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  • Are You Sweating Too Much?

    Refinery29By Vanessa Golembewski, Refinery29

    There are a handful of activities during which it becomes socially acceptable to be covered in sweat. These include, but are not limited to, working out at the gym, running around outside, and moving furniture in July. These situations do not include things like sitting at your desk. So, if you find that white T-shirts are not your friend, or that your new nickname around the office is Clammy Hands McGee, you may have a sweating problem.

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    It's not your fault - some people just sweat more than others, and experts can't really say why. According to Dr. Robert Fealey of the Mayo Clinic, there are two types of sweating: thermoregulatory and emotional. As you may have guessed, the former comes from a rise in core skin temperature, and the latter is from becoming too stressed or excited. But, if you're finding that your sweating is actually affecting the way you live your everyday life, you may

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  • Stop Ruining Your Hair, for Good

    By Gabrielle Korn, Refinery29

    Hair grows. At least that's what we tell ourselves after bleaching, styling, and brushing it to death. But sometimes, hair doesn't just grow back in the way we want it to. No matter how many hydrating avocado hair masks we whip up, our hair damage lingers - as if it's growing in already damaged. And, combined with the external damage, our hair is not very pleased with us. So, we had to take a hard look at our lives and ask ourselves: Are we accidentally sabotaging our locks?

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    The answer, most likely, is yes. According to Elizabeth Cunnane Phillips, a trichologist at the New York Philip Kingsley Trichological Clinic, women are trained to think about our hair externally. "We're not conditioned to think about it as being a barometer of our health," she says. But, as experience has taught her, that's exactly what it is. Turns out, it's not just our flat irons and platinum that's

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  • The Mindful Eating Trick that Saves Me

    By Kelsey Miller, Refinery29

    .Have you ever looked down at an empty plate and wondered where the pile of pasta went and why you suddenly need a nap? Or sat down to dinner with a friend and found yourself matching them bite for bite? Have you ever popped a hard candy into your mouth so fast you didn't realize it was a chewable children's vitamin? Yeah, no, me neither. Definitely not.

    This week, in lieu of rambling over my rediscovery of carbs, or controversial love affair with the StairMaster, I'd like to share one of the more practical habits that changed everything about the way I eat. Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, legendary leader in the field of mindfulness and meditation is largely credited with bringing the concept of "mindful eating" into popular consciousness in the West. Along with many other practical applications of mindfulness, this idea had a huge impact in the world of nutrition and even popular mainstream diets. Whether you're an advocate of strict dieting or a hardcore devotee

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  • Ok Stupid: The Perils of Online Dating

    By Claire Litton-Cohn, Refinery29

    .Sometime over the summer, I became obsessed with websites devoted to making fun of online dating. I avidly read sites like the wonderful, now-defunct OKCEnemies and spent an embarrassing amount of time scrolling through other people's private messages and dick pics. These websites showcased the rude, the sleazy, the banal, and the merely irritating. They were aggregators for the worst of the worst, and I found them anthropologically fascinating as screengrabs of the underbelly of Internet culture. This is how men who have grown up primarily online interact with women they are trying to impress, I thought. This is what Reddit has wrought.

    One day, I found a site I'd never seen before. It was a collection of introductory letters written by one man to many different women on OkCupid - letters that had never been answered. The author had a large vocabulary, and he even knew how to punctuate. Be still, my heart. (This is how low my bar had gotten.) I

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  • Kristen Stewart's Effortless Style Guide

    By Megan McIntyre, Refinery29

    If there's anyone in Hollywood who has mastered looking effortlessly cool, it's Kristen Stewart. From her tossed-just-so strands to her artfully smudged liner, the girl is just the embodiment of IDGAF cool. Nowhere is that more evident than in her latest ads for Balenciaga, where the actress poses seminude in the brand's visuals for its newest perfume, Rosabotanica. Centered around a heart of "spicy vegetal rose," the scent features citrus, green fig leaves, and white wood accords for a modern, feminine, and very sexy fragrance.

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    We sat down to talk with Stewart about her role with Balenciaga and yes, those sultry photos. Dressed in head-to-toe Spring 2014 Balenciaga - including the most insanely gorgeous rose-gold cuff/work of art - Stewart was frank, candid, and totally down to dish. Besides letting those gossip sites know what she really thinks about clickbait headlines, Stewart also dished

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  • Organic Milk: Is it Really Worth It?

