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  • 4 Types of Women You Don't Want to Be at Work


    If these girls look familiar, it's time to make a change.

    Maria Coder

    The "Mami "
    You remember your colleagues' birthdays, jump in when they're running behind, and even volunteer to fix their slip-ups. In fact, you're so busy helping others with their work that your own projects are languishing. "It's alright to help your co-workers, but it's not okay for you to become a caretaker," explains psychologist Mildred Borras, who counsels people on personal and career matters. "If you're helping someone, make sure to set boundaries. You don't want to make this a habit because, eventually, you'll make your co-workers dependent on you and set yourself up to feel angry, resentful and victimized." Instead, Dr. Borras says, collaborate with your peers on projects and keep your volunteerism in check.

    2. The Drama Queen
    Everything you do is Oscar worthy...including your latest paper cut. "Drama, when used effectively, can be a good thing," says Maria Hinojosa, an award-winning journalist Read More »from 4 Types of Women You Don't Want to Be at Work
  • 5 Signs You Need End Your On-Again Off-Again Relationship for Good

    CosmopolitanCosmopolitanWe've seen celebs and our friends get trapped in those on-again off-again romances, but when do you know for sure that it really needs to be over? Relationship coach Teagin Maddox told us the deal on how to decide whether it's worth picking up the pieces or not.

    By Ariel Nagi

    1. You Keep Looking For More Evidence
    If you're spending your relationship feeling insecure a majority of the time, that's a bad sign. First of all, you've got to trust your gut that if something constantly feels off, then it probably is. And this issue starts early on. A lot of times when we get involved with a guy we're told to look out for so-called red flags before things get too serious. The problem with this is that we usually look for obvious things, like whether he's disrespectful or a cheater, but we disregard smaller, subtle signs. "This is a trap, because we excuse the little things and tell ourselves we need more evidence, something bigger," Maddox says. We then become involved in a

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  • 3 Types of Employees Bosses Love

    CosmopolitanCosmopolitanChannel any of these personas and see your corner-office dreams become reality.

    By Maria Coder

    1. The Problem Solver
    You can troubleshoot on the spot. No wonder your boss loves you. "Cooperate, don't complain," suggests psychologist Mildred Borras. Find opportunities by paying attention and staying approachable.

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    The Zen Master
    You're calm, cool, and keep your office mates level headed. "You know how to function as a team," says author Judith Bowman. Learn your colleagues' styles and respect cubicle nuances.

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    3. The Cheerleader
    You love where you work, what you do, and it shows. Yrma Rico, author of La Vida Rica: The Latina's Guide to Success, says the quickest way to get noticed is to notice others. Stay positive and, most importantly, get involved.

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    I've Lost My Job, Now What?
    Latina Like Me: Breaking Stereotypes, a First-Generation College Grad
    10 New Pelvic Floor

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  • 6 Ways to Feel Sexier

    CosmopolitanCosmopolitanWanna feel sexier right now? These moves will help amp up your confidence.

    By Anita Alma

    Sound Effects

    Moaning, groaning, and other signs of pleasure can make you both feel like rock stars, so the more enthusiastic the chatter, the better. Sheri Meyers, therapist and author of Chatting or Cheating: How to Detect Infidelity, Rebuild Love and Affair-Proof Your Relationship suggests recording a sex session and playing it as background music next time you make love. Try This: Call him on his cell at work and play a minute or two of your last session to jump start your night.

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    2. Unleash Your Inner Rebel

    Sex in a public place, bondage or blindfolds, will bring a whole new dimension to your love making. "The dirtier or scarier, the better," promises Meyers. "Experimenting sexually and giving your inner vixen free reign helps you to know and accept yourself, your body, and your partner in new ways." Try This: If you've been dreaming

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  • How to Fight with Your Boyfriend

    Cosmo LatinaWe all fight in relationships, but did you know there's actually a right way to do it? These tips will actually make your relationship stronger after an argument. By Anita Alma

    Ditch These Words

    "We need to talk." Nothing good usually follows that sentence, especially if you say it with major attitude. It will immediately put him on edge. Instead, start by letting him know you want to discuss "X" because of the way it made you feel.

