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  • What Does "Sex Positive" Mean, Anyway?

    By Rachel Zar, Refinery29


    Are you a member of the "sex positive" movement? While that may sound like a radical idea - one that evokes marching through the streets in your bra and orgies - it's actually a fairly simple concept stressing a healthy attitude towards sex.

    The term sex positive, which has been thrown around a lot recently, comes with varied connotations. The worst among them are that those who embrace sex positivity are sluts who recklessly expose themselves to countless diseases. But, the truth is, you may already be practicing a sex positive lifestyle without knowing it.

    So, what exactly is it? "Being sex positive is all about embracing that sexuality is a very important part of who you are, irrespective of your age and irrespective of the social construct," says Dr. Michael Krychman, certified sexual counselor and sexual-medicine gynecologist. "It means maintaining a healthy attitude towards sex - or lack thereof - and valuing it given your individual needs."

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  • Cheap Thrills: The Best Buys for Work (All Under $50!)

    By Ellen Hoffman, Refinery29

    Come Sunday, we leave all notions of work behind for our lazy-girl lineup of Scandal catch-up, boozy brunch, and maybe an emergency load of laundry. Hey, we've got a hectic schedule to stay on top of, and tomorrow's meetings are far from our minds. That's save for one exception: shopping for work.

    We typically let our eyes wander through Barneys' and Bergdorf's exorbitantly priced inventories, and eventually we return to reality. When it comes to our actual closets, they're definitely more Zara and Ann Taylor. So, we've sourced more than 20 under-$50 buys that'll integrate seamlessly into your existing 9-to-5 wear. Your coworkers will just think you splurged. (But, don't worry - your secret is safe with us.) Shop to it!

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  • Meet the 10 Worst Coworkers, Ever

    By Neha Gandhi, Refinery29

    Sometimes, people are the worst. Okay, not all the people, but definitely that guy who's always lurking, trying to ask an inane question while you're in the middle of a crisis. Or, the girl who's perpetually trying to show you up - even when you're NOT competing with her.

    Sigh. And, look, we can't help you wave a magic wand and get rid of the people making your work life hard. (Sorry.) But, we can teach you a little bit about 10 of the personalities who are the most dangerous - and show you how to deal with them like a pro. It's all courtesy of Nicole Williams, LinkedIn's in-house career pro and the author of Girl On Top: Your Guide To Turning Dating Rules Into Career Success.

    Ahead, her definitive guide to handling the jerkuses at your office. And, no, none of these solutions involve labeling your stapler (although, we'll admit we've definitely done that before).

    P.S., we know we've missed a few. Like, say, The Pontificator, The Business-Jargon

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  • Fred Flare's Final Sale: Bye-Bye to Our Fave Quirky Retailer

    By Ellen Hoffman & Bobby Scheussler, Refinery29

    Grab the tissues! After 15 amazing years in business, Fred Flare - our go-to destination for quirky home goods, accessories, and can't-beat Secret Santa gifts - is closing its virtual doors. The retail brainchild of Chris Bick and Keith Carollo that filled our lives (and our shopping carts) with one-of-a-kind, make-you-smile pieces will be sorely missed.

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    Since we've only got seven days left to shop, we couldn't resist one last opportunity to peruse the inventory. And, because everything is final sale - some purchases ring in at a whopping 99 cents - we won't feel the least bit guilty about breaking out our plastic for some quick-hit stocking-stuffers and maybe a giant gummy-bear lollipop or two four. Shop 10 must-have buys before they're gone forever! Let the nostalgia commence.

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  • A Week Without Makeup: Worth It?

    Refinery29By Gabrielle Korn, Refinery29

    Let's get this out of the way: I am 100 million percent in support of women's natural beauty - and of fighting the patriarchal standards that dictate how we should and shouldn't look. If you don't want to wear makeup, don't wear makeup! That being said, when I was informed that I'd be doing a makeup-free week in the name of journalism, I felt my heart frown.

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    You see, I'm an all-the-time makeup sort of girl - no one here at work has seen me without it. They may think they have, but putting on natural-looking face makeup every morning is part of my skill-set. And, wearing vibrant, weirdo colors is one of my favorite things to do. I plan outfits around lipstick and set my alarm based on my eyeliner game. I've pretty much always been like this.

