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  • 6 Perfect Bags for Stylish Working Girls

    By Alina Gonzales, Refinery29

    While you're all fired up about self-improvement, thanks to the New Year, may we make a suggestion? It's time to invest in a killer bag. Not a trendy, trying-too-hard style, but a seriously chic upgrade to your everyday carryall. A handbag you can take to work that makes you look and feel like a total star. (After all, it's basically science that when you look and feel like a badass, you become one.)

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    Seriously, we're all about the personal growth and healthy lifestyle goals, but making a few material changes can help project to the world what you're focusing on internally. Namely, that you're a polished, professional, hardworking gal who has her act together. So, click through to discover the gorgeous, big-girl bags that will boost your work look instantly. Go get 'em, boss lady!

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  • The Savvy Gal's Guide to Managing Money

    Refinery29By Rebecca Taras, Refinery29

    If you're like us, your credit cards are probably still smoking from a season full of spending. Or, maybe you're used to living beyond your means. Either way, if one of your New Year's resolutions was to get into better financial shape, you're in luck. We have just the expert advice you need to get you there faster than money pouring out of an ATM machine.

    Whether you want to know what to invest in or simply need to get better about starting a rainy-day fund, advisor Janice Goldman Picker of Ameriprise Financial has all the know-how to help you out. And, the best part? It doesn't have to be January to jump on the fiscally responsible bandwagon. Trust, as soon as you get a handle on planning your budget, you'll be on your way to a greener future in no time. Move over, Daddy Warbucks. We've got this.

    Truth: Setting a budget (and sticking to it) is easier said than done - especially if you're a gal who likes to shop, travel, or go out (who

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  • Anti-Diet Project: No One Looks Cute on a StairMaster

    Refinery29By Kelsey Miller, Refinery29

    I am an adult. I pay taxes. I vacuum, sometimes. I buy the fancy toothpaste. I do all those things a grown-ass woman should do, which now includes a reasonable amount of exercise on a regular basis. Yet, the second I get to the gym and hit that locker room, well - I'm in the locker room again.

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    As a kid, I was never pelted with tampons or subjected to boob-shaming by my peers after gym class. Sure, there was plenty of teasing and name calling in the halls as I was growing up an almost-but-not-really chubby kid before hitting an early puberty hard right around third grade. But, in the locker room, it was my own eyes that pried and compared and loathed what they saw in the mirror: a wonky, round girl jammed into school gym shorts that were clearly designed for the hipless. Things only got worse when we hit the soccer field and I watched my stick-thin classmates leap around like baby gazelles while I

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  • 10 Sweatshirts Perfect for Any Occasion

    By Bobby Schuessler, Refinery29

    The fashion sweatshirt is pretty much the best gift from the style gods, ever. These embellished, graphic, non-collegiate pullovers are comfy, cozy, and practically beg to be worn (sans sweatpants and fuzzy socks) outside of the house. The tough part, though, is deciding which pullover works for your slew of weekly activities, whether they include an important business meeting (yes, you can wear that topper without looking like a slob), Sunday brunch, or even a date night out.

    But, if you're still at a loss over where to find the perfect pullover and how to rock it, we're here with a helping hand. Ahead, we highlighted 25 different occasions (that are sure to pop up over the next month) and the 25 trusty pullovers to match - and they'll all amp up your cool factor this season. Seriously. Couch-potato chic never looked so hot.

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  • The Genius Guide to FAKE Confidence

    By Neha Gandhi, Refinery29

    Anyone who tells you they feel super confident all the time is, well, a big, giant liar. We all have moments of doubt and moments when our nerves get the best of us. And, in situations where, say, you're trying to score a job interview or impress someone in said interview, those flashes of self-doubt can be incredibly inconvenient.

    That's when you need to learn to fake it. Not in a plastered-on-smile, Stepford Wife way. More in a get-what-you-deserve way. Because, ultimately, the whole "fake it 'til you make it" cliché stems from something real, and the advice ahead, from Nicole Williams, Secret's career confidence coach (and the in-house career pro over at LinkedIn), proves it.

