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  • Eggplant a La Parilla

    By Liliana Moyano for Shine Latina

    Eggplant para toda la familiaEggplant para toda la familiaBefore I traveled to Italy, the only way I knew how to eat eggplant was when I ordered "eggplant parmigiana" at a restaurant. While tasty, it's fried and covered with mountains of melted cheese. Even if you go organic on the ingredients, there cannot be much of a healthy aspect to this dish. Once in Italy I realized that many restaurants carried several dishes containing melanzane (eggplant). I started experimenting and found a ton of delicious eggplant recipes that are not fried and definitely have fewer calories.

    The easiest of all is an eggplant a la parrilla (on the grill) to enjoy with the entire familia during a Sunday barbecue. Eggplant can be a little dry when cooked on the stove or on the grill, but if you slice it finely and add olive oil a few minutes before cooking, you will have a crunchy and flavorful side dish. And it gets better- eggplant is packed with fiber and promotes even skin tone. Asi que ladies, get to your supermarkets and

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  • Cilantro Couscous: Give Your Mediterranean Favorite a Latin Touch

    By Liliana Moyano for Shine Latina

    I am all about eating healthy, but keeping it tasty. Diets are mentally exhausting, and often they don't give iStockphotoyou the results you expect. My father thought that my mom was in an eternal diet and made fun of her because she ate lots of veggies, but not as many proteins and carbs. He used to tell her that she ate como una vaca (like a cow) not because of her looks, but because of the tons of greens she'd put on her plate.

    One of my mom's best dishes was a light and delicious couscous recipe that had lots of cilantro and lime. I used to think it was rice, so I always ate it without asking any questions.This recipe can be a great way to trick your kids into eating something that is healthy and delicious to eat. It also makes for a perfect summer recipe that you can prepare in the morning, and take to the beach in the afternoon. You can accompany this dish with a fish filet or grilled chicken breast for a complete meal.

    Pair this recipe with

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  • Churrasco a Lo Healthy!

    By Liliana Moyano for Shine Latina

    Churrasco a lo healthy/Lili'sLatin KitchenChurrasco a lo healthy/Lili'sLatin KitchenGrowing up in a Latin country, it was very common to eat rice, beans and some sort of protein for lunch five days a week. Sometimes, un batido (a shake) and dessert were also part of our weekly menu. It sure tasted great, but was it always the healthiest option? Once I turned 15, I realized that I needed to change my eating habits if I wanted to maintain an optimal weight and a healthy lifestyle. Today, I try to always incorporate at least one vegetable serving in my meals. I also tend to avoid carbs, especially when I eat a heavy lunch and want to work out at night without feeling bloated and heavy.

    Last week, I paired a good piece of churrasco (skirt steak) with mushrooms and asparagus, and an apricot and goat cheese salad. Since I can't grill in my apartment, I marinated the steak in beer to tenderize it and make it easier to cook on the stove. After I ate my delicious churrasco and salad, I didn't feel like a needed coffee to stay awake,

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  • Mi Familia's Recipe for Stuffed Mushrooms

    By Liliana Moyano for Shine Latina


    My dad had a friend who worked at a finca (or farm) near my house, and every now and then he'd come by with tons of beautiful vegetables. Sometimes the two of them would cook dinner and drink wine while trying to create new recipes. My sisters and I would just sit around the kitchen and ask questions about every ingredient. One night, they made some incredible stuffed mushrooms. They were so good; the kind of taste and texture combination that stays with you for the rest of your life. The recipe quickly became a family staple. So much so, that even today, I run into the famous mushrooms at all of my sisters' gatherings. My Latin friends love them and request them quite often. They can be paired with a good Malbec wine and enjoyed on a relaxed Friday night with family and friends.

    "Baconize" Your Bloody Mary

    Ahora, a cocinar! (Let's cook!)...
    (3 servings)


    9 white mushrooms, stemmed
    1/3 cup shredded mozzarella

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  • Aguazpacho to Indulge Your Inner Español... ¡Olé!

