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  • 5 Tasty Things to Do with an Overripe Banana

    Still have those speckled and spotted bananas sitting in your fruit basket? Wait! Before you throw away your mushy, squishy ripe bananas check out these jazzy recipes. Turn those bad bananas into something good.

    1. Banana Substitute for Whipped Cream

    From by Jessica Bosari

    Try this on strawberry shortcake, vanilla ice cream, pancakes or waffles: whip together 2 large mashed overripe bananas, 3 t. sugar and 2 egg whites. Beat at high speed until fluffy.

    Ripe BananasRipe Bananas

    2. Banana Pancakes

    From verified by stevemur

    3 medium eggs

    2 medium Bananas; mashed

    1 tablespoon Lemon juice

    2 tablespoons Sugar

    1 pinch Salt

    1 cup Self Rising Flour

    1 tablespoon Oil; as required
    Banana Pancakes Preparation Mash the bananas, add lemon juice and sugar in a Read More »from 5 Tasty Things to Do with an Overripe Banana


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