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  • Eating Off a Red Plate May Help Curb Your Hunger

    Refinery29By Rebecca Taras, Refinery29

    If you're looking for a way to fight the inevitable holiday bulge, the treadmill may not be your only ally. According to CNN, a new study published in the journal Appetite indicated that folks cut back on their food intake when it was placed on a red plate versus a white or blue one. Even though die-hard popcorn fans (one of the items tested) ate more than non-popcorn lovers, they still ate less on average.

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    But, don't run out to Crate & Barrel to stock up on some new tableware just yet. The participants in the study were not told the reason behind the tests. So, Oliver Genschow, who studies consumer psychology at the University of Mannheim, told CNN that "we don't know what will happen if people are conscious of their plate's color. Maybe it won't work anymore." So, there is still much research to be had on this theory. In the meantime, color us intrigued.

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  • How to Rock Red Lipstick This Holiday Season

    By Gabrielle Korn, Refinery29

    While we're guilty as charged of indulging in the many makeup trends that come and go, there's one product that we're going to be devoted to for our entire lives: red lipstick. Forever our beauty secret weapon, the red lip has the power to make or break a look. We count on it for those times when we just need to look great and not have to worry about it. Hey, when something works, why fix it, right?

    Of course, even the most beloved classics occasionally need an update, and our go-to lippie is no exception. We don't like to play it safe when it comes to makeup, and all of a sudden, red lipstick has become our safest option. We're not thrilled to admit that we're in a red-lip rut, but there you have it. Sigh.

    So, we decided to forget everything we thought we knew about red lipstick and figure out the newest, raddest, boldest ways to wear it. Click through for some seriously gorgeous reconfigurations of this classic cosmetics statement.

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  • Everything You Need to Know About Lean Protein

    INGALLS PHOTOBy Justin Sedor, Refinery29

    Chalk it up to the ever-intensifying paleo craze (or maybe the golden age of bacon we're currently experiencing) - humans across the globe are eating more meat than ever before. And, we can't say we blame them: The health benefits of protein consumption are both numerous and well-documented. Obviously, we all know you need it to build muscle (and, well, survive), but protein is also necessary for proper metabolic function and heart health - and it keeps you fuller, longer. Win-win, right?

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    Of course, all protein is not created equal, and while that bacon cheeseburger is indeed packing a great deal of the good stuff, high levels of saturated fat keep it from being a solid nutritional choice. Fortunately for us all, the experts at Everyday Health have broken down the best and worst protein sources to help you minimize excess fat consumption and maximize overall health.

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  • Can We Blame Our Sexless Lives on Smart Phones?

    Refinery29By Farhana Nazir, Refinery29

    The thought-provoking findings from the recent National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles (Natsal) provides us with some great insight into our sex lives. One worrisome revelation: We're getting busy far less than we used to - in fact, just three times a month on average. Shocking, right?

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    But, even more depressing is the revelation that our technological addictions could be to blame for our sex-starved lifestyles. Damn you, iPhone 5! Professor Kaye Wellings of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine tells The Daily Telegraph, "People [are] taking laptops to bed, iPads, the fact work comes into our home now - there's no strict divide." So, that bedroom office isn't such a good idea, after all.

    Speaking of the disruption technology causes at home, Wellings goes on to say that these gadgets are to blame for the "blurring of the line...between the bedroom and outside."

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  • Are You TOO Introspective? Here's a Potential Fix.

    Refinery29By Emily London, Refinery29

    To quote one of Mariah Carey's most popular songs, "There's a hero, if you look inside your heart, you don't have to be afraid of who you are." True but sometimes when you do look inside, it's still hard to feel things. What do you do? According to these psychologists and self-help experts, the answer lies in being "outrospective."

    Roman Krznaric, the founder of The School Of Life, believes that developing a strong sense of empathy for others and the world around us is the true path to happiness. He says it's "about stepping outside yourself and discovering who you are and how to live by looking at the world from the perspective of other people."