    It's not a matter of self-confidence, as I feel fine about my goddess-given face, but let's be honest. I'm a busy girl in a dirty city. I don't get

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  • Cheap Thrills: 12 DSW Steppers That'll Stand Up to Winter

    By Alison Ives, Refinery29

    The terms "shopping spree" and "guilt-free" don't always go hand in hand, but when the stars align and this chance, affordable opportunity appears, we'll happily indulge in a little retail therapy. And, this season, DSW has got us covered with a whole lineup for winter that is easy on the eyes and the wallet. Ahead, we've found 12 stylish chaussures that'll keep you on top of the trends and primed for any occasion, be it a November snow flurry, a holiday party, or a brisk workout.

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    From flat Chelseas and Calvin Klein platform booties to metallic Nikes and oxfords, there's a shoe to tempt all footwear fans. We even snuck in a snowshoe, a little leopard print, and a trusty mustard-yellow skimmer to cover all of your needs. Click on to see our polished picks.

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  • Should You Google Someone Before a First Date?

    Refinery29By Emily London, Refinery29

    Confession time: Have you ever googled a potential partner ahead of a first date? Yep, thought so. Most of us have done it, as recent research in The Guardian claims 41% of 18 to 29-year-olds use social media to investigate a prospective lover. We're a little surprised that the number isn't higher.

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    As The Guardian writer Arawa Mahdawl says, "A little digital due diligence predate is just good sense these days. But, good sense isn't always good manners and there is still something of a stigma attached to admitting you know more about a potential paramour than you really should." We are all for finding out our date's musical predilections beforehand and would think nothing of dropping that carefully gleaned info into conversation, but we wouldn't feel so sure about revealing that we also knew what they did last summer. Is that part of the problem? This lack of honesty about how much information we're

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  • The 9-Piece Closet Edit: Why it Works!

    By Kathryn Worsham, Refinery29

    With trends moving in and out faster than you can say "overalls," it's important to look inside your closet to ensure your main squeezes staples still have prime real estate. Sifting through an overflowing one, though, can be a daunting task, but don't be overwhelmed. We got the lowdown from top style consultants on how to edit down your wardrobe to 10, yes 10, essentials.

    Clos-ette founder and wardrobe consultant Melanie Charlton suggests finding a partner. "Work with either a professional or someone who has an admirable fashion sense and will be 100% honest with you."

    Once your helper's inside your closet, Melanie insists on taking inventory. "I encourage all clients, even ones with small wardrobes, to create an Excel sheet with an itemized list. This provides an easy way to add and subtract as pieces come and go."

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    After laying out each piece, New York-based Style for Hire

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  • Black Friday Sales You Won't Want to Snooze Through

    By Alison Ives, Refinery29

    We know, we know - after all of that turkey, the second and third helpings of mashed potatoes, scoops of stuffing, and apple pie à la mode, all you'll probably want to do after Thanksgiving winds down is snuggle up for some uninterrupted shut-eye. But, while some of you will deservedly be off in dreamland, we personally wouldn't dare let the holiday that is Black Friday go by uncelebrated.

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    And, if you need a little incentive to get yourself out of bed on November 29, don't worry, because the gallery ahead is all the motivation you'll need. We're culling a list of the best holiday deals totally worth the missed ZZZs. Brave the chill, the long lines, and the crowds, because, at the end of the day, it'll feel amazing checking off everyone on your holiday gift list. And, if you start early enough, you definitely be able to slip in a little holiday shopping time for yourself. Find the unbeatable sales straight ahead,

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  • VS Fashion Show: Backstage with Karlie, Alessandra, & Adriana

    By Megan McIntyre, Refinery29

    There's a lot of different ways one can choose to spend a frigid winter day: sipping cocoa, curled under a blanket binge-watching Scandal, staring off into space and thinking that you really should go and do laundry. Standing around with supermodels dressed in their skivvies is not usually something on said list, and yet, that's exactly how we spent our afternoon.

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    That's because today was the taping of Victoria's Secret's annual Fashion Show, where models like Karlie Kloss, Hilary Rhoda, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Jourdan Dunn strut their stuff in fantastical lingerie and work-of-art wings.

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    We battled our way through the tundra-like temps, and past an army of PR girls and a police dog decked out in a hot-pink VS handkerchief to get you guys the inside peek at the primping circus that is

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