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  • Stock Up! 12 Life-Changing Beauty Buys

    By Tara Rasmus, Refinery29

    Feeling meh about your makeup bag? Lacking inspiration every time you open your medicine cabinet? Well, it's the season for head-to-toe makeovers, and we're dying to finally chuck all of our so-so primpers for the newest, prettiest goods out there.

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    In honor of a good seasonal restock, we talked to the founders of our favorite indie beauty boutiques to find the new spring buys they're loving right now. Shopaholics, beware. These products are the best of the best, and they're pretty much irresistible. (Don't even ask how long our personal must-have lists are.) Click through for all of the eye candy - your new spring beauty wardrobe is right this way!

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  • This is What 100 Calories Looks Like

    By Justin Sedor, Refinery29

    Diet fads come and go every day, each one more extreme than the next. No carbs, no fat, high fat, no meat, high meat, no gluten - we don't know about you, but we can hardly keep up. The one piece of conventional wisdom that we just can't seem to shake, though, is the idea that cutting calories will help us lose weight. Okay, yes, there is definitely truth to the concept that a net calorie deficit will result in body-weight reduction. But, obsessing over those little numbers on the back of your groceries often means ignoring basic tenets of nutrition. All calories are definitely not created equal; while a scoop of ice cream and an avocado contain the same number of calories, one choice is fundamentally healthier than the other. The important thing, of course, is to focus on giving your body what it really needs. But, it's almost impossible to ensure you're getting the right balance of nutrients when you're busy tallying calories.

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  • The Best Mascara for YOUR Lashes

    By Dianna Mazzone, Refinery29

    It seems everyone we meet has a different mascara they swear by. Yes, some cult favorites pop up time and time again, but we're always intrigued by the multitude of mascaras mentioned by makeup artists, models, and celebs alike. So, why are some lash enhancers cast aside by one person, yet totally beloved by another? It's because, just like hair texture or skin type, the state of your lashes is unique to you.

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    Unfortunately, mascara marketers don't use a problem-based approach to pedaling their products. So, it's not easy to tell which lash enhancer would best benefit your particular lash needs. To get to the bottom of it, we called in makeup artist Elisa Flowers. She's coated the lashes of many a top model and A-list celeb in her day, so we knew she'd have some insight into how to find the right mascara for every type of lash - from short to straight.

    Click on through to

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  • Point A-To-B Commuting Essentials

    By Ellen Hoffman, Refinery29

    No matter your mode of transportation, we can probably all agree that commuting to work is one big pain in the you-know-what. Whether you're a brisk, five-minute walk to an express-service subway or a half-hour car ride away from your destination, making the trek each day (no matter how long or far) is a task in and of itself. But, the little things we do each morning - like chatting on the phone with Grandma or making a pit stop for your morning coffee - help make the journey a little bit easier.

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    Additionally, preparing for our trip with a few handy commuter essentials - be it an umbrella for April's rain showers or headphones to drown out noisy chatter - is absolutely key. Let's face it: Traffic jams happen, trains get delayed, and the weather is just plain unpredictable some days. So, we compiled a list of 15 must-have items - for bikers, subway riders, walkers, drivers, and so forth.

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  • Cash in on Your Clothes — Here's How

    By Rebecca Brown, Refinery29

    Finding it increasingly difficult to open your closet door? Don't blame your landlord for this one - your hoarding tendencies are most likely the cause. (Sorry, we're just being honest here). Take heed, there's hope for you.

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    With the help of some very sophisticated - and enticing - apps and websites, you can purge your possessions and make a few bucks while you're at it. Whether you want to set up a digital store to barter your goods one by one, or would rather shove your old frocks into a bag and send them off for cash, we found 12 ultra-helpful programs that will give you all the motivation you need to address your wardrobe woes.

