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  • Which Colored Mascara is Right for You?

    By Gabrielle Korn, Refinery29

    In case you missed it, we recently asked makeup artist James Vincent to show Rachel, our fashion assistant, how to wear brightly colored mascara. He chose purple for her sparkling green eyes, and it looked awesome.

    But, not all of us around here have bright green peepers like Rachel. So, we followed up with Vincent and asked him to give us some more info: We wanted to know what colors of mascara would look good on all the different eye colors. And, beyond that, we wanted to know how to use colored mascara to up the wow factor of our makeup looks.

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    What we learned? There's a brightly colored mascara for every eye color. We'll always love our black mascaras, but even switching to brown can really change things up. Click through for all of the tips. And, let us know if you're feeling inspired to take the plunge.

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  • Anti-Diet Project: How Much Do You Need to Work Out, Really?

    By Kelsey Miller, Refinery29

    .This time in 2013, fitness was the last thing on my mind. The year before, I'd been a devoted super-yogi, hitting the mat at 7 a.m. (and often again at 7 p.m.), but the truth was, I had a lot less of a life to lead. Then, I started working here, writing more, being more social, and, soon after, fell bonkers in love. I didn't consciously quit fitness - I just needed to spend more quality time with my boyfriend, my friends, and my laptop. If that meant skipping a class here and there, what was the harm? Cut to last fall's Warrior Workout hissy fit and the birth of The Anti-Diet Project. I had goals, and I had questions. Top of the list: How do you incorporate fitness into a daily routine? (Subtext: How do I do this and still have a life?)

    The not-so-exciting answer? Get up earlier.

    Sorry, everyone. Until Professor McGonagall gets my Time-Turner back from Hermione, I have no other solution to offer except that we have to use the time we've got. Here's

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  • What Your Favorite Shoe Says About You

    By Connie Wang, Refinery29

    Like it or not, if fashion is a big part of your life, you do pay attention to people's shoes. And, we don't just mean in a way where you merely noticethem. You make snap judgments based on what others are wearing on their feet. For example, just like you might decide to call it a night early if you were on a date with a guy in sneaker loafers, you might also have a hunch that your new friend who exclusively wears patent combat boots may want your extra ticket to see Savages this weekend.

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    Of course, having good style is also about having the guts to play around with trends, looks, and - yes - shoes outside of your comfort zone. But, when it comes to your most favorite, most beloved, most you pair? While we most likely can't guess your deepest, weirdest secrets, we could probably still figure out your drink order. So, we gathered up some of the most iconic shoes of today and assigned each different

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  • Are You Funny? Then You May Be Psychotic, Too

    GERARD FRITZ/REX USA.By Vanessa Golembewski, Refinery29

    We've all got a friend (or two) who is just plain funny. In every social circle, this is the one who is always quick to make a joke - that lands, and generally has you in stitches. Hey, maybe that person is even you? But, according to a new study, super-funny people have personality types linked to psychosis. So, while funny, they're also kind of crazy. And, if that's the case, performance - like standup and improv - may be a form of self-medication.

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    Researchers at Oxford University studied 523 comedians (404 male, 119 female) from the U.K., U.S., and Australia. The comedians completed an online questionnaire designed to identify and measure psychotic traits in healthy people. The four aspects in question were unusual experiences (paranormal activity, telepathy), cognitive disorganization (easily distracted), introvertive anhedonia (avoiding intimacy and an impaired ability to feel

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  • Is Your Facialist Lying to Your Face?

    By A.J. Hanley, Refinery29

    In the self-improvement department, few things feel more indulgent than a facial. During the 30-to-60-minute procedure, your skin will invariably be steam cleaned, sloughed, and slathered with a variety of nutrient-rich masks, serums, and moisturizers. As your complexion reaps the benefits of all that pampering, your mental health will get a boost as well, thanks to a tension-taming combo of soothing scents, soft music, and gentle massage.

    Along with squeaky-clean skin and a tranquil mind, you may also leave the spa with a few choice tidbits offered by the aesthetician - everything from the transformative powers of the treatment at hand to at-home strategies that will rev up radiance. And, while many of her observances and tips are indisputable (for example, "Lavender oil soothes and hydrates," "Keep your hands away from your face to avoid causing a breakout"), others require a dose of healthy skepticism.

