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  • Lisa Kudrow Catches Up with Bethenny

    The "Friends" star was in the studio and talked to Bethenny about having an only child. She also sang an old classic!

  • Single Ladies Panel: Finding Men in L.A

    They say it's hard to find a decent man in L.A., and boy are they right! Bethenny offered some guidance on how to find the right guys in Tinseltown.

  • Would You Date a Minute Man?

    Ellen asked her audience, "What Would You Do?" Would you date a guy who could only last a minute? Who lived next door to his mom? See their answers!

  • Denise Richards on Working with Charlie

    The actress was recently reunited on set with Charlie Sheen. She told Bethenny what her experience was working with her ex-husband.

  • What If He Says the Wrong Name?

    Bethenny discussed the indelicate situation of a guy calling out the wrong name in bed. What would you do?

  • Would You Date a Guy Who's Been with Guys?

    Bethenny posed a question about dating a guy who has slept with another man. Who do you agree with?

  • Do You Have a Sexual Bucket List?

    Bethenny discussed "sexual bucket lists" -- the idea that you have a list of things you want to do sexually before you kick the bucket. Do you have one?

  • Spray Tan Reveals!

    Bethenny had her audience try out a spray tan right on the show. Check out the results!

  • Olivia Munn Pole Dances!

    She's the star of the hot new stripper movie "Magic Mike," with some of the sexiest male strippers on Earth! Olivia Munn showed Bethenny she can hang with the guys by showing off her own moves on a stripper pole!

  • Can You Forgive a Cheater?

    Bethenny asked her panel of real women how they feel about forgiving a cheater, and if putting a leash on your child is wrong.


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