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  • 8 Easy Ways to Cut Down 400 Calories Every Day

    Written By Mandy Seay For QuickEasyFit

    Here are ways you can cut down on your calories by making these simple food swaps. Read the following article for some useful tips to reduce your calories intake:

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  • Easy Ways to Fit Exercise into Your Busy Schedule

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    You Can Sit-ups while you watch TVWhen you have a busy schedule, incorporating physical activities which help maintain your fitness can be difficult. If you can't make it to the gym every other day, the idea is to make yourself do little exercises during your regular routine: when you're at work, while waiting for a friend to leave a dressing room, in your bedroom in the evening etc. These examples should put you on the right track.

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    Walk to work - Brisk walking is just as effective as running at burning calories a lot of the time. To incorporate it into your lifestyle, all you have to do is make sure you walk for 30 minutes of every day. Instead of taking the bus to work, why not walk as far as you can go, and then walk back afterwards? If you're sitting on binguez, why not get up and go out for a bit? Your body will thank you.

    Dance in your bedroom - Dancing is one of the most fun forms of exercise you

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  • 5 Money Saving Tips for This Christmas

    Written By Mandy Seay For QuickEasyFit

    Young woman with santa cap holding piggy bankWe all know that every time Christmas comes around the temptation is to get the wallet out and splash out on lavish presents and food and drink for friends and family. But if money is tight this Christmas and you want to go into the New Year without a millstone of debt hanging around your neck here are five useful money saving tips for you to consider this Christmas.

    Take advantage of the sales - Don't be too proud not to consider buying Christmas presents in stores where there are big sales. Your loved ones don't need to know where your gifts came from and how much they cost. If you can buy a present they'd really like at a discount price then so much the better.

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    Budget, budget, budget - Too often Christmas shoppers spend a fortune on presents without thinking about the consequences of how they'll afford it until after the event. This is a sure-fire way to New Year debt. Why not calculate exactly how much you can

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  • Simple Ways to Save Money on Christmas Decoration

    Written By Mandy Seay For QuickEasyFit

    Christmas and piggy bankIf you think trimming up your home for Christmas will cost you a fortune this year, then think again! If you get creative and plan ahead you can deck the halls with boughs of holly without it costing the earth. You never know, you might even enjoy exploring your crafty side!

    1. Make your own decorations

    Christmas crafts are big this year and if you start early you'll have plenty of time to make your decorations by hand. Look online for the best deals from craft shops, where you can easily find colorful paper to make 50's inspired paper chains.

    Fish out last years cards and use the best designs to make your very own buntings. They'll look great, save you money and you'll find yourself getting into the Christmas spirit in the process.

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    2. Hunt for bargains

    You can't make all your Christmas decorations, there are some things like lights and tinsel that you'll have

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  • How to Tell If You're Getting Healthier

    Written By Mandy Seay For Quickeasyfit

    Forget the scales or how your clothes fit. Dig a little deeper to see if your workout and diet routine is really kicking in. This article features questions to ask yourself like, "Am I getting sick less frequently?" "Do I have more energy?" "Can I run farther without getting winded?" and "Do I have more good habits than a year ago?" You get the idea.

    Am I Getting Sick Less Frequently?

    Busted!Busted!Weight is something that's easy to quantify, which is partly why it gets a lot of attention. Over time it's easy to determine whether you have gained or lost weight. However, how often you get sick is something that's open to interpretation. Does a little cold qualify as being sick? What about a headache? Even the medical profession has trouble defining illness. A Swedish study of 579 medical practitioners published in October 2012 found that the majority had trouble assessing a patient's level of sickness when certifying them for a leave of absence. Still,

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  • Foods to Avoid Before Going to Sleep

    Written By Mandy Seay For QuickEasyFit

    Everyone likes to snack a little at night before going to sleep. However, research shows that late-night dining can have an adverse effect on our sleep. Granted some foods do help us get to sleep, but some foods should be avoided at night.

    Below are 4 foods that you should avoid if you want to have a peaceful night's sleep:

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  • 8 SuperFoods to Eat for Healthy and Shiny Hairs

    Written By Mandy Seay For QuickEasyFit

    Whenever it comes to healthy hair, people start to think about expensive shampoos, hair oil, conditioners and hair salons. Though, regardless of what they apply on their hair, nothing will help when the problem is under the skin. Healthy hair requires proper nutrients to be supplied and only a well-balanced diet can ensure it.

    A dermatologist, Paradi Mirmirani from Vallejo, Calif says that, you can easily find many supplements in the market but getting all the required nutrients from the food you eat is better. A healthy balanced diet is also cheaper, natural and has no adverse effects. While, an unbalanced diet can cause deficiency in various nutrients like vitamin A, iron and zinc which in return causes hair loss.

    Adding food for healthy hair in your routine diet is very easy and can cause significant improvement. Here are some foods that contain all the nutrients your hair requires.

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  • Top 5 Reasons to Consult a Physical Therapist

    By - Sheryl Evan For QuickEasyFit

    physiotherapy young womanHave you ever visited a therapist, especially a physical therapist? If not find out the best reasons below which would help you in choosing a best therapist.

    Low back pain: This is the common problem seen in many software engineers and people who are internet savvy spending much of their time sitting in front of computers. This is caused mostly because of the wrong sitting postures, carrying heavy items and in people who bend forward frequently. Good exercise can make people avoid back pains in them. One should meet a therapist if the pain persists even after self care is taken for few days.

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    Knee pain: It's generally seen in old age people and in sports men. This is caused because of injuries and strains, which in turn makes it difficult in walking, rising up from sitting posture etc. knee pain lasts around 1 to 12 weeks depending on the nature of the

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  • 7 College Degrees that Pay Surprisingly Well

    Written By Mandy Seay For Quickeasyfit

    If you've always wanted to be a writer, now might be the time to brush off that keyboard.If you're looking to land a steady job that pays well, it may be time to hit the books. Whether you're entering college right after high school or as a non-traditional student, it's important to know what your goals are. If you're still considering your career options, and are primarily interested in following the money, we'd like to offer our top seven degrees for your consideration. You may be surprised at how well you can be paid for your writing or math skills.

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    Communications or journalism majors today typically make their money writing content for large firms, either in print or for the web. While some still work for both small and large newspapers, those jobs are often difficult to land with an unfortunately small salary. If you're interested in writing for a living, you might consider turning your attention to commercial writing

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  • The 5 Surprising Triggers of Weight Gain

    Written By Mandy Seay For QuickEasyFit

    Weight gain is becoming more and more of an irresolvable issue for Americans these days. People constantly complain about not being able to lose weight even though they're following they're strict diet regimes or the instructions provided to them by their professional and personal trainers.

    The reasons are simple yet hidden, surrounding us in our everyday life. At work, home, school etc. What you need to do is have close look at these factors and determine from where all your weight gain is coming from and how it's affecting your daily chores.

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