    Act Like You Want to Hear Side

    Your body language says more than you think. Sit up straight, keep your hands clasped to avoid f lailing them around, look him in the eye, and nod to show you are listening. "If you're talking with your arms crossed, leaning back, or scowling, he will be on the defense from the start," says Rachel DeAlto, author of Flirt Fearlessly.

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    Be Quiet

    "One of the biggest mistakes women make when they argue is not knowing when to stop talking," says Read More »from How to Fight with Your Boyfriend
  • 5 Ways to Fake Height


    If you're a petite girl, check out our easy tips to look taller like our girl, Giselle Bundchen.

    By Niria Portella

    1. Dress In One Color
    A monochromatic ensemble keeps the focus on a solid visual, thus creating an elongating effect. Skip color-block pieces-they'll break up and shorten your silhouette.

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    2. Go Vertical
    Choose fashions with long stripes or seams. It draws the eye up and down rather than side to side, thus a taller frame.

    3. Step Out In Low-Vamp Heels

    The lower the vamp and more toe cleavage, the longer your leg will appear. Avoid ankle-straps which breaks up the leg and shortens.

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    4. Wear Pencil Skirts
    Skip the mini's, which hits across the thick part of the thigh, making it more noticeable you've got short gams. Opt for pencil style dresses and skirts that fall just above the knee, showing off the best part of leg.

    5. Belt It
    Choose belts that match yourRead More »from 5 Ways to Fake Height
  • The Sexiest Latina Celebrity Bodies

    We know that Latinas come in all different shades, shapes, and sizes. These 15 gorgeous women own their curves. Check out the hottest celeb bodies in Latina Hollywood.

    By Ariel Nagi

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    Fun, Fearless Latinas

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  • How to Take a Good Selfie


    Now that social media has essentially taken over our lives, the selfie has become a necessity. Unfortunately if you get it wrong you can go from looking like the ultimate model to someone who took their own mugshot. Below we share a few tips to help you take the best selfie!

    By Krystyna Chávez

    1. Watch the eyes. Look up toward the camera and raise your eyebrows to have eyes appear larger. Also, truly smile with your eyes, don't just fake a smile with the mouth!

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    2. Lean your neck toward the camera and protrude it-this will help eliminate double chin. Lowering your shoulders can give your neck a slimmed appearance.

    3. Stand at an angle to the camera to help slim your body profile.

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    Be relaxed to help convey a fun, happy image without looking stiff or forced.

    5. Prep your lips with a quick bite and count to three for your photo. On count two, blink so that on three your eyes will photograph at their widest

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  • How to Break Up with Your Ex's Family

    CosmopolitanCosmopolitanSplitting up with an ex is hard, but leaving his family might be harder. Here's how to cut the cord for good, without the hard feelings.

    By Sofia Quintero

    1. Cut the cord
    "Cut all communication-calls, email, texting, everything!-for a few weeks," psychologist Dr. Melissa Laracuenta says. "You need time to determine what you want and need without them in your ear." But Lisa, an educator from Los Angeles, says giving family members a heads-up helps. "I disappeared from their lives totally for a couple of months," she says of leaving her beau- and his family-of four years. "This affected his mom, and him, pretty badly."

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    2. Unfollow them
    Social media provides too much access to painful information, so remove the temptation. If his family takes offense, show compassion, but stand your ground. "All you can do is let them know that you care, but disengage," Dr. Laracuenta says.

    3. Set boundaries
    As you both move on,

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  • Makeup that Turns Men On

    CosmopolitanCosmopolitanThese prettifying products will highlight your sexiest features. Wear them on date night and watch how quickly he asks for that check!

    By Corinne Griffith Cole

    1. Buxom Divine Goddess Luminizer
    Wear under or over your foundation for a sexy all-over glow, and don't forget to hit your collarbone and decolletage for touch-me skin.

    $28, Sephora

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    2 .Eyeko Curvy Brush Mascara
    Plumps and curls lashes for a wide eyed, not-so-innocent stare.

    $19, Sephora

    3. Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palette in Saint
    Don't let the name fool you: the palette might be called saint but these eight super flattering mix-and-match glam shades will have you sinning in no time. Plus, comes with a liner!

    $36, Sephora

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    4. L'Oreal Infallible 8HR Plumping Gloss in Plumping Pink
    Gives your pout that swollen, just-been kissed look and leaves lips full and glossy for 8 hours.

    $9.99, L'Oreal Paris USA


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