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  • Why It's Important to Trust Your Motherly Instincts

    Why It's Important to Trust Your Motherly InstinctsLast week Macks developed a cough. Both of my girls have had a cough on and off for weeks, so I just figured that he had the same and brushed it off as a cold. Over night the cough seemed to get a little bit worse and he seemed very congested. I checked his temperature and it was normal and he wasn't acting fussy, but something deep down told me I needed to take him to the doctor.

    As soon as the doctor walked into the room I told her that I was pretty sure that I thought it was "just a cold," but I wanted to be sure because at seven weeks old his immune system isn't all that strong. She checked his ears, nose, and throat all before checking his chest to check out his breathing.

    She stayed on his chest for a while before telling me to move him onto his stomach to check his breathing from his back. As soon as she put the stethoscope on his back she immediately told me that his chest was congested and that they needed to run some tests. "Why don't you sit down and feed him, you

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  • 6 Tips for Breaking Your Baby's Second Nap Habit

    6 tips for dropping a second nap6 tips for dropping a second nap

    With my first child, I dreaded the drop down to one nap. My free time! All gone!

    With my second child, I've been much more anxious for her to make the switch, since having only one nap to work around will free us up a lot to do morning outings (and since my older child isn't napping in the morning, it's not like it's free time for me anyway).

    However, I'm remembering how difficult it can be for a baby to make the switch from being a twice-a-day-napper to a once-a-day-napper. Now that I'm going through it a second time around, I've learned a few tricks and secrets about what to expect and how to handle it:

    #1: Early Bedtime

    I've been putting my baby down about 30 minutes earlier most nights to help her make up for a little sleep (plus, she's exhausted by the end of the day!)

    #2: Let her have two naps every third or fourth day

    Letting her have two naps every couple of days helps hold the whole thing together. If I tried to give her two naps every day, she'd just sit

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  • 7 "Picture Perfect" Tips for Capturing Baby's First Months

    Capturing the First Months

    So much is going on during those first few months of having a new little one in your life. With Soren, we were learning to adjust to parenthood, had lots of visitors and tried to sleep whenever we could. Not to mention recovering from the delivery! I wanted to make sure we took time to capture the special moments of having a new baby, especially since they change to quickly! Here are a few of my tips for easily capturing those special moments.

    1. QUICK TO CLICK - Having a smartphone is incredible. It makes taking photos of Soren so easy. We continually have our phones near us, so in the event of him doing something cute or sleeping in an adorable position, we're sure to capture it.

    2. STRIKE A POSE - While we have TONS of cell phone photos of Soren, I also like to take time to take more professional looking photos with my DSLR. For the first month, every time he would turn a week older, I would take him in his nursery during the morning sunlight and take photos of him. The natural

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  • 10 Unexpected Perks of Pregnancy

    10 Parenting Truths I've Learned10 Parenting Truths I've Learned

    Lately I've been feeling a bit down on pregnancy. I know it's a wonderful blessing to be able to grow a tiny human, but it's also super exhausting doing so while chasing around a toddler and working from home. So, in order to boost my spirits, I decided to take the time to focus on the positives…the lovely, unexpected perks of pregnancy if you will. Yes…I promise there really are some!

    10 Unexpected Perks of Pregnancy

    1. Hair growth can slow

    Now, this doesn't happen for everyone, but it does for me! During my final trimester of pregnancy my hair growth slows to a near standstill which means less shaving. A definite perk, since it's not always so easy contorting my pregnant body to shave these days!

    2. People are so nice!

    People are generally nicer and friendlier when they notice you're pregnant. Strangers will open up doors for you and chat you up like never before. It's like everyone wants to be a part of the tiny everyday miracle that's happening and I find it really

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  • 7 Parenting Truths I've Learned

    One thing you learn quickly about parenting is that no one knows exactly what they are doing.

    Every child is so different and there are so many variables to any situation, that it's impossible to say that one thing is true for every parent and every child.

    In the last nearly four years of parenting, though, I've learned some things that seem to be at least somewhat universal. Have these been true for you too? - By Janssen Bradshaw

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  • 5 Unusual Ways to Baby Proof Your Home

    5 Unusual Ways To Baby Proof Your Home5 Unusual Ways To Baby Proof Your Home

    I'm not honestly one of those moms who gets crazy with the baby proofing.

    I'm much more of the "live and let learn" variety. Sure, I'll put up a baby gate to save myself a bit of worry and yes, I'll bust out the outlet covers, but other than that, I don't believe in making my house a plastic bubble for my kids.