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  • $10K for Unretouched Lena Dunham? No, Thanks

    REX USA/CAN NGUYEN/REX.By Lexi Nisita, Refinery29

    Anyone with half a brain for online media knows that words like "unretouched," "Photoshop disaster," and "before and after photos" are traffic gold. Post one particularly juicy article of the sort, and your staff might as well take the rest of the week off. We won't pretend to be above it all - sometimes, these types of media frenzy moments offer an opportunity for a really interesting conversation; other times, you just want to see the snapshots because you're human and you really can't help yourself.

    Despite our own complicity in the cycle of discussion around Photoshop, a recent post by Jezebel offering $10,000 to anyone able to provide unretouched photos from Lena Dunham's Vogue shoot made us (okay, this particular writer) uncomfortable. In accordance with Gawker tradition, Jezebel has offered money for unretouched images before, but it has never (to our knowledge, and verified by a reputable source) called out a specific person in that hunt.

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  • This is Why You Can't Talk to Your Crush

    By Justin Sedor, Refinery29

    .We've all been there. That terrible, embarrassed, can-I-please-melt-into-the-floor-now feeling that comes right after you've humiliated yourself, seemingly beyond repair and on a horrific scale, in front of your crush. Maybe you tripped over your own feet and ate it, sitcom-style, at a party, or maybe you said something you feel is really, really stupid - or you could have just said nothing at all. Whatever it was, it was quite literally the worst thing that has ever happened in the history of everything. Ever. Or, at least, it feels that way. Ringing any bells?

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    Well, it turns out, it's definitely not you: There's a perfectly reasonable scientific explanation (or, more accurately, quite a few explanations) for your dating fumbles. The folks at Lifehacker have put together a pretty awesome overview of just what it is about your biology that makes you act like a big fat dork in front

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  • The Petite Girl's Guide to Killer Style

    By Nicole Briese, Refinery29

    At Refinery29, our editors and writers come in all shapes and sizes - and there are definitely a few ladies who fall into the petite category. Consequently, we'd like to think we've become something of experts at shopping for such a body type.

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    So, if you are among the smaller-than-average group of women (5'4" and under and/or those with extremely narrow hips, shoulders, etc.) who struggles to find stylish clothing that actually fits, your fashion prayers have been answered. We've got 23 awesome tips for dressing with ease. It's true: Good things do come in small packages.

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  • How to Wear Leggings in Public

    By Connie Wang, Refinery29

    Let's cut to the chase here: Leggings are not pants. Do not treat them as such, do not pretend that they're more opaque than they actually are, and do not, under any circumstances, sport them with just a tank top. Leggings operate in their own world, and you need to abide by their set of rules. Cover the butt. Don't go for anything shiny. Don't even think about wearing them with shearling boots and a V-neck gym shirt.

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    It can't be denied, however, that leggings are comfy, warm, and everything you want to wear after the temperatures have dipped. And, with the right styling tricks, they can even look fashion-forward. Really. So, ahead, we're sharing nine different outfits that feature the same pair of basic, black leggings - and, no, they won't make you feel like an extra on The Hills.

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  • Polyphasic Sleep: Hacking Shut-Eye

    By Arielle Pardes, Refinery29

    .It all started with an innocuous wish: If only there were more hours in the day.

    I'll bet you've wished for that, too. It's human nature to race against the slippery hands of the clock, believing full well that with just a few more hours in our day, we could write the Great American Novel, learn Chinese, and memorize all of Beyoncé's choreography.

    So when I heard that it was possible to add up to six extra hours each day - more than three months of extra time each year - I was sold.

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    The trick is polyphasic sleep, an alternative sleeping cycle that reorganizes slumber into tiny, economical chunks. Though there are many varieties of polyphasic sleep, the most buzzed-about schedules are called Uberman and Everyman, which trade the old eight-hour routine for a series of little naps (totaling two hours and four hours per day, respectively). Both get their names from PureDoxyk, a blogger

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