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  • 6 Music Videos for Dropping Pounds

    Looking for a fun way to get your daily exercise? Dancing along to these six music videos will get you -- and your heart -- pumped up.

    Beyonce: Move Your Body

    In this educational video, Beyonce doesn't just move her body, she encourages school children to move theirs, as well. Her high-energy dance routine was specifically designed to make exercise more appealing to children with the idea that they'll strive to imitate the actions of a popular musician. She leads a flash mob of middle school kids through the easy-to-follow dance routine, working traditional exercise moves in with hip-hop flavor. If you're looking to lose weight, this is an easy and fun way to get started.

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    Christina Aguilera, Pink, Lil' Kim, Mya: Lady Marmalade

    This high powered dance routine is well choreographed with dance moves that you can follow at home with some practice. If your goal is to be thin, sexy, and svelte, cardio is the best way to get there and this video

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  • Easy Ways to Get Rid of Pantry Pests

    Weevils in the flour? Fear not, just follow these five quick and easy steps, and soon your pantry will be pest-free.

    Cleaning the pantry is the most important step to get rid of pests.

    1.) Begin by taking out all items stored in the pantry. Clean containers thoroughly in hot water.

    2.) Next, is cleaning the pantry itself.

    Start with a mixture of bleach and hot water, ¼ cup of bleach to each gallon of hot water.

    Scrub this mixture onto all available surfaces, including both sides of shelves, the floor, ceiling if possible, and all walls. Make sure to scrub it well into nooks and crannies, corners and cracks.

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    3.) Whilst the pantry is drying (this should be left overnight with an air supply such as an open window or door.) check all food for pests, and throw out any food which is contaminated into the outside garbage; don't keep it in the house.

    Freeze the rest of the food (if possible) for a week

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  • 8 Office Exercises that Really Work

    Written By Mandy Seay For QuickEasyfit
    Your new dues-free gym.Your new dues-free gym.The average person sits for at least eight hours each day in front of the TV, in a car, and -- the biggest culprit -- at a desk, in front of a computer, while at work. When the day is over, even though exercise has been linked to healthy living, who wants to hit the gym? You can put the work back into workout by trying these 8 exercises without leaving your office.

    1. Desk push-ups -
    Stand in front of your desk then lean forward, placing hands on the edge of your desk body-width apart. Lean forward so your body is angled to the floor. Lower, then push up. Repeat as long as you want. Targets triceps.

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    2. Side lunges - Stand up. Step to one side, then bend knee, creating a 90-degree angle with your leg. Pull back until your leg is angled toward the floor. Re-center, then repeat on the other side. Targets thighs and calves.

    3. Backward chair push-ups - Stand up, step in front of your chair,

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  • 5 Best Ways to Clean Up Credit

    CreditEveryone goes through financial difficulties, so don't think you're alone if you've been finding it hard to make ends meet lately. Cleaning up your credit rating isn't the arduous task you'd imagine. It's well worth the effort too, allowing you to qualify for preferable interest rates and lower insurance premiums. Here are a few tips to get you started.

    1. Use a credit card

    Yep, I know what you're thinking, using a credit card was the start of your financial woes. Well, now it can help to solve them. Believe it or not using and regularly repaying a credit card will do wonders to improve your credit rating. If you can, try and a card that reports to all three credit bureaus, giving you a maximum boost to your rating.

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    2. Check your credit report

    It's free to check your credit report, so nothing is stopping you from taking a look at your current scores. Any defaults or late payments will be listed along with your

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  • 5 Easy Tips to Save Money on Your Kitchen Remodelling

    Beautiful Updated KitchenRemodelling your kitchen is a great way to increase the value of your home, but it can be more expensive than you think. Tearing down tiling, laying new flooring and replacing appliances doesn't come cheap. However, with careful thought and planning everyone can save money on their kitchen remodel. Here are 5 easy tips to help get you the kitchen of your dreams, for a fraction of the price.

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    1. Refinishing instead of replacing -It's not only expensive to replace all your appliances, fixtures and fittings, it's largely unnecessary. If they're functioning well and structurally sound, it's often just the design that needs a revamp. You can refinish a variety of products including tiles, worktops, cabinets and even appliances to give you the latest designer look for less. If you choose a reputable refinishing company the results can be truly staggering and look as good as new.

    2. Shop when the deals are hot -If you do need to buy

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  • Surprising Facts About the Flu Shot

    Flu ShotOver 36,000 Americans die and more than 200,000 are hospitalized due to the influenza virus. The World Health Organization estimates that somewhere in the neighborhood of three to five million people get serious cases of the flu each year, with 200,000 to 500,000 of those infected succumbing to the disease. Though the flu is treatable if caught within the first 48 hours of infection, getting a flu vaccination (or flu shot) is the easiest way to avoid the complications of the virus. However, there are a few things that many may find surprising about the vaccine.

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    Contrary to popular belief, injectable flu vaccine cannot give the recipient the flu. The injectable vaccine does not contain live influenza. However, the newer nasal spray treatment does contain the live virus; therefore it is not advised to be used by the elderly or small children. Another surprising fact is that, while the flu shot is considered mercury (or thimerosal)

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  • Top Money Saving Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

    Written By Mandy Seay For QuickEasyFit

    Piggy BankPiggy BankEconomic Behavior Saves Money

    Most people know about the importance of saving for emergencies and investing for retirement. It is difficult to accomplish savings goals unless you have the knowledge, understanding and behavior to take steps toward that goal.

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    Savings Mistakes to Avoid - Obstacles can be difficult to overcome. They range from income, spending habits, level of debt and housing situation. Recent developments in the field of behavioral economics identify some of the biggest pitfalls.

    Savings habits became part of our life during childhood. These habits present the biggest obstacle to building wealth. Three mistakes affect the accumulation of cash savings:

    • Late start to saving money
    • Spending to money you save
    • Using traditional sources for savings

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    Avoid Pitfalls - Financial mistakes incur

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  • 5 Basic Beauty Tips Every Woman Should Follow

  • Top 6 Energy Efficient Home Improvement Projects

    There are many reasons that homeowners may be looking to complete energy efficient home improvement projects such as installing double glazing and fitting insulated garage doors.

    With the majority of homeowners falling into the categories of "looking to have lower utility bills each month" or "wishing to reduce the overall environmental impact the family has on the planet" there are now many solutions available that are readily available and cost far less than you may imagine, especially when you factor in the long term cost savings.

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    Whilst many home improvement projects tend to focus on improving the look of our homes in the desire to make them more appealing and valuable and think nothing of spending vast amounts of money on the latest kitchen or bathroom, the same cannot be said about improving the thermal efficiency of our homes.

    Although there are many ways of increasing energy efficiency within the home, some projects

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  • 7 Surprising Sleeping Facts You Might Not Know

    Written By Mandy Seay For QuickEasyfit

    Sleep is important to your body and mind for a number of reasons. For example, sleeping for just an extra hour can lower the risk of heart attack by 33 %! If you don't sleep properly, then it can lead to high blood pressure, obesity, stroke, diabetes and even a stroke. The funny thing about sleep is that if you sleep more than the recommended seven or eight hours, then it increases the risk of heart disease. That is not only thing unusual about sleep. Here some surprising facts about sleep that you probably weren't aware of:

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    You can dream at any stage in your sleep - Previously, scientists stated that individuals can only dream during Rapid Eye Movement (REM phase). However, new research shows that human beings can dream during any stage of sleep. It turns out that during the non-REM stage, human beings' dream will be made of thoughts, feelings and emotions that they are

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