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  • The Best Beauty Wonders from Korea

    By Sharon J. Yi, Refinery29

    Korea, the country that brings you pretty girls stuffing their faces on webcams and life-sucking addictive soap operas is also reliable for its deluge of beauty-product wonders. In fact, the geographically small country of South Korea is the 12th largest cosmetics producer in the world.*

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    With hundreds of thousands of whimsical - and effective - beauty products pouring out of this tiny country, there are cosmetics that'll remove callouses, create bigger-looking eyes, or give you the creamy white skin of a goddess, a.k.a. a K-Pop star (Any 2NE1 fans here? Just us?). If you've ever wished that a certain beauty product existed for your obscure, fill-in-the-blank beauty problem, you can bet the good people of Korea not only have a solution, but that it works and it's cute.

    With BB creams, paper face masks, and snail creams becoming as mainstream as Psy, we're all ears for this next batch of

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  • 8 Eyeshadows to Make Hazel Eyes Even More Stunning

    By Erika Stalder, Refinery29

    The cool thing about hazel eyes? Each set gravitates toward different color profiles. Some eyes tend to be more green while others look more topaz. Some read olive while others appear amber.

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    The benefit of such color-change subtleties is that there are a lot - and we mean a lot - of shades of eyeshadow that work with hazel eyes. So, picking an eyeshadow shade is as easy as deciding which color you want to highlight in your eyes. For example, purples and reddish coppers will pull out the green in hazel eyes, while pinks and purples will let yellow flecks in hazel eyes shine, according to Kristen Arnett, a celebrity makeup artist who specializes in eco-friendly makeup.

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    To help make sense of the seemingly infinite eyeshadow possibilities, we asked Arnett and celebrity makeup artist Dawn Broussard to hone in on the best shades for

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  • Showering: Are You Doing it Wrong?

    .By Kristin Booker, Refinery29

    Our obsession love affair with showers and baths and the products we use are such an ingrained part of Western civilization, we could potentially put a hurtin' on the economy if we decided to go all medieval and stop taking them so much. Wait, you ask, why is daily bathing even a question? Well, evidently, it is. From the news desk that brought you the gal who hadn't washed her hair for five years comes an even bigger debate: Are we showering too much?

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    A Jezebel writer posed the question in a recent article after her lack of this particular hygiene practice inspired a conversation (with a capital C) or three between her and her husband, who lathers up on the daily. The writer, who slowed down her shower frequency when she was pregnant a few years ago (and is so not sorry she's not sorry), explores all sorts of news stories, surveys, and expert opinions to get to the bottom of whether or not curtailing the

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  • I Took a Pay Cut to Pursue My Dream

    By Vanessa Golembewski & Annie Georgia Greenberg, Refinery29

    There's a reason why Jay Z and Alicia Keys sing about being in an Empire State of mind. New York City is, as they praise, the place where dreams are made. And, for so many people aspiring to high-profile careers, they come to the metropolis to chase them. For some, that dream becomes a reality complete with an important title and the six-figure salary to match. But, are wealth and success worth the sacrifice?

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    We spoke with four people who might say no. At one time, they had sky-high salaries, but ultimately decided to ditch the big paycheck to get in touch with who they really are - and find the jobs that truly fulfill them. And, though each person's story is unique, they all ultimately decided to abandon the high-profile gig for a completely different, and subsequently more satisfying life. Ahead, four real-life tales of individuals who went out to see if the

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  • How to Wear Ankle Boots to Work

    By Connie Wang, Refinery29

    A query: You're only allowed to wear one pair of shoes for the rest of your life (imagine, too, that the steppers will never fall apart, and you'll never have to replace them). You'll need to sport them to a variety of events, in a variety of climates, and they'll have to match a variety of trends, outfit types, and styles. Which do you choose?

