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  • Quickest Diet to Lose Weight

    In today's busy world; time is money. Being part of an image-conscious society, the perfect physique is everyone's priority. This article is written for those very people who want to learn the fastest and most effective way of losing weight. It is important to realize at this point that, such a diet is not designed for starvation, something one would experience in a crash diet course, but for the provision of the necessary nutrients to the body while curtailing on the excess calories.

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    The question arises as to what does the fastest diet consist of? The answer includes three parts. The first part talks about the curtailment of carbohydrates in their simplest form. White flour, white bread, white rice and processed sugar are all known as rich sources of such carbs and therefore, are to be completely avoided. Something similar is also to be done with all kinds of junk foods. The body requirement of carbohydrates should, nevertheless, be

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  • Protect the Environment; Easy Ways to Reduce Food Packaging Waste

    groceriesIt's not breaking news that our ecosystem is in danger. We are causing harm to Mother Nature in a number of ways and food packaging waste is one of them. Packaged foods have a very central role in our lives; almost everything we buy comes in sealed plastic or metal containers ensuring us with their freshness and hygiene.

    This is, however, a big waste of the precious scarce resources we have. Most of the plastics and covers go straight in the garbage, contributing significantly towards pollution. It is important, therefore, that we stop and think for a moment regarding how we can do our bit in order to protect the environment.

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    It is important that we become aware of what we are buying. Foods covered twice or thrice are usually tempting to us because of the extra taste they seem to provide us. This sort of extravagance is exactly what we need to avoid. Products covered in unnecessary layering lead to

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  • Health Habits of the U.S. Presidential Candidates

    Exclusive Content - Written By Richard Goulde For QuickEasyfit

    A busy life can trip up even the most enthusiastic fitness buff, and most of us face a constant challenge: how do we maintain strong health habits in the face of all our obligations? The 2012 U.S. presidential candidates, Gov. Mitt Romney and Pres. Barack Obama, may disagree on many important points, but they share a dedication to health habits for good fitness. They both prove that strong health habits are possible even for the busiest of us.

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    Obama's and Romney's Health Habits: Eating

    Romney drinks neither coffee nor tea, but he does enjoy hot chocolate as a pick-me-up. As for his dietary Romney drinks neither coffee nor tea, but he does enjoy hot chocolate as a pick-me-up. As for his dietary Almost by definition, the presidential candidates must dine on the go. In fact, their dining choices are often part of their campaigning - meeting small business owners, shaking hands with fellow patrons, or hosting photo ops.

    According to Politico's recent book about the 2012 campaign, Romney favors turkey breast, rice and broccoli. He also

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  • 10 Ways to Keep Your Home Germ-free

    To live in a germ-free environment is a near impossibility, but maintaining a germ-free environment or at least trying will be worth the effort. Here are a few steps or healthy tips that will allow you to maintain a germ free atmosphere at home.

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  • Health Risks of Eating Packaged Food

    Written By Mandy Seay For QuickEasyfit

    Packaged food contains preservative that increase the life span and shelf life of food items and thus make for an ideal meal option for people with fast paced lives. This also makes packaged food industry one of the fastest paced food industries in the market.

    However, packaged food contains preservatives and additives designed to increase the longevity of the food items, maintain their taste and protect them from harmful germs while sealed inside the container. Although the additives do succeed in achieving these objectives they have a side effect of decreasing the nutritional value of food products.

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    Let's look at some of the dangers of food preservatives in order to understand them better:

    Dangers of Food Additives

    These food items are readily available in the market and contain artificial flavoring such as sugars, chemical preservatives and food colors, which

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  • Work Stress: Laugh Your Way to Peace

    Written By Mandy Seay For QuickEasyfit

    The workplace can feel like one of the most stressful places in our lives. Since work is an everyday task we can't avoid it's no surprise that it comes with a little bit of stress attached. Having to work the daily grind to pay for food, bills, extracurricular activities and take care of your family puts added pressure, making you one big stress ball. However, that doesn't mean you have to be miserable the second you step foot in the office. There are plenty of ways to relieve stress at work, taking a few minutes each day to relax and laugh will help you manage your stress.

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    Employers across the country are recognizing what a negative impact stress has on a person's overall job performance. If you feel like you or your co-workers are being brought down by stress in the work place, take the time to make your own made manual to help relieve stress in the office.

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  • Top 10 Foods that Are Worth Buying Organic

    Stay Away from Pesticides and Hormones with Spending more on Organics

    Food today is filled with harmful pesticides and hormones that ruin a person's health. These harmful elements are leading to the increase in the growing number of untreatable diseases. Organic foods may cost a little bit more that your usual grocery but at least you'll have the satisfaction of putting healthy food in your body.

    Below are the top ten foods that are worth every penny you spend on them.

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  • Simple Tips to Apply Lipstick that Lasts

    Applying LipstickWomen have this strong inclination to apply lipstick right from a very young age. This mostly begins from pre-puberty years watching their mothers, aunts and other female role models wear lipstick on a daily basis. Be it daytime or an evening event, a lipstick completes the look of every woman wearing makeup.

    Female lips are often regarded as the main attraction point for males to look and their beauty is enhanced by applying color to the lips. There are a variety of colors available in the form of lipsticks that can range from the classic red to a gothic black.

    Learning the proper art of lipstick application can work wonders for you. You don't have to worry about your color fading away from time to time. By adapting the following tips and tricks, you'll be able to flaunt your lips at all times instead of checking for fades and dabbing a thin layer of lipstick every now and then.

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    Tips and Tricks

    • Lipstick should be applied
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  • The Secrets of Longevity: Real Centenarians Share How They Lived to 100

    Written By Mandy Seay For QuickEasyfit

    People who live past 100 come from all walks of life.People who live past 100 come from all walks of life.Research into genetics and lifestyle factors is making steady progress in quantifying the scientific secrets of longevity. But the most valuable information about living to 100 comes from those who have done it themselves. What do real centenarians say when asked what accounts for their long lives? Here are five centenarians and their stories.

    1. Serving Others: Sal Spada of Middletown, CT

    Born Feb. 20, 1912, Sal Spada of Middletown, Connecticut, grew up in Boston and even got to watch the legendary Babe Ruth play back in the day. Spada is an avid storyteller who has always kept himself busy. An enthusiastic bowler until just a few years ago, Spada even became an unofficial employee of the nursing facility where his wife of 72 years lived until the end of her life. The staff set up a workbench for Spada and he stayed busy fixing things for the facility and other residents. Nancy Spada, Sal's daughter-in-law, credits Spada's lifelong

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  • The 5 Worst Sins in American Diets

    Many Americans find eating enough fruits and vegetables to be challenging.American diets leave plenty of room for improvement. A 2011 Gallup poll showed that in May of that year, only 55.9% of Americans claimed to have eaten the recommended five or more servings of vegetables and fruits on at least four days in a given week.

    There are plenty of ways in which Americans miss the mark in terms of modern nutrition recommendations. Here are the five worst American dietary "sins."

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    1. Mindless eating

    Effects: Weight gain and less appetite for healthy foods at mealtime. Your mother was right to be concerned about spoiling your appetite between school and dinner.

    Mindless eating is defined as eating for reasons other than physical hunger. It doesn't take long to develop a habit of sitting down to watch your favorite television program with a bag of chips and a soda. People also engage in mindless snacking when they're bored, under stress, or sad. The simple act of not snacking when

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