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  • One Couple, Two Beds

    Did you know that one out of every four couples sleep in separate beds? That’s according to the National Sleep Foundation. Our Shine viewers confirmed that sleeping apart is not uncommon. In fact, when we polled our Shine Facebook family the number of couples who sleep separately was even greater than the national statistic. Almost half of those who responded say they sleep apart from their partner! Kendra from Arkansas says, “Both separate beds and opposite ends of the house”. Deb from Iowa writes, “Separate and love it”.

    This sleeping apart trend can create a design dilemma for a lot of couples out there, but interior designers like Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, founder of the design website Apartment Therapy, says there are all sorts of great new ways to make sleeping apart, stylish and comfortable. “It’s more prevalent than we thought. We’ve been seeing a lot of it on our site.”

    The Shine's Host Allison Fishman is wearing:                       

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  • The Happiness Project for your home

    We all want a happy home. Thankfully, there are simple ways you can add happiness into your home without spending a dime. Shine Senior Editor, Piper Weiss, shares a variety of tips. Off the heels of New York Times bestselling author Gretchen Rubin’s new book” “Happier at Home”, Piper highlights some of Gretchen’s simple solutions on how to make our home the happiest place it can be. From home décor to gestures of love, Rubin calls her ideas, “happiness boosters”. Piper also brings to the table some feng shui tips. So get ready to make your home smile!


    Do you have some “happiness boosters” of your own? Please share them in the comments below or post them on our Facebook page.


    Also, check out Gretchen Rubin’s post on Shine about her new book.

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  • Decorating tips to save your relationship

    When couples move in together, a new set of issues can easily arise as you try and make the best of a small space without getting on each other’s last nerve. It can be tough! We brought in Fashion Director of Macy’s Home, Stephen Cardino, to highlight useful decorating tips to help save your relationship. From not having enough space to not spending enough time together, Stephen tackles three relationship issues and how we can decorate the home to help alleviate these problems.

    Is a small kitchen another issue with the two of you? Here are 7 space-saving tricks for small kitchens.
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  • What your paint color says about you

    Choosing paint colors to decorate your home can be a big decision for many homeowners. And it should be. Why? Similar to our fashion or beauty choices, the colors we choose for decorating our home are  a reflection of our personalities. Senior Editor at Real Simple Magazine Mary Kate McGrath sat down with “The Shine” to break down what different paint color schemes reveal about a person and who they are. Soft, warm shades, for example ( like yellows, oranges, pinks, and peaches) match a nurturing personality; whereas bold shades, like rubies and emeralds, reveal much different character traits. See where you fall on today’s episode.

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  • Quick tips to make your home more sellable

    Choosing which improvements to make to your home when putting your house on the market is where many homeowners go wrong. A lot of people over-improve, or put their energy and focus in the wrong areas. There are actually a few quick fixes that can help make your home more sellable. To highlight these tips, home décor experts and stars of HGTV’s “Home by Novogratz” Cortney and Bob Novogratz stopped by “The Shine”.  For instance, did you know that many homeowners are unaware that the square footage of their home, as recorded by your county assessor, actually may be higher than documented? Homes sell per square foot, so even a small increase will allow you to list your home for more money. For more advice like this, watch the video below.


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  • Cool & quirky dorm room items

    When kids go off to college, leaving the comforts of home can be a tough thing  --- let’s be serious, what 18-year old wants to abandon home-cooked meals, a big comfy couch, and a warm and cozy bedroom? We don’t know any. But, just because a college dorm room may not have all the amenities of home, it can easily become a space you love to live. With a few key items, living the dorm life can become living the good life. Shine’s Senior Work & Money Editor Lylah Alphonse stopped by “The Shine” with the coolest and quirkiest dorm room items on the market.

    To get your hands on any of the items mentioned in the video, click below:

    Scribe, $32.99

    Pivot Power, $29.99

    Bandits, $9.99

    Coca-Cola Mini Fridge, $70.52

    Yu Shan Mini Workstation, $85

    Home Design Etagere Floor Lamp, $113.91

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  • Introducing Shine's interactive online book club

    We couldn’t be more excited to share in the great news of the launch of Shine’s very own book club. This year-round program, which celebrates the role of books in women’s lives, brings the book club experience to you, so you don’t ever have to worry about attending a meeting in person (phew!). The program kicks off with a fantastic pick chosen by the club’s first guest author Isabel Gillies, who wrote the New York Times best sellers 'Happens Every Day' and 'A Year And Six Seconds'. Isabel and Shine's Deputy Editor Lori Bongiorno stopped by "The Shine" to discuss the new book club and reveal the captivating first pick!

    You'll also find more book reviews, author interviews, recommendations for kids and teens, and more amazing content in our new Book Club section.

    Do you have a suggestion for guest authors you’d like to see run future book club meetings? Share your ideas in the comments below.

    What’s the best book you’ve ever read through a book club? We’d love to know that too!

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  • The Shine: Classic, steamy beach reads

    What's more indulgent than relaxing on the beach while losing yourself in a great book. Whether it be for their salacious plot lines or emotionally-charged characters, these guilty pleasure reads let us escape our daily routines while not requiring too much thought to follow along. Shine's Editor in Chief Jen Romolini rounded up some of her favorite authors to reveal her top classic beach reads. Okay, so it's not Tolstoy, but it's fun! Take a look.

  • The Shine: Outdoor decor to add pop

    Shine's Home Editor Lori Bongiorno has her editor's picks for outdoor décor to make your patio, backyard, or deck pop.


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