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  • 10 Things Not to Say at Work

    By Neha Gandhi, Refinery29

    SYDNEY HASS. We all know that presentation matters. You need to dress for the job you want, and you want to generally represent yourself as a competent, intelligent, professional human being, if you want to be taken seriously - and get your way as often as possible. And really, who doesn't want that?

    A huge piece of that? The way you speak. Sure, your ideas are great, and you're always right. But are you undermining all of that brilliance in the way you formulate your sentences? We've all heard about uptalk and how it makes you seem less self-assured, but that's not the only secret saboteur you've probably got hiding in your everyday vocabulary.

    We spoke with Tara Sophia Mohr, a career coach whose 10 Rules for Brilliant Women is pretty much the rulebook, when it comes to getting ahead. She dished the 10 things you're probably saying all the time, that are working against you. We found ourselves guilty of more of these than we'd like to admit, but hey, at least

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  • The 90s Are Back! 10 Trends to Try Now

    By Natalie Hughes, Refinery29

    Ah, the '90s. Whether you were taking style tips from Kurt Cobain, trying to perfect Baby Spice's pigtails, or investing in multiple pairs of Adidas poppers, you probably have a fond - or downright cringeworthy - emory from the decade.

    And, unless you've been living under a rock, you'd know that '90s fashion is back with a vengeance, although thankfully, the same can't be said for Daphne and Celeste. So, if you're into the nostalgia but concerned you'll end up looking like an extra from Blossom, we've got you. Ahead, a guide to the best of '90 redux - we're sorting the weak (bucket hats, backwards jeans, scrunchies) from the chaff (slip dresses, stompy boots, and vampy lipstick). Radical doesn't even begin to cover it.

    American ApparelThe Denim Mini
    Your nineties redux wardrobe needs a denim mini, preferably a little higher on the waist and in the perfect shade of indigo blue. We've found the perfect match over at American Apparel, which looks all that with a

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  • 11 Perfect Plus-Size Vegan Leather Buys Under $100

    By Liz Black, Refinery29

    One of the hottest trends of the season is leather (a fall favorite, of course), but not everyone can afford the genuine product or feels comfortable wearing the real thing. Thankfully, designers have produced more faux-leather pieces than ever before. From moto jackets and T-shirts to dresses and leggings, fashionable vegan-leather designs seem to be stocked in almost every store.

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    So, whether your focus is on your wallet or you're a card-carrying vegan, we've tracked down the best plus-size faux-leather items, up to size 28, that look just like the real deal.

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  • 3 Boo-tiful Halloween Makeup Looks

    By Katie Nash, Refinery29

    With polyester cobwebs and black spiders dangling in windows across the city, it's pretty obvious that Halloween has crept up on us once again. And, as we find ourselves only weeks away from the hair-raising holiday, we are faced with a dreadful decision - what will our costumes be? No doubt, some of us embrace this fantasy-filled occasion and have been planning our wicked getups since last November. But, if your costume cauldron is looking a little sparse, this decision can be a harrowing one.

    Alas, we're here to show you how to create a trio of otherworldly Halloween looks with this DIY Halloween makeup tutorial. From a Brit fashion star (with brows to die for!) to the Queen Bee of Pop, this step-by-step guide shows you how the right beauty tools (and the occasional wig) can turn your costume nightmares into sweet dress-up dreams. We've even thrown in some goth glam as an ode to one of our fave freaky films. So, drop that bowl of candy, put your

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  • How (Exactly) to Look like a French Girl

    By Erica Stalder, Refinery29

    Refinery29 French women have a fabulous reputation for nonchalantly striding around with perfectly undone hair, gorgeous skin, and a complexion-boosting red lip. For these women, there is no translation for "mom jeans." Somehow, they wield the power to get more captivating with age - and seemingly, without a care in the world.

    While the allure of the French woman is as strong as ever, beneath the shell of effortless, natural beauty is an arsenal of time-honored traditions, religiously-followed beauty rituals, and unique attitudes that help keep these women gorgeous at every age and in every era.

