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  • 5 Good Over-the-Counter Hangover Remedies

    CosmopolitanThe summer is almost over and with that comes one good last hoorah. As Labor Day is approaching we want to remind you to do the wrong things the right way. Remember to have a remedy for the morning after. These five hangover cures are sure to help you speed the hangover up.

    By Krystyna Chávez

    Aqua Hydrate

    Gwyneth isn't the only one getting in on the hangover game; P. Diddy and Mark Whalberg are bringing you Aqua Hydrate. The water is filled with 72 electrolytes and high pH to help fight against acidic waste that can make you feel hungover. Now you can drink Ciroc all night!


    So we're sure you take some sort of daily vitamin, b.cuz tries to simplify it and have a vitamin for specific issues. B.cuz you like to party gives you the option of taking a vitamin to help make you feel a little better in the morning. Perfect for when you're headed on vacation and know you'll be partying hard.

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    Blowfish for Hangovers
    A tablet

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  • 5 Signs You're Not Ready to Move in with Your Boyfriend

    Eric Ray Davidson So you're in love and considering moving in with your boyfriend. Before you do that, remember that moving in is a big step. Most couples do it thinking it means you're in a committed relationship, but a recent study actually showed that nearly 52 percent of men and 39 percent of women who moved in together said they weren't secure about their relationships. Here are some signs that you need to push that idea back a little.

    By Ariel Nagi

    You've been dating less than one year
    Rule of thumb. Because you see every side of a person when you live with them, you want to make sure you've been with them long enough to prepare for what is yet to come. Getting to know every aspect of a person in a matter of months can be overwhelming.

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    2. You can't seem to compromise on anything
    When you spend time with each other, you can't ever seem to agree with anything. This is a bad sign. When you live with someone, it's all about compromise, from splitting

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  • 5 Genius Fixes for Fashion Emergencies

    MagazineAs we were sipping wine and checking out some fine men at one of our favorite spots, my friend goes "Flor, I think my bra strap just broke!" I'm sure that's happened to some of you. It's happened to me, and it's a horrible feeling especially if you are out! But don't worry-here a few quick fashion fixes that will come in handy for those oh sh*t moments.

    By Flor de Maria Rivera

    Broken bra strap
    Don't panic and head straight to the bathroom, take your bra off and tie the broken straps together. If the bra strap is broken right by the cup area secure it with a safety pin or even duct tape if you happen to be close to a store where you can grab some. For fashion mishap purposes, try to always keep a safety pin in your purse.

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    Run in your stocking
    Apply hair spray or even better, clear nail polish. It will stop the run.

    Makeup stain or spilled drink on your clothes
    Ask for soda water and soak a white napkin, then apply it to the problem Read More »from 5 Genius Fixes for Fashion Emergencies
  • 5 Career Skills Every Woman Needs to Succeed

    Nick OnkenWhile traveling in Israel, Carmen Tal, co-founder of Moroccanoil, went to a stylist to get her damaged hair fixed. The stylist applied a product with argan oil that left her hair like silk. Tal, a beauty industry vet, was shocked, but saw its potential. Despite countless challenges, Tal launched her argan oil blend treatment, the first of its kind. Today, not only are Moroccanoil's hair products sold in more than 40 countries, she's also a trendsetter. Thirteen designers used her products behind the scenes at Fashion Week. Read on for her best career tricks.

    By Maria Coder

    Stay Flexible

    "You can never plan exactly how the day will go," she advises. "Be prepared to adjust. I pick two or three things that are important," she says. Most days, Tal completes 70 percent of what she intends and "30 percent navigates to another day."

    Pick the Right Team
    "The people you surround yourself with need to be a good team: dedicated and creative people who help you." Her best staff members are

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  • How to Break Up with a Nice Guy

    Sergio De DivitiisBreaking up with a nice guy is never an easy thing to do. He may do everything you've ever wanted, but if you're still not into him don't think that one day you'll just wake up and fall in love. You have to break it off and there's a right way to do it. Relationship expert Dr. Michelle Callahan gave us her best tips.

    By Ariel Nagi

    Think it through first
    Make sure you really do want to let him go. "Is it better or worse than other relationships you've had in the past? Remember, the grass always looks greener on the other side! Some women find 'good' guys boring until they hook-up with a 'bad boy' and then realize that drama is overrated," Callahan says. If you know in your heart that there is no chemistry, then it's best that you break up. But if you're just afraid he's "too nice," you may be overlooking your own feelings and worried about his.