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  • Gwyneth Paltrow's Must-Know Beauty Tips

    Refinery29By Tara Rasmus, Refinery29

    Is there one person on the planet who does not feel feelings when Oscar-winner and lifestyle guru Gwyneth Paltrow is brought up? Whether they're superfans that study her cookbooks cover to cover (um...guilty) or haters that roll their eyes at her every mention of nightshades and zucchini flowers, the woman stirs up passionate emotions in almost every person that comes her way. Despite the negativity, GP always manages to keep on doing her thing - and for that, we give her major props.

    So, when we got the chance to interview Ms. Paltrow in honor of her partnership with Restorsea, you best bet that we were on that. We chatted Gwyn up about everything from her tried-and-true skin-care tips (Epsom salts, anyone?) to exactly how one can detox from caffeine without getting a wicked headache, and you better believe that the superstar was totally open and game to tell us everything. Click through to get all of Gwyneth's best (and cheapest!) tips - we have a

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  • The Truth About Junk Food

    Refinery29By Grace McCalmon, Refinery29

    Soda, potato chips, nachos, candy, doughnuts, curly fries, and (my personal favorite) late-night cheesy bread from a certain national pizza chain that shall remain nameless - what do all these things have in common? They're tasty and delicious delights, obviously. But, they also all fall under the classification of junk food - otherwise defined as: Any food that's high in calories, low in nutrients, and generally tastes so good you wonder why you can't eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Of course, you don't because these foods are bad for you. But, what does "bad" actually mean?

    We decided to find out. Using Time Magazine's list of the Top 10 Iconic Junk Foods as a guide, we compared ingredients and investigated the three common denominators: fructose, fat, and food dyes. And, what we found has us reconsidering what we grab when we need an afternoon snack. Click ahead to get the whole story on what you eat.

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  • Sunscreen for Your Hair: Do You Really Need It?

    Refinery29By Erika Stalder, Refinery29

    After this double-vortex doozy of a winter, who doesn't want to break out the bathing suits and sandals? But, all this spring thinking - and browsing through sun-care products online - has us wondering: Do we need to protect our hair from the sun?

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    We talked to Dr. Amy Derick, an Illinois-based dermatologist, and Dr. Chris Adigun, a dermatologist and clinical assistant professor of dermatology at New York University, to find out. As it turns out, UV rays not only alter the appearance of our hair, but can damage our scalps as well.

    "As for sun protection for the actual hair shaft, there is no medical reason for UV protection for hair itself (as it is not a living part of our body), but there are cosmetic benefits to the sun protection, especially for chemically processed hair," Dr. Adigun says. "UV rays can disrupt chemical processing and pigment, in permed and colored

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  • Don't Want a DJ? 6 Alt Wedding Entertainment Ideas

    By, Refinery29

    Launched in 2012, aims to make the dog-eared folder of magazine clippings a thing of the past for brides-to-be. The digital wedding channel, which makes the planning process a more simpler one, is bringing everything from charming real weddings to expert advice on all things bridal right to R29.

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    Sure, hiring a wedding DJ and dancing to a pre-selected playlist is classic for a reason, but it doesn't suit every couple. The good news is, there are more options for wedding entertainment than ever before, so you're bound to find something that makes your day feel personalized and fun. Most of these can be done in conjunction with a DJ and dance party (guests love options!), but they can also stand alone. Click through to see our favorite types of non-dancing wedding entertainment.

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  • How to Get Gorgeous Overnight

    Refinery29By Renee Rouleau, Refinery29

    When it comes to our faces, we don't rely on just anyone to tell us what our skin needs to get that ever-elusive glow. Instead, we turn to skin care veteran (and celebrity fave!) Renée Rouleau, who knows it takes more than the right products to get radiant. Each week, she'll be serving up her expert tips to keep your complexion in tip-top shape.

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    After a busy day, tending to a skin care routine may seem like the last thing you want to do. However, properly caring for skin at night is an important part of keeping it clear, healthy, and glowing. A quick skin care routine each night is important to cleanse the makeup, oil, and dirt from the day, and to give your visage a chance for optimal repair from daily environmental aggressors. Ahead, you'll find 10 simple nighttime skin care tips and time-savers to guarantee you're getting the most out of your skincare - and to ensure

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