    Refinery29By Greatist, Refinery29

    Full disclosure: sometimes, we're lazy girls. So, whether it's seven ways to simplify our morning routine or how to make our time at the gym actually enjoyable, we're into it. And to keep us on track, we've turned to Greatist, because they've got us excited about staying fit - and having fun doing it.

    Organic fruits and vegetables might have fewer pesticides, but whether organic food is more nutritious is hasn't really been proven. At least, until now. A new study shows that organic whole milk contains over 60 percent more omega-3 fatty acids than conventional milk.

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    To produce milk that can be labelled "organic," cows are required to spend a certain amount of time in pasture. Those extra omega-3s in organic milk - which are likely due to cows chowing down on more grass and less corn - may improve brain function, and lower the risk of heart disease and depression.

    It should be pointed out

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  • No Red, No Pink: 10 Genius V-Day Dresses

    By Ellen Hoffman, Refinery29

    Don't get us wrong - we love a sexy, red dress. But, so does everyone else on February 14. This year, though, we're breaking the rules. Just because it's Valentine's Day doesn't mean you need to adhere to a certain color scheme. In fact, you'll probably stand out more if you ditch red and pink (and those cliché, heart motifs) altogether. Same goes for skintight body-cons and scintillating cutouts. So, we're serving up 22 frocks that'll bust you out of that holiday-style rut and have you knocking 'em dead.

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    Flirty, ombré drop-waists; dip-dyed, midi-length hems; billowy, neon maxi-dresses - it's unexpected pieces like these that'll leave a lasting impression on your oh-so-lucky date. The main takeaway? Don't let V-Day's unwritten dress code dictate your outfit. Wear something you love. And, if it does happen to be a sweaterdress with a gigantic heart stamped on it, so be it. If not, we're sharing

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  • Know Your Ingredients: Squalane Oil, Nature's Super Moisturizer

    Refinery29By Gabrielle Korn, Refinery29

    As people with extraordinarily elaborate skin-care routines, we pride ourselves on using products with the most effective ingredients around. Of course, this involves actually knowing what those ingredients are. And, boy, are there a lot of ingredients out there. In Know Your Ingredients, our new ongoing series, we'll be decoding the many oils, acids, extracts, and more that appear in our favorite products.

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    Squalane oil: We've been seeing this odd word appear all over the place, but as far as we know, we've never encountered a squalane. So, what's this oil business? According to Indie Lee, founder and CEO of her eponymous skin-care brand, "Squalane oil can be found in both plants and animals. And, in fact, it's produced naturally by the human body."

    Yes, but what is it? Like all good things in skin care, it's a lipid. According to the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep

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  • Dry Conditioner: The Beauty Secret Your Hair Has Been Missing

    Refinery29By Jeaninne Morris, Refinery29

    Last year, we noticed a slew of brands came out with dry conditioners, and as big fans of our beloved dry shampoo, we quickly jumped on board. Anything that can help extend the life of a blowout makes it to the top of our shelves. So, we went to celebrity stylist Oscar Blandi to get the DL on this new strand savior.

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    "No matter what your hair type or texture, everyone should use a dry conditioner," Blandi explains. There are misconceptions about conditioners in general being heavy and weighing down your hair. However, these are made with ingredients like keratin and softening oils that are distributed through a fine, controllable mist that won't weigh heavily on your strands. "Besides softening your dry hair, dry conditioners are great detanglers and texturizing tools," he adds.

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    The best way to use it is on

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  • 12 Beauty Blogs that Every Natural-Haired Girl Should Bookmark

    Refinery29By Sydney Scott, Refinery29

    As women everywhere continue embracing their curls and throwing creamy crack to the side, the natural-hair movement only continues to gain more supporters. Seriously, over the past five years, hair relaxers have steadily declined and more and more women are deciding to sport the kinky coils they were born with. But, making the decision to go natural and having the tools and knowledge you need to make that strand shift are two different things. Enter: natural-hair blogs.

    When it comes to natural hair, everyone has an opinion, everyone's an expert. But, no need to wade through the sea of blogs to find the best - the work has already been done for you. We've scoured the web to bring you the 12 best blogs for ladies with kinky coils and transitioning tresses. Need to figure out how to style your teeny-weeny Afro? Don't understand why you're hair isn't retaining moisture? These blogs have all your answers. And, if you're not ready to ditch relaxers just yet,

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