incorporate them all into a full-body workout. If you opt for the latter, work out on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Pencil in at least 30 minutes of cardio on Saturdays, and rest on Tuesdays,

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  • The Best Places to Mini-Moon

    Perhaps a long-haul honeymoon doesn't line up with your schedule or budget, but trust us, following a whirlwind celebration with friends and family you'll be craving time alone. To this point, the boutique hotel experts at Mr & Mrs Smith have shared 10 romantic escapes from exotic isles to luxe-rustic retreats which, while just a quick flight or scenic road trip away, are far from ordinary.

    Photo: Courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. SmithPhoto: Courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Smith Jamaica
    On this characterful Caribbean island, the spicy jerk chicken, sizzling soca bars and belly-burning rum heat you up… and then the turquoise waters, ice-cold Red Stripes and shaded hammocks help you cool down and chill out.

    Where to Book: Goldeneye Hotel & Resort
    This idyllic cluster of whitewashed cottages and suites on Oracabessa Bay is where Ian Fleming authored all 14 James Bond novels. Between the swim-up hillside spa, treetop restaurant and breeze-whispering banyan trees, this place is luxury fit for royalty.

    Plus: Wedding Toast Dos and Don'ts
    Photo: Courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. SmithPhoto: Courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Smith Newport, Rhode
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  • 5 Wedding Cake Recipes You Haven't Tried Before

    When it comes to dreaming up your wedding cake, outside appearances aren't everything-what's on the inside counts, too. We've rounded up mouthwatering dessert options that are sure to please everyone's palate.

    Photo: Romulo YanesPhoto: Romulo Yanes Lemon-Thyme Cake
    This provencial masterpiece, a lemon-thyme cake (recipe here), alternates layers of lemon curd and vanilla buttercream. The finishing touches: more buttercream, candied citrus, and sugared lemon- thyme sprigs. As a tasty alternative, sub in fresh rosemary. Or, pair lime with basil.

    Plus: Wedding Toast Dos and Don'ts
    Photo: Romulo YanesPhoto: Romulo Yanes Scrumptious S'Mores Cake
    A twist on the childhood indulgence, this confection combines graham cake with chocolate ganache, marshmallows, and vanilla buttercream. We "toasted" the swiss meringue frosting with a chef's torch for that straight-from-the-campfire flavor and added chocolate curls for extra appeal.

    Get the Recipe
    Photo: Romulo YanesPhoto: Romulo Yanes Raspberry Dacquoise Cake
    Almond-and-hazelnut meringue joins vanilla buttercream laced with
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