    By Liliana Moyano for Shine Latina

    During my first year of college, I had the most amazing experience studying abroad in Spain. My four sisters and I (we are only one year apart from each other) stayed in Madrid for a month and took summer courses at the local University of Maria Cristina. One of our first meals was an authentic Gazpacho de Tomate (Tomato Gazpacho soup). I thought it was something like la sopa de la abuela (grandma's soup) and went for it with a big spoon. To my surprise it was a cold tomato soup that tasted like plain salsa but without the chips. I was a little confused and asked the server to heat it up for me thinking they had served it cold by mistake. Later on, he explained that Gazpacho is a typical Spanish summer dish, and it is purposely served cold.

    While in Spain, I never acquired the taste for it, and was even reluctant to ever have Gazpacho again, until I saw it in a restaurant menu as "Gazpacho de Aguacate" (Avocado Gazpacho). I ordered it and it

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  • Healthy Cocina: Coriander Salmon with Warm Mushrooms and a Tropical Salad

    By Liliana Moyano for Shine Latina

     Healthy Cocina: Coriander Salmon with Warm Mushrooms and a Tropical SaladI grew up in a family of foodies starting with my father who was always in the kitchen. Food was always the reason for gatherings, whether we were cooking up carne asada or doing random guacamole nights during the week. However, today, for some weird reason when I say, "Oh, I know how to make that," people look at me with disbelief. They think, "She can't boil an egg for the love of God!" Well, let me tell you, I'm all about cooking and enjoying delicious food whether staying in or eating out. And it's never been about the recipe or the condiments.. It's really about what's in my fridge and how to put it together rápido and without leaving a mess.

    Now in the thick of summer, I like to make sure my fridge and I are bikini ready, so I went on a mission to buy healthy food options. Coriander powder was my first item. It's a condiment from a root similar to ginger, and it has a bright yellow color that blends with almost any dish. Besides, its

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  • "Baconize" Your Bloody Mary

    Bloody Bacon (Liliana Moyano)Bloody Bacon (Liliana Moyano)By Liliana Moyano for Shine Latina

    Last winter my friends invited me to Denver, Colorado to snowboard at a ski resort. I was very excited because I had never done any skiing before, and I thought it would be an easy sport to master. Once we arrived, the only slide open was the intermediate, which looked like Mount Everest to me. I was very scared, so I walked up to the lobby for a drink before my big adventure.

    Once at the bar, I realized that everyone was having a red drink with bacon in it. Out of curiosity I ordered one, and to my surprise the drink with the bacon strip was a hit! I drank it como juguito de naranja (like orange juice)! That piece of bacon added a touch of saltiness and crunch to a perfectly made Bloody Mary. When I came back home, I couldn't wait to tell everyone about that "bacony" Bloody Mary, and made it for my family and friends. I gave it a Latin twist by adding some Mexican Sangrita and a jalapeño. Try one at your next brunch for a deliciously

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  • Batido De Mamey: Shake Things Up

    Batido de MameyBatido de Mamey

    By Liliana Moyano for Shine Latina

    Mis abuelitos lived in small town in Colombia where the weather was ideal for growing exotic fruits. Grandpa planted fruit trees all around the house: tangerines, oranges, mangos, guavas, and my favorite, mamey (a papaya-like fruit). Grandma used to sit with me and my sisters around the pool and pick a mamey right from the tree. I never imagined that you could use this fruit in shakes until a few years ago when I bought frozen mamey thinking it was papaya. So, I gave it a try and made a simple batido or shake using a hint of coconut milk. Coconut milk adds a very smooth texture to any shake. This batido is perfect for breakfast, dinner, and even as a pick me up before or after your workout. It's light and delicious.

    (1 serving)

    Batido de MameyBatido de Mamey


    • * 6 oz frozen mamey (can be substituted for papaya)
    • * 1/2 cup milk
    • * 1/3 cup coconut milk
    • * 2 tablespoons honey
    • * 2 ice cubes



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