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    Click through for real-life advice that'll get you through everything from a blind online job application to an in-person interview and even the start of a new job (you know, after you nailed the interview) - without melting

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  • Sugar Detox: How to Stay Sane

    By Justin Sedor, Refinery29

    I've always had a problem with sugar. Chocolate, ice cream, cookies, cake - for as long as I can remember, I've been powerless to its myriad charms. And, it's not getting better. As I've gotten older, my cravings have increased both in number and intensity. The situation has become so dire that I feel the need for something sweet after every meal. I can barely make it to bed without a little chocolate - and it seems I never miss out on my 3 p.m. cookie.

    I've recognized the problem brewing for a few years now, but I've never been able to muster the willpower to do anything about it. When I was coerced volunteered to try a sugar detox, though, it was a very different story. This time, I had my coworkers to hold me accountable - and, I had to answer to all of you. Turns out, a little pressure was all I needed.

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    The assignment was simple: Record everything I ate for a week while avoiding sugar as much as

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  • Polyamory: 3 Fascinating & True Stories

    By Claire Litton-Cohn, Refinery29

    .My ex-husband and I had a relatively amicable divorce, and when he had started dating his new girlfriend (now wife), a mutual friend and I went to their house for dinner. Our friend was originally from San Francisco and conversation turned to talk of polyamory, that multiple-partner non-monogamy the Bay Area is rife with. My ex-husband's girlfriend stared at us in bafflement. She was from Nebraska, and had never heard of such a thing. "Polyamory?" she said with uncertainty. "That sounds like a made-up word for slutty."

    "Polyamorous" is a made-up word (it was first used in the early '90s), but it's not a made-up concept. People across cultures have been loving more than one person at a time, engaging in multiple-partner relationships, and having open and varied sexual play for thousands of years. Even the whole European concept of "courtly love", which our modern ideas of romance are based upon, is a fundamentally polyamorous expression. After all,

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  • 11 Stylish Snow Boots to Survive the Winter

    By Bobby Schessler, Refinery29

    By now, you've probably looked at the weather report, only to find that alert for 10 inches of snow, right? Bah. Thanks, January. But, really, it's just another day of trekking through the arctic, desperately trying not to slip in that slushy mess. Still, no matter how hard you try, you always seem to find yourself landing on your keister at least once every year. So, chances are you need some trusty footwear (those ankle booties and ballet flats just aren't going to cut it) that'll transport you from your front door to everywhere else without that weather-related injury.

    Well, fortunately for you, we culled 25 functional-yet-stylish snow boots that'll get you through this blustery season without any accidental falls. In fact, these beauties are so good, you may just wish for another six weeks of winter - despite what that groundhog might tell us in February.

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  • Want to Lose Weight? 10 Things You Need to Know About Fat

    By Grace McCalmon, Refinery29 headerFat_slide1-1Illustrated By Gabriela Alford.

    The F-word - it's a dirty, nasty word. Don't say it, don't think about it, and definitely don't eat it. We're talking fat here, people. Ask any person on the street for their definition of the exact opposite of "healthy" and they're likely to say "fat." Somehow, this mere combination of hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen molecules has become the focus of all that is supposedly wrong with the modern diet. But, does fat deserve its bad rap?

    "We cannot live without fat." It's a statement echoed verbatim in conversations with Medical Director of the Sacramento Center for Health and Healing Dr. Charles Carpenter, Dr. Emily Longwill of Roots Natural Medicine, and nutritional expert Francesca Orlando, NTP, CGP. All three agree that fat is a crucial part of the diet. In fact, "Nothing can happen without fat," says Orlando, as fat is the material that makes up every single cell membrane in the body - all 73 trillion of them. So,

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  • How to Up Your Beauty Game in 2014

    Refinery29By Amber Katz, Refinery29

    Between all the mulled wine and mistletoe madness, you've probably been thinking over your New Year's resolutions. Yes, every January, you plan to up your fitness regimen (or, perhaps, begin a fitness regimen), drink less, curse infrequently, and perhaps even be nicer to your mother. It's all very Bridget Jones. And, lo and behold, by February 1, those resolutions are all but a fleeting memory. We've had it with unrealistic resolutions, the kind that inspire our January to March selves to be a veritable genetic mutation of our April to December ones.

    But, that said, the biggest room of all is one for improvement, right? To make 2014 the year of your best skin, hair, and makeup, we've compiled a list of beauty-inspired resolutions. We're here to help you break free from a beauty rut, quit your bad grooming habits, and try some new things.

    From assassinating dead skin cells (we know they're already dead so you can't John Wilkes Booth it, but you can

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