    We talked to some of our favorite French women and Parisians to get beyond the mystique, and find out what it takes to give an entire nationality of women that certain...well, you know. Keep reading.

    Refinery29They eat up the sun.
    At this stage in the game, we're all highly aware of the sun's role in causing cancer and accelerated aging. But, the alternative route to

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  • Your Lunch DIY, on the Cheap

    By Kelsey Miller, Refinery29

    Illustrated by Ly Ngo.There is nothing more depressing than facing your monthly credit-card bill and realizing you've dropped a handbag's worth of cash on lunch. Lunch! That thing you stuff in your face between work emails and YouTube corgi videos. Most of us resort to impulse-ordering and end up with a greasy guilty pleasure or a chopped salad that has the gall to cost $15. Work lunch is a disaster, but the good news is there is a miraculous solution: your fridge.

    Bringing your own lunch to work is probably the easiest, most effective money-saving change you can make. Unless you're bringing prime rib to work every day, there's no way you'll spend as much on food as if you order it. The most common complaint is lack of time - and we're not buying it. This isn't the same as prepping a dinner party. If you can carve out 30 minutes on a Sunday, you can be eating all week. Worried about money? How does $25 for a week's worth of lunch sound? Ahead, we've highlighted three

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  • Why Young Women Need to Worry About Cholesterol

    By Erika Stalder, Refinery29

    Photographed by Ben Ritter.When most of us think about cholesterol, visions the AARP set and fibrous cereal commercials come to mind. When it comes to cholesterol messaging, women are rarely in the picture. And, while heart disease - the leading killer of American adults that is strongly connected to cholesterol - affects everyone, young women's risk is a bit overlooked.

    Statistics do show that men tend to be at higher risk of heart disease than women of childbearing years. But, some new trends are emerging: Research also shows that chronic heart disease-related death rates in American women aged 35-54 are on the upswing after decades of being stable (likely due to the rise in obesity). And, cardiovascular-disease awareness among women is strikingly absent. A 2010 American Heart Association survey found that just 53% of women said they would call 9-1-1 straight away if they thought they were having a heart attack.

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  • 9 Ingenious Beauty Buys that Kick Winter Skin to the Curb

    By Emily London, Refinery29

    We love a change in season, but the sudden temperature drop wreaks havoc on our skin - and it's not pretty. As the days get colder, our hands and feet get dryer and dryer, eventually looking and feeling like a rhinoceros' hind. No more.

    We want lotions and potions that will leave us feeling rosy from our head down to our toes. From the miracle-working moisturizing masks to the wonder balms that soothe chapped lips and finger tips, these 9 beauty buys will soothe and soften - whatever the weather.

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  • More Isabel Marant X H&M Pics Are Here!

    By Gina Marinelli, Refinery29

    If you tend to blush when ridiculously good-looking people stare straight at you, well, then prepare to get rosy. All the images of the Isabel Marant for H&M campaign are out, and they're seriously stunning. Lou Doillon, Saskia de Brauw, and Daria Werbowy - who debuted the anticipated campaign - are among the models up front and center. And, with less than a month until the collection drops on November 14, these new black-and-white photos capture the cool, chic essence of the Isabel Marant label with ladies wrapped in cozy knits and quilted jackets. Speaking of which, it's time we get to creating those wish lists. Click through to view the full campaign.

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  • 6 Pencil Skirts You'll Want to Wear Outside the Office

    By Jada Wong, Refinery29

    Pencil skirts are lifesavers, sent from the fashion gods. The office staple is slimming and leg-lengthening, and it matches every blouse or blazer you throw on top. But, if you don't work in corporate, it can come across as stuffy and mundane. Good thing there are so, so many more ways to wear it beyond the 9-to-5. In fact, the skirts we've picked aren't even meant to be worn inside work's walls.

    From a checked style with a thigh-high slit to an all-over-beaded number, these pencil skirts are definitely not for the cubicle. Dress it down with a slouchy sweatshirt for brunch or jazz it up with a crop top for a night out - just don't wear it to the office.

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