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  • 8 Tips for Choosing a Unique Baby Name

    8 tips for choosing a unique baby name!8 tips for choosing a unique baby name!

    Naming a baby is a pretty big deal. It is something that our children will take with them everywhere for the rest of their lives, so it better be a good one! Many parents these days really want to come up with a baby name that is truly unique, but it can be a pretty challenging task these days. With the advent of the internet and the sharing of information, a name can go from obscure to popular in the blink of an eye (I'm looking at you, Harper and North). So how can a parent come up with a name that really is unique? Well, here are a few things that helped my husband and I in our search for coming up with unique monikers for our little ones…

    Our daughter's name is Fern. I know that not everyone loves it, but for the most part, people think it's great. We get a lot of compliments on it, and while that isn't a reason to choose a name, it's always nice to hear that people like your kid's name. We like that her name is simultaneously unique and classic. We also like that it's

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  • Instagram It: Most Fashionable Baby Moments

    I have had an Instagram for a few years now and have come to love it so much. It is a great way to connect with other moms and share a little piece of our everyday lives. We have also come to love the world of children's fashion through Instagram. We love documenting Bay's outfits and sharing them with our friends. Here are some of his most fashionable moments on Instagram. - By Jerika Welch

    7 Things to Remember the First Week Home with Baby
    Baby Names Inspired by Book Characters
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  • How Long is Too Long for Bottle Feeding?

    When Should Your Baby Stop Taking A Bottle?

    The other day I was chatting with a fellow stay-at-home mom on the phone, catching up on our respective rather routine lives. And yes, we were actually talking on the phone, not just texting on it. Crazy, right?

    As moms are likely to do, we somehow got on the topic of our baby's feeding habits. Suddenly, the other mother sounded slightly embarrassed, admitting that her baby was still taking a bottle after she had been forced to quit breastfeeding due to some medical issues.

    "But I'm planning on getting her on a sippy cup really soon," she rushed to say.

    On the other end of the phone, I was a little taken aback by the obvious implication that she somehow thought I would be judging her for the fact that her baby still took a bottle. And honestly? The thought hadn't even occurred to me that something was amiss because the baby wasn't even a year old yet.

    I'm just not a mom who worries about those kinds of thing, but maybe I should be? Is there a "right" age for babies to

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  • 5 Things Dad Really Needs Before Staying Alone with Baby Overnight

    5 Things Dads Must Know Before Staying Alone with Baby Overnight

    It's so hard when I am away from my babies. When I leave town without them, sure, it's nice to sleep through the night, but I miss my little ones so much. I don't travel much. But a few times a year, I pack up my bags, load up the fridge, and head out of town. When I'm gone, I tend to worry about leaving my husband alone with the kids for a few days. My worry definitely doesn't stem from a lack of trust, because he's great with the kids. I think my worry just stems from wondering if I've left everything he needs to manage the home and the kids while I am gone.

    I get wrapped up in all the details of the day-to-day stuff before I leave town, because I feel like the more I do to prepare things, the easier it will be on my husband while I am away. I make sure the refrigerator is loaded. I cook a few meals. I even do all of the laundry and make sure the kids' rooms are clean. But, lately, I've realized that I although my husband appreciates all of the preparation, it may not be what he

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  • 7 Ways to Feel Closer to Your Baby as a Working Mom

    For the Working Mamas: 7 Things I Do to Feel Close to My Baby

    This month marked my return to work (outside of the home). Gone are the days of working in my pajamas alongside my little one. To say I miss her terribly is an understatement. Adjusting has been no easy feat. Although my heart aches for my baby girl, I've found a few ways to help me feel closer to her even when we are apart. Here are some of the things that I do until we are reunited:

    Look at pictures - My camera roll and Instagram feed is filled with photos of my little one. Each time I look at one, I smile.

    Calling her daycare - Initially, I was worried that I would be annoying if I called my baby's daycare to check on her but I let that go well before her first day. Not only has the staff at her daycare encouraged me to call, but doing so puts my heart and mind at ease. Calling and hearing the classroom void of her cries and getting a glimpse into her day soothes my still tender heart. I know eventually my calls will be less frequent but for now I am thankful to be able to

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  • How Playtime Reveals Who My Daughter Really Is

    Seeing My Daughter's True Self Through the Magic of Play

    It's been almost 16 months since I had my little girl. Every moment has been an adventure. Lately, the adventures seem to be more magical and more telling, because as she explores the world around her, I see more and more of who she is becoming. I have to say, what I see makes me so happy and proud.

