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  • 8 Slick Coats to Keep You Dry — the Stylish Way

    By Michaela D'Artois, Refinery29

    We have to admit, we're starting to get a little worried about where our yearly downpours have been hiding out. While our suede shoes and hair are happy, it's time to call on the rain gods for some much-needed showers. Although, summoning a change of forecast may need to be left to Mother Nature, we say having the perfect raincoat on hand is all a girl can do at this point.

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    As the drops will inevitably come, your go-to hooded, and albeit repellent jacket will save the day. From classic and feminine shapes that never go out of style, to masculine parkas that will surely keep you dry head-to-toe, click through and find yourself wishing for those dark clouds to settle in overhead. Are you singing yet?

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  • Drew Barrymore's Two-Word Key to Happiness

    Refinery29By Leeann Duggan, Refinery29

    Dear readers, if you checked out a certain post this morning about overcoming kitchen-phobia to make the world's greatest breakfast sandwich (#worthit), then you already know there's been a pretty big addition here at Refinery29. Yep, today's the day we welcomed aboard Drew Barrymore as our brand-new editor-at-large.

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    Drew will be dropping in to dispatch her thoughts on work and health, love and family, and everything in between (personally, we're rooting for a hair tutorial). As an actor, producer, director, businesswoman, beauty mogul, and mom, Drew has a well of wisdom to draw from. And, even though she's pretty much a super-celebrity, she radiates this kind of known-this-gal-since-grammar-school vibe that makes her feel like an old friend.

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    To kick off our partnership, we got Drew's scoop on our new union, her desk

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  • How to Get Back to the Gym

    By Justin Sedor, Refinery29

    If you're anything like us, it's been a long time since you've been to the gym. Like, embarrassingly long. Like, so long you're not even quite sure you'll be allowed back in.

    Well, this being resolution season, we know many of you have made promises to get reacquainted with that big sweaty box with all the plastic machines and metal things inside. But, as we all know too well, theory and practice are totally different. No matter our intentions, many of us have to get over some serious gymtimidation to make the most of our workout (and to go back and do it again. And again.)

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    In that spirit, we've come up with a sort of cheat sheet for getting back to the gym. Compiled along with the expert advice of Equinox pro-trainer Stephanie Irvin, these tips should help to ease the transition and get you back in fighting shape in no time. You never know - this could be the year that your resolution sticks.

    Nike Sneakers, similar

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  • 10 Self-Help Books that Will Change Your Life

    By Nicole Briese, Refinery29

    It's still pretty early in the "new year, new you" game, so we're pretty sure you're still working on those resolutions. Luckily, we've rounded up a little (well, actually, make that a lot!) assistance in the form of 10 self-help reads that'll help you take full advantage of 2014. Even if you're slightly skeptical, we're pretty confident that we've found a title for whatever ails you.

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    If you're vying to be less of a procrastinator, see Meg Jay's The Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Matter and How to Make the Most of Them Now. Struggling with a breakup? Know that Being Single is Not a Curse. Even if you're not quite ready to embrace the whole self-help genre, ironically, there's a self-help book for that, too (Promise Land: My Journey Through America's Self-Help Culture). So, what are you waiting for? Dive into these bad boys and help yourself make 2014 your best year yet!

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  • Why I Would Never Dress Up on a First Date

    Refinery29By Leila Brillson, Refinery29

    I love dressing up. I take performative holidays like Halloween and New Year's Eve very seriously. I know how to dress for an opera. I enjoy the concept of a set of "good pearls." And even though I am the most heavily tattooed R29 editor, I feel fairly confident that I can do a pretty decent facsimile of elegant. But I have a staunch principle: I will never dress up for a first date.

    (Of course, as a concept, I don't want to say "never," as I am pretty against sweeping generalizations, but it is a tenet I hold tried and true.)

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    In fact, when a date is approaching, I take a particularly stylized and determined approach to preparation. Or in a more succinct way, forget quirks, I just let my freak flag fly. I'll wear a leather jacket, a ripped pair of jeans, or I won't do my nails. (Or, at least, I won't freak out if they are nice and chipped.) Also, I will often make a dedicated decision

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  • Are You an Almost Alcoholic?

