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  • 9 Chic Pairs of Tights

    By Michaela d'Artois, Refinery29

    The upside to these low temps is definitely hard to foresee, but here's a quick tip for warming up on cold winter days: It's all about the legs, ladies. And, we count heavily on a particular two-footed trick - a trusty pair of tights!

    Our favorite frocks and mini skirts will now be accompanied by the cutest, thickest, and most stylish hosiery around. Go crazy when it comes to cut-outs, patterns, and yes, even shades of gray. Seriously, these 30 picks make braving the impending forecast a (good kind of) breeze.

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  • Braid Tips Straight from Lady Gaga's ArtRave Hair Stylist

    By Hayden Manders, Refinery29

    To say Lady Gaga's got a thing for hair would be the greatest understatement this side of Tuesday. She probably has an entire wardrobe stacked with wigs on wigs on wigs. Heck, the girl's written an entire song dedicated to manes. So, when word finally got out about her ultra-secretive ArtRave, we a.) had a mini - okay, obnoxiously big - fangirl moment and b.) started pondering what in the world she's going to dress her team of models and performers in.

    Lucky for us, we didn't have to ponder too long, as Wella invited us backstage to get the full rundown on the evening's hair. Twenty-seven models, three futuristic hairstyles, and a one styling mastermind later, and ArtRave was officially ready to roll.

    We caught up Wella Professional stylist Kayla MiChele to talk all things from working with Gaga, the Haus, and braids - so many braids. Who'd a thought Lady Gaga could do Game of Thrones and Blade Runner so well? Oh, wait, that's not even a question.

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  • I Have No Guy Friends — & it Might Be Screwing Me Up

    Refinery29By Anna Davies, Refinery29
    It's a weekend evening, and Madonna is blasting, a half-eaten tube of cookie dough lies on the table, and I'm painting my nails as I gossip with my five best girlfriends.

    Sweet memory from 15 years ago, when I was a shy seventh-grader? Not quite. Try a recent Saturday night when my buddies crashed at my apartment after an hours-long dinner. Despite the fact that the Diet Coke has been replaced with Sancerre and we no longer prank call our crushes, my social circle until recently seemed just as no-boys-allowed as it was back when my parents were making the rules.

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    I could blame my job (up until now, I worked for a women's magazine where there were just three men on staff), my alma mater (Barnard College, an all-women's institution), or my location (New York City, with a population that skews female). But, it's also my own fault. Because, while I've always been down for meeting a man for a date, I

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  • How to Survive (& Thrive) After Cheating

    Refinery29By Leila Brillson, Refinery29

    Infidelity - the subject of countless movies, songs, and tearful discussions with friends over wine. In some way, everyone has been affected by cheating, whether it be a clear-cut case of crossing boundaries or by dabbling in a nefarious gray area. Whatever it is, the revelation of cheating will always rock a relationship's foundation - often past the point of no return.

    We spoke to 10 people in various stages of dealing with infidelity, including those who watched their relationship crumble, partners who let the incident strengthen their bond, or a few individuals who are currently reeling from its effects. Each of our subjects spoke honestly, be they the transgressors or the betrayed. No matter which side of the coin each respondent fell (and, believe us, it is never cut-and-dry), each one shared a powerful lesson. One thing was certain: Once infidelity surfaces, its effects cannot be undone.

    Refinery29Behavior, statistics, gender, and personality aren't

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  • Anti-Cellulite Jeans Are a Real Thing Now

    By Gina Marinelli, Refinery29

    .Our favorite pair of jeans is already what we throw on when we want to look amazing in a pinch, but we never really thought the old denim standby could work real, long-term magic. Yet, that's what Alexandre Herchcovitch seems to be suggesting with the release of his anti-cellulite jeans. Yes, that's exactly what it sounds like - and the Brazilian designer says he's got science to back him up.

