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  • Gross or Genius? Sucking on Your Child's Pacifier

    Whoa, did we hear this trend right? The latest documented fad among the stroller set is parents who put their kids' pacifiers in their mouths, then give them back to their children.

    Disgusting as the sloppy seconds sound, there's a serious health benefit, says a new study published in the journal "Pediatrics." Researchers discovered that the kids whose parents sucked on their pacifiers to clean them developed fewer allergies and other ailments like eczema and asthma than parents who diligently boiled or rinsed them in water. Who'd have thunk it?

    Scientists are hypothesizing that exposing children to germs early on could stimulate their immune system, while shielding them from any potential bacteria might actually be detrimental to their health.

    This is all good info to know, because "TIME" magazine just reported American kids have a higher allergy risk than children in other countries. Twenty percent of kids in the US experience some type of allergic reaction, be it to

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  • These Books Will Make Your Kid Smarter

    Bethenny is really big on reading to Bryn - and now there's another reason to spend a while turning pages with your little ones, other than the quality time:

    A brand-new study shows that picture books without text can actually help toddlers develop more complex language skills than reading a book with words, since you're verbally interacting with what's on the page. Think: "What is the bear doing? Where is he going next?" The upshot: They're more prepared for school and to develop better reading skills, which is always a good thing!

    We rounded up a few of our favorite illustration-heavy books - many of which have won big-deal awards - so you can reap the brain-building benefits for your babe!

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  • Beauty by Bethenny: Her Shower Essential

    Shower caps aren't just for Grandma anymore - Bethenny is bringing that beauty tool back! Every girl has a secret weapon that's key to her daily routine… and Bethenny's is - shocker! - a plain blue plastic cap she uses while she's prepping for her day. Do you or any of your girlfriends use a shower cap like Bethenny does?

    As useful as hers is, though, she freely admits she could use an upgrade. What fun shower cap should Bethenny consider swapping hers out for? A few ideas:
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  • 3 Books Bethenny is Reading to Bryn

    "Reading the Llama Mama books with Bryn certainly turned this ship around," Bethenny tweeted. Along with the "Llama Mama" books, here's the info on what Bethenny is reading to Bryn reading right now...

    1. "Dogs Don't Do Ballet" By Anna Kemp
    2. "Barbie as Rapunzel" By Cliff Ruby
    3. "Llama Mama" book series by Anna Dewdney

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  • Real Talk with Tracy Anderson: 5 Things to Stop Saying About Your Body Now

    Attention, girlfriend at the mirror beating yourself up over absolutely nothing... you're thinking about your body all wrong. If you're constantly in search of a quick way to lose 5 lbs., celebrity trainer to the stars and fitness entrepreneur Tracy Anderson is telling it like it is.

    Bethenny is completely digging Tracy's workout mantra, and you will too.

    Tracy Anderson

    Stop Saying It! 5 Mistakes Women Are Making About their Health

    1. I'm going to juice cleanse to look great for my vacation.
    "I hate them," says Tracy about juice cleanses, "they're ridiculous." The fitness guru says most companies selling women liquid that they claim is nutrient-rich is completely dense. "If you get a juice delivered to your house and you're letting it sit, you're just drinking sugar calorie water," says Tracy. Enzymes leave those fruits and veggies within 30 min to 4 hours once they are pureed.

    Contrarily, green smoothies are good to make at home. If you drink immediately -- that contains your life. "But

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  • Could This Happen to Me?! 'Woman Allergic to Husband's Sperm'

    We've heard of peanut allergies, but... sperm allergies? A recent Good Morning America story had us talking. A woman developed a bizarre reaction (swelling, redness, etc.) after having sex with her husband. After several doctor visits, she learned she suffered from seminal plasma hypersensitivity, an allergic reaction to the proteins found in her husband's sperm.

    We took this straight to practicing physician and women's health expert Dr. Raj (whom you've seen on, and insisted she tell us what we need to know...

    Ask Dr. Raj: Could I Be Allergic to Sex?