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    And, how do we do that exactly? By allowing ourselves to feel the entire spectrum of human emotions. Even the ones you hate. As psychotherapist Dr. Joe Burgo explains, "If you can't bear sadness and grief yourself, then you'll

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  • 11 Dresses for Every Holiday Function — ALL on Sale!

    By Ellen Hoffman, Refinery29

    Thanksgiving came and went in less time than it took for our Cyber Monday wish lists to sell out online. And, now that the official holiday season is in full swing, our schedules are jam-packed with the endless party invites, family get-togethers, and celebratory cocktail hours that are quickly coming around the bend. Yes, December means business - but in the best way possible. After all, every event that we've RSVP'd "yes" to is another justifiable swipe of the plastic (or at least that's what we'll tell ourselves). And, those indulgent "me" buys feel even sweeter when we know we've scored a killer deal.

    So, we've culled 25 gorgeous, discounted dresses - in sequins, metallics, plaids, jewel tones, and everything in between - that'll wow at each and every holiday function on your crowded calendar. Got dinner with the grandparents? Opt for a sleeved, lace frock to strike that perfectly demure note. Hitting up SantaCon sans Santa suit? Break out a

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  • Tracy Anderson's Holiday Health Tips

    By Kelly Bourdet, Refinery29

    The holidays are a time when we all go into overdrive (many kinds of overdrive). We're busy eating, drinking, gift giving, traveling - and we've still got to work, workout, and eat well on top of it. What's a busy lady on-the-go to do? We sat down with the always-upfront Tracy Anderson to get some straightforward dos and don'ts to keep your holiday season running smoothly.

    Ahead, the healthy way to entertain, why you should let yourself eat what you want at parties, and exactly how Tracy feels about all those trendy juice cleanses.

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  • Do You Really Need a Credit Card?

    By Alden Wicker, Refinery29

    We know you're not a conformist - and that applies to everything from your style to the way you live your life and spend your money. So, who says you have to use a credit card?

    Sure, these cards have their advantages. They help you shop online, lend you money in a crunch, and - if you use them responsibly - improve your credit score. But, they also have their drawbacks. They tempt you into high debt compounded by a raised interest rate, can ruin your credit score, and your number could be stolen from a store's website and used by hackers.

    It's no wonder, then, that some people refuse to touch credit cards. Others don't qualify for the plastic because of a bad credit history (or a lack of credit history altogether). If you fall into either of these camps - or just want to explore your options - there are some interesting alternatives available to you. A surprising number of them, actually, will serve all of the functions of a typical credit card, from Read More »from Do You Really Need a Credit Card?
  • 15 Cheap Ways to Upgrade Your Space

    By Ellen Hoffman, Refinery29

    You've gotten a huge head start on your holiday shopping (go you!), but your pad is looking a bit ho-hum these days. So, before you deck the halls with lights and ornaments aplenty, check out the 25 under-$100, season-less, expert-curated buys that'll instantly spruce up your abode. After all, redecorating doesn't have to be a pricy affair.

    And, thanks to the styling geniuses of Gunnar Larson, Homepolish, Hommemaker, and ACRE, we've got the tips, tricks, and shoppable home goods that will instantly elevate your space from blah to tada! Yes, you can have party-ready digs - complete with decorative wall hooks, colorful end tables, poufs, and more - without those staggering price tags. Expert styling advice and wallet-friendly purchases are just a click of the mouse away.

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  • 12 Women Reveal Their Sex Number

    By Kelly Bourdet, Refinery29

    Maybe you can count all of your sexual partners on one hand, maybe you lost count years ago - or maybe, you fall somewhere in the middle. But no matter, that number can often inform how you feel about sex. It can be complicated or simple - or, again, something between the two, often because our relationships with ourselves and our partners change over time, and from partner to partner. Sex can make us feel powerful, but there are also times when it can take away our power. It can be a statement of commitment or a totally no-strings-attached adventure.

    That wealth and range of experience and feeling is a tremendous thing. And, although in the past, women's sexual histories have been used to shame or silence them, things are beginning to change. In many places around the world, women are claiming the expression of their sexuality in big and small ways.

    But, there's still an element of mystery around sex partners - many of us feel uncomfortable with

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