    As The Wall Street Journal reports, the new jeans are intended to trap body heat, turning it into infrared rays with the ability to combat cellulite problems. While we're pretty impressed by the idea of transforming our thighs with little exhaustion (like, as much as it takes you to zipper your fly), we have suspicions that this might be a bit too good to be true.

    WSJ says that Herchcovitch, whose "beauty denim" debuted at Fashion Rio this past Saturday, has researched this new fashion technology for the past five years. But, there's no concrete evidence to

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  • 6 Bold & Bright Sweaters to Covet

    By Holly E. Thomas, Refinery29

    Your go-to statement piece might a pair sky-high heels, a chunky necklace, or colorful clutch, but that doesn't mean your other wardrobe staples can't turn heads. Sure, it's trickier to stand out when you're all bundled up, but who says you can't have cozy knitwear that also happens to knock 'em dead? Ahead, we've rounded up our favorite go-big-or-go-home sweaters in the wild prints and bold hues we're craving right now. Warning: Graphic content ahead.

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  • Tips to Looking Prettier Overnight

    By Tara Rasmus, Refinery29

    At this point, we feel like we could teach a master class in lazy-girl beauty. But, the truth is, as much as fun as primping can be, we all want to find ways to spend minimal effort to get the prettiest results. Taking your time getting ready on a Saturday is awesome, but on any given Tuesday, there's no way we're spending an hour with a curling wand or face-contouring kit. Hey, we're lucky if we make it to our first meeting of the day in one piece!

    Enter: the overnight beauty routine. If you think strategically about your nighttime primpers, you can wake up with half of the work done for you. Seriously. Ditch that clumsy morning body scrub for smoothing peel pads, place a couple of key foam rollers in your locks, and damn, girl - you will have taken the path of least resistance to hotness.

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    To round up the sneakiest beauty tricks that work while you're getting in your quality pillow time, we reached out to

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  • Why Robyn Lawley's Cosmo Australia Swim Shoot is Important

    By Gina Marinelli, Refinery29

    Frankly, we don't even want to use the P-word to describe Robyn Lawley's latest swimsuit editorial for Cosmo Australia. It's not that plus-size is a dirty word - far from it - but we're afraid that would make this whole editorial all about her measurements, and honestly, there's much more to it. Yes, the Australian model may wear a label with a double-digit number, but, in these photos, we're far less concerned with that than how amazing she looks in these suits.

    Clad in one- and two-pieces alike, Lawley is practically flawless in the shots from the magazine's December issue. But, what's even more refreshing than her beachside photos and sun-kissed glow - summer, where art thou? - is the image of a lady who's not the cookie-cutter replica of most other fashion-editorial stars or swimsuit models. In fact, we think you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who could claim that Lawley not only looks beautiful, but also healthy. And, let's face it: She is a

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  • How to Attract More Love into Your Life

    Refinery29By Eyla for Refinery29

    When we allow it, attracting more love into our life can actually be quite easy. Love is our true nature and and what connects us to one another. We're each a unique expression of love and each of us is perfect in our unique expression. Love isn't something to "figure out," "make sense of," or "make happen." When we try to figure it out, we end up feeling more confused.

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    Steps to Attracting More Love

    The secret to attracting more love is to become a more loving person, which begins with loving yourself more.

    The next step is to acknowledge that we're meant to love everyone. We simply express our love in different ways depending on the nature of the relationship (romantic versus non-romantic). Many of us have been raised to believe that we're meant to love one person at a time or have one soulmate. These beliefs create tremendous pressure in our romantic relationships and keep us from

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  • 12 Romantic Midwinter London Dates

    By Olivia Phillips, Refinery29

    When Samuel Johnson declared, "He who is bored of London is bored of life," we're pretty sure he'd just been on a double date to play UV ping-pong in W10. Our fair city is by far the best place for being single. Or, for being in a relationship. Or, for just having fun. Let's put it this way: You'll never be short of downright impressive places to take your next hot date.

    And, since the weather is (finally) getting chilly, we've picked the cosiest among them from subterranean speakeasies to nomadic restaurants. Get ready for some romance!

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