    That being said, however, there are some things I've seen, especially in my work as a nurse, over the past year that have made me re-think my stance on baby proofing. There may be some unusual ways that we all need to baby proof our homes…

    Thank goodness I put those outlet covers on!

    1. The TV. If you have a TV that, like ours, is not mounted to the wall, but freestanding, you should definitely consider baby-proofing by securing the TV to the wall. Only a few months ago, I had the unfortunate opportunity to be in the OR at the hospital where I was working as a nurse and saw the case of a young infant who had been fatally injured when the family's TV set fell on

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  • 5 Things that Make it Easier to Work from Home with a Newborn

    Tips on Working from Home with a Newborn

    In February of 2013 I quit my 9-5 job and started working full-time with my best friend as a graphic designer and blogger. After 3 years of slowly building up our business we were finally ready to take the dive and be our own bosses. After finding out Jon and I were pregnant in May of 2013, I was especially thankful to already have a position working from home.

    I took a month off for maternity leave when Soren was born and did my best to enjoy every moment with him as a newborn. It was a wonderful and challenging four weeks and I was thankful for every minute. I had a lot of nerves going back to work and after nearly a month back I've learned some great strategies for taking care of baby and getting work done!

    1. PLAN IT OUT - Every Monday morning I sit down and write out my schedule for the week. I write out Jon's plans, my plans and all of the things I NEED to get done that week. It's helpful to see everything for the week planned out and cross off my to-do's as I go along. I do my

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  • 5 Ways to Keep a Toddler Happy when You're Stuck in Traffic

    5 ways to entertain a toddler in the car5 ways to entertain a toddler in the car

    You know those moments where traffic is way worse than you expected and you don't have a single toy or snack in your bag, and your toddler is starting to get pretty crabby there in the backseat?

    I've been there. Today, actually. And many many times before that.

    I try to avoid lots of errands and endless afternoons in the car with my little girls, but when it can't be avoided, here are five ways I keep everyone happy while the car inches along.

    1. Tell a Story. My daughter LOVES hearing stories. My husband usually makes up his own, but I'm terrible at that, so I stick to retelling classics. Right now, she's into Hansel and Gretel, but Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood are also favorites.

    2. Sing songs together. For some reason, singing together is way more engaging for my kids than just turning on a CD or the radio. I run through every nursery rhyme I can think of and sometimes, if I'm feeling extra awesome, I make up a song of my own or change the words in a familiar

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  • 4 Ways to Deal with Baby's Post-Nap Crabbiness

    4 Ways To Deal With Post-Nap Crabbiness

    A strange thing happens to my adorable, sweet toddler after his afternoon nap.

    For reasons I have to yet to uncover, on some days, he goes to sleep a cute little man who blows me kisses from inside his crib, wrapped up in cozy blankets and with his favorite light-up frog tucked safely next to him and wakes up…

    The crabbiest, grumpiest toddler you ever did see.

    I guess, in a way I can understand it. I mean, there have definitely been times in my life when I have taken a nap and woke up feeling worse and more groggy than I did before I went to sleep, but at the same time, a nap is a nap! It's meant to be refreshing, right?

    Well, whatever it is, it's not always pretty in my house when the little guy awakens. And I've noticed it occur in my older kids too, although they have mostly outgrown the nap stage. (Sad to say…) And the post-nap crabbiness can last all the way to the bewitching hour of before dinner, when combined with hunger, makes for a not-so-pleasant time of

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  • 11 Things I Wish I Did While I was Pregnant

    11 Things I Wish I Did When I Was Pregnant 11 Things I Wish I Did When I Was Pregnant

    When I found out I was pregnant with Jada, I was in the middle of having my current home built, getting ready to launch my first website, working full-time, and planning my son's second birthday party. It was a pretty crazy time. Don't get me wrong; it was an incredibly happy time in my life, but still, pretty crazy.

    As my pregnancy progressed, things got crazier. Keeping up with my 2-year-old became more challenging, morning sickness lasted a lot longer than I expected, launching a website required lots of late nights, and we also had to pack up and move into our new home. Doing everything I wanted to doing while carrying my little girl was a challenge.

    It was such an exciting time, but it went by far too quickly. When I look back at those nine months, there are so many things I wish I did during my pregnancy with Jada. Here are a few of them.

    Take more walks. I found out I was pregnant with Jada a month before spring began. I really wish I had taken advantage of those

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