    Q. Is it common for women to be allergic to sperm (suffer from seminal plasma hypersensitivity)?
    A. It is quite uncommon, although the true numbers are not really known.

    Q. Can a woman be tested to find out if she's allergic to anything she would come in contact with during sex?
    A. Yes, an allergist can run tests for a reaction to latex, other chemicals, and even your partner's sperm.

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  • How to Wear Neon Without Looking like You’re 12

    You might wanna shield your eyes from this year's big fashion trend -- in a good way: Super-bright neon hues were the unofficial trendy uniform for attendees at this spring's super-hip Coachella music festival in Palm Springs. Concertgoers sported some seriously bright kicks, caps, and mini dresses this year... and looked fab doing it!

    For those of us who didn't get to party in Cali, even if your memories of wearing Day-Glo colors involve unfortunate Lycra T-shirt-and-leggings combos in your awkward middle school years, there's good news. Snag these fluorescent accessories for a chic way to rock the neon trend now… without flashbacks to the days of braces and boy-girl mixers.

    Stilettos: Milk and Honey, $265
    Now this is an innovation worth telling your girl posse about: At, you can design your own quality, fashion-forward heels. Use the site to create a stiletto with serious flash, like this one we dreamed up.

    Statement Shades: Matthew Williamson Bright

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  • Brace Yourselves: Hummus is Taking Over the World

    There's a new healthy-food overlord dominating the nation and it's... the humble chickpea. In response to the growing demand for hummus, tobacco farmers in Virginia are planting chickpeas (aka garbanzo beans) alongside their tobacco crops, just in case there's a chickpea shortage due to weather where the beans usually grow - the Pacific Northwest.

    This trendy investment from farmers could mean a big bonus for us consumers: new varieties of the chickpea, which means more delicious choices for the low-fat, high-protein hummus we use as a nutritious dip today. The stuff is also a healthful snack for kids.


    To jump on the hummus bandwagon (if you haven't already!), whip up this decadent dip, which comes together in just 10 minutes and features the fresh flavors of lemon and basil. Be sure to make plenty... it will go fast.

    Lemon Basil Hummus Dip

    Prep Time: 10 minutes
    Serves 10

    1 can (about 15 ounces) chickpeas (garbanzo beans)
    1/2 cup loosely

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  • Teeth Whitening 101: Bethenny Brightens from Candy Corn to Marshmallow

    Marshmallow-white teeth is what you want. Two Chiclets up front, not so much. Bethenny test-drives a new teeth-whitening salon to share the scoop on getting your choppers to sparkle -- and how to get the most white for your wallet.

    Bethenny is excited as she steps into the brand spanking new Lavaan Dental Spa in NYC. Think of Lavaan as the Dry Bar of teeth whitening -- their focus is pearly white perfection in a spa-like atmosphere. Their motto: "No drilling. No Filling. Just clean, white smiles."

    While teeth may not be the first thing everyone notices, let's be real -- people are definitely judged by their teeth.

    Cosmetic dentist Dr. Jeffrey Rappaport opened the new business venture less than a year ago with his wife Dr. Michelle Katz, an orthodontist. Business is growing, but Bethenny is skeptical about whether this trumps the at-home whitening trays she's tried in the past.

    Dr. Rappaport says Bethenny's teeth are a seven, but promises she's going to leave with immediate

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  • Barking Up the Right Tree: Vegan Treats for Dogs

    Have you ever wondered whether your furry friend might be open to a vegan lifestyle? It's possible!


    "Technically, dogs can get protein from sources other than meat," says Dr. Jillian Pagano of West Chelsea Veterinary in New York City. "I'm totally okay with vegan and vegetarian treats, but if you plan for your dog to go entirely vegan, it's best to consult with your vet to be sure your dog is getting a balanced diet."

    Luckily, there are plenty of foods out there that you can use to painlessly expose your pooch to veganism, and none of them will cost you a paw and a leg.

    Check out these healthy vegan options for your four-legged friend. Some of them are even human-grade, so you may find yourself bonding with Fido over (healthy!) midnight snacks.

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