    When my little Jada enters the playroom, she is on a mission. She knows exactly what she wants to play with and she goes for it. She rarely seems confused or conflicted. She enters the playroom determined and focused. I just love that about her. It's amazing to have such a powerful and beautiful quality at such a young age. I hope it stays with her always.

    At times, she enters the playroom and goes right for her brother's fire truck. She pushes it back and forth and occasionally gives us a look that says, "yep, I am pretty good at using this thing." Her love for tools, trucks, cars, and superheroes is beyond cool in my opinion. She doesn't think of anything as off limits,

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  • How We Made Co-Sleeping with Our Baby Work!

    How we made co-sleeping with our baby work for us

    Before Judah was born, my husband and I talked at length about co-sleeping. Despite the many benefits of co-sleeping, we decided that we wanted our son to have his own space to sleep. We were adamantly against bed-sharing: we were worried about rolling over onto him, our bed is at a wonky height, we thought we'd never get a good night's sleep… all of the common hesitations many parents have about co-sleeping (particularly bed-sharing) with their baby. All of that got thrown for a loop, of course, when Judah arrived five and a half weeks early!

    Even though we swore up and down that we wouldn't co-sleep with our baby, we inadvertently started a bed-sharing, co-sleeping compromise with a slight shift in our morning routine. It all started about three months ago and now, we almost can't imagine starting our day any other way!

    At first, co-sleeping in the same room was a necessity when Judah first got out of the hospital; we were still in New Jersey and would remain there for

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  • 5 "Non-Gift-Seeking" Shower Ideas for a Second Time Mom

    Baby Shower Ideas For Second Time MomsBaby Shower Ideas For Second Time Moms

    I realize that it's not in line with social etiquette to have a baby shower after the birth of your first child, since it can come across as gift-seeking. But I am a firm believer that every baby, whether it's your first or your fifth, deserves to be celebrated! The celebration needn't be about gifts either - it can be sweet and simple and all about celebrating the mama-to-be and her impending little bundle of joy. As such I've come up with a few fun ideas that just might be the ticket if you're looking to plan a baby shower for a second time mama!

    Plan a Surprise Brunch

    I planned a surprise brunch for a friend of mine when she was pregnant with her second little one and it was a smashing success. It didn't feel like a "baby shower", more like a low key celebration with friends. I made simple little favors for guests, but other than that it was super relaxed. We ate brunch at a nearby restaurant, so I didn't have to worry food or anything other than enjoying brunch and

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  • Why I Chose Home Birth After Two Hospital Births

    Never Say Never: My Journey to a Joyful Home BirthNever Say Never: My Journey to a Joyful Home Birth

    When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I didn't think much about where I would have the baby. At the hospital, of course, just like everyone else. I took a birthing class that informed me about options for things I would like to include in my birth plan like lighting, room temperature, and laboring position (granted I didn't get an epidural). Besides that, I didn't have much of choice in the whole process. Once I reached my due date, I found out that I didn't even have the option to continue past it. My doctor induced me on that exact day.

    It was my first pregnancy, with that there was a lot of trust put into my doctor. I assumed she knew better than I did as this was her profession. Unfortunately, during my entire prenatal care, I never felt a connection to her. When she informed me that she wanted to induce me, I actually questioned her authority because my intuition told me it wasn't necessary. However, under pressure from her and my mom, I agreed.At the hospital, I felt

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  • 5 Awesome Things My Little Girl Taught Me

    5 Things My Little Girl Has Taught Me in the New Year5 Things My Little Girl Has Taught Me in the New YearKids have this amazing way of experiencing life. I watch my daughter and I am amazed by her way of being. It's like she's mastered how to navigate this thing called life in just 15 short months. How did she do that?

    As I sit here, just a few weeks into the new year, I realize how much this little girl has taught me recently. Watching her carefully has given me fresh perspective on what it means to walk through life living in the moment. How can someone so tiny inspire me so much?

    Young children see the world through these beautiful lenses because the life they've experienced has offered nothing but exciting, new adventures. They can't wait to see what's around the next corner because they know whatever it is will be absolutely fascinating. They know it will offer a new experience that will enhance their life in some incredible way.

    With about eleven months left in the year, I can only imagine what lessons lie ahead. Here are five amazing things I've learned from Jada so far. I'd Read More »from 5 Awesome Things My Little Girl Taught Me


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