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  • Cheap Tips for Organizing Your Closet

    By Connie Wang, Refinery29

    The most impressive closets in the world don't belong to Kim Kardashian or Lady Gaga - they belong to fashion magazines. Set up for business, fashion closets are all about efficiency - and yours can be, too. Even if you're trying to store vintage dresses and ASOS impulse buys rather than pre-season Chanel, you can benefit from a few simple tips to avoid that terrible "Why do I have nothing to wear!" freakout that stems from a chaotic closet.

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    We peeked inside the wardrobe of R29 alum and Marie Claire fashion features editor Jessica Minkoff, who knows a thing or two about making the most out of one's most stylish space. Click through for takeaways to give your own wardrobe a major makeover!

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  • Science Says Men Are Most Attracted to This Color Lip

    By Gabrielle Korn, Refinery29

    Oh, modern science. Every day, making enormous strides in areas of women's health and wellness. Like these studies on what lipstick color is the most effective man-snagger. In case you were worried, science now proves that men like red lipstick the most. What a... relief?

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    Well, for anyone who wears red lipstick for purposes other than to ensnare some dude, this "scientific" information is largely irrelevant. We're assuming that more than a few of you are with us on this. When we reach for the red, much like the rest of our makeup, we're doing it for ourselves - because we love it and we think it looks awesome. Duh.

    Apparently, though, this isn't enough of a reason for us to want to wear it, as science (or at least the University of Manchester) seems out to prove. As reported by the Daily Mail, "Scientists at the University of Manchester found that red lipstick draws attention to the mouth, most

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  • Foods that Make You Smarter, Sexier & More Alert

    By Nicole Catanese, Refinery29

    .While the foods we reach for are often driven by what we're craving, our degree of hunger, or what happens to be in the fridge, the truth is, what you pick to pile your plate can completely alter - and affect - everything you do, say, feel, and even how you look. Because, well, we really are what we eat.

    From tackling your to-do list, to maintaining a gorgeous glow or helping you unwind, we asked Nicole M. Avena, Ph.D., faculty member at the New York Obesity Research Center at Columbia University and author of Why Diets Fail (out January 2014) to share what foods will help make it all happen. You'll never look at your dinner the same way again.

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    Foods That Make You Prettier
    Greek Yogurt
    Your favorite healthy breakfast can also be the antidote to less-than-stellar beauty sleep. Laced with about 11 grams of amino acids (a.k.a. protein) in about 2/3 cup, it can help reduce dark undereye

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  • The World's Best Beauty Secrets Revealed!

    By Gabrielle Korn, Refinery29

    The impact of the international beauty market on global trends is hardly subtle. But, while women around the world may swear by MAC lipstick or Clinique moisturizer, the beauty products made in their own countries remain cult favorites for those in the know.

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    Women consider certain products to be essential depending on how their culture defines beauty and what the local resources are. So, while a common Australian fruit might be touted as the ultimate miracle ingredient for women in Brisbane, for many French women, the secret to absolute beauty comes in the form of a whole bunch of acids rolled into one legendary lotion. And that's just the beginning. Though we might never hear some of these brands talked about outside of their country of origin, the women who use them are devoted to them.

    Never ones to miss out on anything with a cult following, we did our homework and found out what women

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  • Cancel Dinner Plans: The Ramen Burger Recipe is Here

    By Kelsey Miller, Refinery29

    These days, it takes about 30 minutes for a food to turn into a food craze. From there, it's only a matter of hours before the recipe hack comes along, because no one has time to wait in line for the rest of their lives just to get a taste of pizza-hot-dog-crepes. So, when the ramen burger took Smorgasburg by storm just a couple weeks ago, we sat back and waited for some intrepid chef to do their homework. Thankfully, Popsugar Food stepped in, making a step-by-step video of how to make the ramen burger at home.

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    Using simple kitchenware and basic ingredients, this recipe looks totally doable, and totally delicious. Watching host Brandi Milloy eat the final product had us glaring at our lunch salad with resentment. While there are a few tricky steps, it's nothing too terribly complicated. If it takes you a few tries to get it right, then, oh well, guess you have to eat some fried-ramen leftovers.