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    If you've given this enough thought (and we have a sneaking suspicion that all fellow fashion freaks have), it's likely you chose the ankle boot. Ultra versatile, practical, and cool enough to elevate casual outfits but still dressy enough to wear out in the evening, this footwear staple is probably the hardest working shoe you'll ever own. So, the next time you can't figure out how to style your pair of weekend ankle boots for the office (and vice versa), allow us to be your guide. We played around with two common pairs of ankle boots and created 4 expert

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  • Carry On: 16 Beautiful it Bags Under $100

    By Bobby Schuessler, Refinery29

    We're gonna go out on a limb here and assume you always want to look your best. Big revelation, we know. But, we're also willing to bet you'd rather not max out your plastic on the latest It accessory. And, sure, we can't get enough of a really good pair of shoes or a gorg piece of jewelry, but it's the bag that really makes the outfit. The perfect purse can instantly dress up an ensemble for work, make your weekend look infinitely cooler, and, well, you get the picture.

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    So, when we spot an affordable outfit maker that could easily pass as the newest Céline or Givenchy stunner, we kind of majorly freak. And, so does our savings account. Well, prepare to lose it, because we tracked down 16 must-buy carryalls - from totes to clutches and backpacks to duffels - perfect for every occasion. And, they're all priced under $100. Because, you so deserve to look like a million bucks without spending it.

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  • The Best Brows for Your Face Shape

    By Kristin Booker, Refinery29

    Folks, the shape of your eyebrows is insanely important. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, your brows are the drapes around said windows. So, it makes sense to tidy up the place a bit, yes?

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    First, finding the right shape depends on the shape of your face. And, finding the right way to achieve that perfect brow shape is just as important as finding the right haircut. We're not kidding. The wrong one can throw off your entire look and growing either of them out is a total pain.

    Since we'd never go venture into this territory alone, we don't think you should, either. Meet founder of Anastasia Beverly Hills Anastasia Soare, a woman to whom many a well-manicured celebrity entrust their angles and arches. She's come armed with her expertise on different types of face shapes and the best brows to bring their beauty looks to a whole new level.

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  • Why I Gave Up on Losing Weight

    Refinery29By Marianne Kirby, Refinery29

    The summer before I turned 8, I went to stay with my great-grandmother. A woman used to feeding a large family, she took extra delight in giving me all of my favorites on a daily basis. We had pancakes and bacon for breakfast and government cheese and grapes at night before we curled up on the couch to sing songs from her hymn book.(That seemed like a damn good time in my ever-so-sophisticated mind, especially the Christmas carols and patriotic songs.)

    During the day, I did what I always did when I spent the summer with my Florida relatives - I rode my bike in endless circles around the block, swam, played in the dirt, and otherwise got myself pretty filthy and sweaty. I helped pick peas in the garden and then shelled them on the front porch. I read back issues of my granny's stash of tabloids, like the National Enquirer and Weekly World News. It was a totally normal summer. But, when my parents picked me up, they were horrified. Because their skinny

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  • The Science of a Perfect Relationship

    By Vanessa Golembewski, Refinery29

    We're not the only ones spending all our time thinking about L.O.V.E. and romance (and not just because Valentine's Day is looming). Researchers are always looking to understand the inner workings of a happy relationship through science. Now, it seems they have. May we present to you the Frankenstein's monster of relationship studies, which cobbles together all of qualities needed to be a successful couple. Your mind's about to be blown.

    For starters, put down that phone. Members of a happy relationship don't text all that much. And, they certainly don't fight or make important emotional decisions over text. Phone calls, however, are acceptable. Though, if you do fight, you should try to have "angry but honest" conversations earlier on in the relationship. Apparently, it will make you happier in the long run.

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    In terms of your choice of mate, ideally, you'd be in a gay

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  • 17 Drugstore Beauty Finds Every Girl Needs

    By Rebecca Taras, Refinery29

    One of our biggest gripes about winter in the Windy City isn't the increased commuting time or the grim street-parking situation. Rather, it's our pasty complexion, dry skin, and brittle tresses. Yep, nothing like whipping winds, single-digit temps, and a serious wintry mix to work a number on a girl's self-esteem. So, since it seems like everything goes to pot this time of the year, we scoured the aisles of our favorite drugstores to bring you 17 amazing products that will bring you back to life minus a trip to the poor house.

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    Split-end central? It's time to tame your mane with a deep-conditioning treatment. Parched puss? You better up the ante with an intense serum or face oil. So, don't be afraid to stock up. After all, we've got at least another month to get through.

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