    Be sensitive
    Think about what you want to say and be imagine his reactions so you're prepared. "If he's really awesome he's going to

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  • Why Summer Holidays Make People Want to Cheat

    CosmopolitanBy Ariel Nagi

    Ohh holidays. Nothing like spending time with your family, mingling...and getting sick and tired of seeing your partner's face, right? According to Victoria Milan, a site for married and attached people seeking affairs (yeah, I know), people are more likely to cheat during holidays, AKA the times when we are around our partners the most. So just when you thought your partner was spending all that quality time with you, he or she could be sneaking out to spend QT with a lover.

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    Of the 4,652 male and female members surveyed, the most common reason to spend a holiday with a secret lover was due to lack of sex with their partners. So not only are they annoyed, they're not getting sex. This makes sense because people tend to get a little wound up and busy during holidays (although we'd argue you're never too busy for a quickie).

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    The second most popular

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  • The Do's and Don'ts of Interning

    MagazineCosmopolitan For Latinas' very own web intern Thalia Ortiz shares her tips on how to rock your internship to the fullest! Here are 5 things you should do and 5 things you should never do.

    By Thalía Ortiz

    Remember how ridiculously mean Miranda (Meryl Streep) in the Devil Wears Prada was to Andy (Anne Hathaway) while she was working at Runway magazine? As much as I love watching that movie (it's one of my favorites), I couldn't help but get crazy nervous the night before my first internship ever at Cosmo for Latinas. I knew diddly squat about the magazine world and thought for sure that I would get chewed out by a Miranda-type for screwing up like Andy.

    I was completely wrong and have met so many people at CFL who are like a family willing to help interns get their foot in the door and patiently show them the ropes. I seriously have the coolest internship and I've learned a couple of things along the way to be the best intern I can possibly be. Whether you're planning on getting an

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  • Keeping Your Family Out of Your Relationship

    Chris Clinton Feel like you're in a relationship with your partner and family at the same time? We've been there. Here's how to spot it and stop it before it causes some serious damage.

    By Ariel Nagi

    Schedule time to catch up with them

    When it seems like they always want to know what is going on in your life, fix it by setting aside a dinner date or get together at least once a month. This way you can catch up about what's going on in your life as a couple, and share it with your family. If you live together, it's a little difficult to limit it to once a month, so eat in with your parents at least once a week. When you're spending time with them often, it'll keep them from feeling like they need to snoop around to see what's going on in your love life.

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    Be careful not to over-share
    We know there's times when your guy pisses you off and you run to mom to vent. But be careful, because people-especially family-will hold this

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  • 4 Steps to a Beautifully Brighter Smile

    Ever heard the sayingNOVA/Cosmopolitan Brazil your smile is your best accessory? We can think of some Latinas who rock their's to the fullest like Sofia Vergara and Shakira. Believe it or not, having a stunning smile like these celebs isn't impossible. The only thing holding you back are the food and drinks your teeth come in contact with everyday. It's time you take back control of your smile and get the pearly whites you've always dreamed of with these whitening tips!

    By Thalía Ortiz

    Stay away from dark food and drinks

    Ladies, everyday dark food and drinks are wreaking havoc on your chompers. What sucks is that blueberries, coffee, tea, soda, wine and cranberry juice, just to name a few, fall into this category. Let's be real though, it's unrealistic to give up your morning coffee cold turkey.

    The best thing you can do is use a straw so that these stainers don't get all over your teeth. When you drink that glass of wine after a long day of work, swish your mouth out with water after. When you eat or drink

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  • 5 Ab Tightening Moves You Probably Haven't Tried

    Fabio Heizenreder There's more to tight abs than just sit ups and crunches. Proudly show off your stomach poolside with these tummy tightening tips and tricks.

    By Robyn Moreno

    Go raw
    "The secret to loosing belly fat and getting sexy abs is to eat your B.A.T.A.Y.A. (berries, almonds, tea, avocado, yogurt, and apples) regularly. Avoid high-sugar foods, refined carbs, and high-fat meats as much as possible," says nutritionist Jenny Patrizia.

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    Lose your ab fat
    Having trouble saying goodbye to annoying ab fat and thinking of liposuction or a tummy tuck? Think again, says Tina S. Alster, MD, director of the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery. "Those are major surgeries with serious recovery time." Instead, for ladies who can grab a handful of rolls, Alster recommends CoolSculpting, a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure that freezes fat cells with a special device. Once frozen, fat cells are naturally eliminated from the body. Note: this is not

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