    Refinery29By Vanessa Golembewski, Refinery29

    The problem with labels is how extreme they can feel. And, the perfect example of this is the way we approach the term alcoholic. The definition, according to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD), is a dependence on alcohol that includes strong cravings or urge for a drink, an inability to stop drinking, physical symptoms upon withdrawal, and an increased tolerance level. Ironically, we have a wealth of endearing terms - "lush" and "wino" come to mind - for those who enjoy drinking, but dare not cross the line of becoming dependent. Herein lies the category of the almost alcoholic - those who drink more than they should, but not enough to qualify as a full-blown addict.

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    The NCADD claims that alcohol is the most commonly used addictive substance in the U.S. - and approximately 17.6 million people suffer from alcohol abuse. But, many are reluctant to admit when their

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  • Drew Barrymore's Crazy-Easy Breakfast Recipe

    Refinery29By Drew Barrymore, Refinery29

    Actor, producer, director, mom, businesswoman, beauty mogul, philanthropist - we officially ran out of slashes trying to describe all the cool things Drew Barrymore is. But, it's not just her superwoman résumé we love. Drew brings real-deal passion and purpose to everything she touches. And now, as Refinery29's new editor-at-large, Drew will be dropping in to share her wisdom on work, art, beauty, kids, health, and, naturally, good food - starting off with a recipe for the perfect breakfast sandwich. Stay tuned to this space - major inspiration awaits.

    I first made this sandwich when I started teaching myself to cook. Not 20 years ago, but very recently. The reason I started officially learning to cook was because when I first got pregnant, I had to face the sad fact that I didn't even know how to boil an egg. No, really! But, this was so not for lack of trying. I've always been one of those people who romanticized cooking, but the few attempts

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  • 3 Chic Outfits to Hide that Holiday Bulge

    By Vanessa Golembewski, Refinery29

    Over the past month, we've pretty much used "It's the holidays!" as an excuse to indulge in as much food or drink as we wanted. Now, it's 2014, and when it comes to justifying our bad habits, we've got nothin'. Well, we do have one thing: a post-holiday bulge.

    More endearingly known as the food baby, the post-holiday bulge is that extra few pounds in your tummy you managed to pack on in a matter of weeks. Sure, we all resolve to be a better, fitter version of ourselves for the New Year. But, in the spirit of procrastination, we've got three outfits perfect for the art of deception.

    .Sweatpants Are Your Friend
    You may recall that after Regina George's Kalteen incident, sweatpants were all that fit her at the time. While you may not have binged on Swedish weight-gain bars, you definitely took in your fair share of holiday treats. And, as a result, you feel your most free in a pair of loose-fitting pants. Enter: the chic sweats upgrade. Opt

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  • The Definitive List of Black Tights

    By Connie Wang, Refinery29

    "Black tights" and "reliable" don't usually go hand in hand. In fact, unless you suffer from crural claustrophobia or have a pants-only policy, chances are your relationship with opaque pantyhose is that of a love-hate variety. You probably love how they make your legs look, how they allow you to wear your minis out in snowfall, and how cozy they feel against your skin. And, you likely hate how they always seem to catch a run within the first hour of you wearing them.

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    But, among our editors, we've logged centuries of experience wearing black tights, so when we say we've found the best of the bunch, you'd better believe us. And, the 10 sets ahead are truly the Rolls-Royces of pantyhose. Yep, these babies won't rip, sag, stretch out, or pill - or, at least, they hold up better than anything you've worn before. And, that's pretty, well, tight.

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  • DASH Diet? What You Need to Know About 2014's "Best Diet"

    By Kelly Bourdet, Refinery29

    .Ah, U.S. News & World Report, the pioneers of the concept that people will read anything that pits entities, universities, or elementary schools against one another in list format. But, did you know they also ranked diets? Well, they do. And, while the breakdown is interesting, it's also got plenty of problems.

    The magazine consulted with medical experts on a variety of aspects of the 32 reviewed diets: weight-loss potential (both short and long-term), ease, nutritional quality, safety, efficacy in treating diabetes, and the "heart healthy" quotient. From these individual scores, the experts assigned each diet an overall score and then ranked them.

    The overall winner? DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) - a low-fat, high-carb, moderate-protein diet developed by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI). The overall loser? Paleo - the "primal" or "caveman" diet that's gained massive popularity over the past few years. Ahead,

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