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  • 4 Butter-Free Desserts that Are Still Yummy

    By Vanessa Golembewski, Refinery29

    If you've learned one thing about us, dear reader, it's that we'll always find a reason to justify eating dessert. Seriously, if you need someone to tell you it's okay, you've come to the right place. But since we're also conscious about finding healthier options, we're definitely trying out these yummy recipes made with olive oil, courtesy of Cat Cora's Kitchen by Gaea's olive oils.

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    Cora's recipes offer a lighter option for dessert by swapping out more traditional ingredients, like butter, for olive oil. Before you say sweets and olive oil is too strange a pairing, consider the Cronut, which really paved the way for incorporating olive oil in dessert recipes. And since Cat Cora's olive oil options have no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, we're thinking these treats are right up our alley.

    .Almond Cake With Olive Oil And Orange Zest
    Yield: 6 servings

    3/4 cup Cat

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  • Finally! Kim Kardashian's Gorgeous Post-Baby Pics

    By Vanessa Golembewski, Refinery29

    Kim and Kayne (Photo: Getty Images)For the first time since she and Kanye welcomed North West into the world, Kim Kardashian emerged from supersecret postpartum hiding and was photographed leaving an L.A. medical facility. And what we're seeing is totally heartwarming. Not only is Kanye adorable and showing actual signs of happiness, but Kim looks amazing.

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    Though she's allowed herself to be photographed, Kim has taken care to cover baby North from any cameras. After all, her daddy's still holding out on that Vogue cover). Also completely covered are any signs of Kim's post-baby body, hidden behind a loose button-down and an additional shirt around her waist.

    We're not at all surprised that the couple has employed a nanny, but we are shocked at how different Kim looks here. Seriously, doesn't she look way younger without makeup? Consider us the leader in the make-under campaign for Kim K. Plus, we can't get over how sweet and smiley

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  • The Plus-Size Problem We Just Haven't Solved...Yet

    By Liz Black, Refinery29

    .We've rattled off these stats before: The average American woman is a size 14. The plus-size consumer comprises 67% of the apparel-purchasing community. However, so many companies still refuse to expand their size range. In fact, they're practically fighting against the opportunity.

    From Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries' "anti-fat" stance to Lululemon's unwillingness to offer larger sizes, it seems that the stigma behind plus-sized fashion is still alive and well. "I understand that the process of designing and creating a plus-size range is a huge and challenging undertaking, but I have no doubt that many designers and brands don't expand simply because they don't want fat people wearing their clothing," said Gabi Gregg, InStyle contributor and blogger of GabiFresh. "Most designers who don't make plus sizes feel similarly; [Jeffries] just happened to be stupid enough to say it out loud."

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  • Could IUDs Solve Your Birth Control Woes?

    By Nicole Catanese, Refinery29

    .While the pill is still the most popular form of hormonal birth control (statistically speaking), it isn't always the favorite in real life. Sure, some can pop it and go on their merry menstrual way. But, others have to deal with not-so-pretty side effects such as mood swings and weight gain, or you might even be the small percentage who aren't the right candidate at all due to a family history of blood clots. In the past, condoms were your next best bet, but IUDs (a.k.a. intrauterine device) have recently made a big comeback. Thanks to their 99% efficacy rate, they may be a great alternative for those who are anti-pill, whatever the reason may be.

    As you probably already know, docs didn't always advocate IUDs. They got a bad rap in the '60s and '70s, appropriately so. "IUDs were associated with pelvic infection and infertility," says Rebecca C. Brightman, an OBGyn and clinical instructor of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive science at

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  • Could You Go Without Sex for 12 Years? Here's One Woman's Story

    By Gabrielle Korn, Refinery29

    The internet is abuzz today with both visceral and intellectual responses to The Art of Sleeping Alone, a memoir by Sophie Fontanel (senior fashion editor at French Elle) that chronicles her decision to abstain from sex. Not for religious reasons, not because she was waiting for the right person to come along and sweep her off her feet - simply because she realized she was happier that way. Because she was 27 and she wanted to. Because she decided that having bad sex, or sex just for the point of having sex, is not actually better than no sex at all - for her, at least.

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    People's reactions to hearing about her sex-free 12 years were so abundant that they make up the basis of her memoir. But, the reactions to the memoir about the reactions are also abundant. What gives? Why are we so fascinated with sexlessness? It's not just a lack of sex, by the way. As the title of the book indicates, the very act of sleeping alone

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