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  • Uh-Oh: Buying a Knockoff Might Cost You More Than the Real Thing

    By Hayden Manders, Refinery29

    Faux-fashion fans beware: The next time you head down to Chinatown for a knockoff Louis Vuitton (a.k.a. a Louis Vuiton), you could be fined more than the cost of the real deal. New York councilwoman Margaret Chin has thrown her 2011 proposal calling for more strict law enforcement on the sale of designer bootlegs back on the table.

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    Currently, it's not illegal to buy knockoff designer goods, but Chin wants to make the purchasing of these items just as punishable as it is to produce and distribute them. Canal Street shoppers believing they scored a deal on a $30 Céline bootleg could be faced with a $1,000 fine. In fact, that bag could even earn them a stint in the slammer. Fashion's black market is huge in the US, and is a considerable source of revenue across the globe. In a comment to WWD, Susan Scafidi, director of the Fashion Law Institute

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  • Does Size Really Matter? the Debate Continues.

    By Lexi Nisita, Refinery29

    The question of whether or not size matters (and you know what we mean) has long been a point of discussion for pop-science fans and legitimate researchers alike. And though a watershed study in 1966 concluded that no, women don't much care what you're sporting down there, new research published in the always-thrilling Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences now suggests the opposite. In the interest of conciseness, here are a few helpful tips we've gleaned from the findings.

    Go big or go home, but don't go too big, because that's unappealing. Though women tended towards more-is-more when it came to other typical "masculine" traits, the curve of positive feedback re: penis size was, to put it scientifically, an upside-down U. Meaning that ratings of attractiveness increased with size to a certain extent, but then dropped off once things got, well, uncomfortable. So, if you're thinking of investing in some of those male enhancement pills that totally

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  • Are You Making One of These Money Mistakes?

    By Alden Wicker, Refinery29

    Think you need an MBA to get your financial act together? Think again. Becoming a money boss just requires the right know-how and some smart choices. That's why we've uncovered the savviest $$$ decisions a gal can make…along with a few not-so-smooth moves that could cost you, literally.

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    Because we know you want to add a few zeros to the end of your bank account, we reached out to Andrea Travillian, a personal finance expert in Texas who coaches clients on how to reach their financial goals, to let us in on a few of her secrets. (For free, of course.)

    To help you get to the point where you have so much money, you actually have to pay someone to take care of it, we'll clue you in on the smartest and dumbest moves you can make with your coin. Ready to take the first step toward getting rich?

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    We Answer The Very

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  • Gross Beauty Issues No One Talks About—But Should

    By Megan McIntyre, Refinery29

    If you've learned anything from reading our beauty content over the past few years, you'll know one thing for sure: Shy we are not. From hair loss to vajazzling, there aren't many things out there that we won't discuss. But, it has come to our attention that there are still some subjects out there that many of you feel ashamed to speak out about - so-called "gross" problems like warts, cold sores, dandruff, ingrown toenails, and body hair.

    Part of this embarrassment comes from the stigma that surrounds these issues - the unspoken public opinion on them are that they only happen to people who are unclean. We're here to tell you that is so not true, as these issues can happen to anyone regardless of their grooming routine.

    While accepting your body and all of the natural - albeit weird - things that come along with it is righteous, we get that just because you prescribe to the "warts and all" approach to body love doesn't mean you want to, you

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  • BFF No More: How to Break Up with a Toxic Friend

    By Nicole Catanese, Refinery29

    .In the words of the Beatles (and The Wonder Years), we get by with a little help from our friends. But sadly, not all of our pals are doing their jobs. While a good friend can lift you up when you are feeling blue and enrich your life, a bad friend can make you doubt yourself and feel guilty for just being you. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, there are those in our circle of BFFs who manage to undermine us and drain us, both emotionally and physically. These are the toxic friends.

    You know who they are, right? Those people in your lives that you aren't quite sure why they are there other than to get you heated, piss you off, or diminish your confidence in mere minutes. Although sometimes, the clues aren't as clear - you can have a good time together, and they're there for you when the going gets tough. Yet, on a regular basis, they're more of an energy suck. What gives?

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  • A Love Letter to Our Favorite (New) Redhead

    By Tara Rasmus, Refinery29

    Rachel McAdams, we have a missed you. We know you've been busy being awesome, riding your bike adorably through the streets of your Toronto hometown, and, recently, breaking up with Michael Sheen. Despite your recent heartache (or maybe because of it?) we are thrilled to see you out and about, with a bright, sassy, totally breakover-worthy mane of electric red hair.

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    While it's essentially be scientifically proven that you can literally pull off every hair color on the face of this great earth, we have to admit this particular shade of fire-engine might be a tad too bright for our liking. We love you as a redhead, so we'll have to see if we can adjust to this new hue - at least until you're on to your next shade. Boyfriends may come and go, but Rachel, our love for you (and your ever-changing hair) is forever.

    More from

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  • Filtered Water: Is it Really Healthier Than Tap?

    By Erika Stalder, Refinery29

    Bottled or tap? Bubbly or still? With a growing and bewildering spectrum of filtered water choices available, including akaline, hexagonal, reverse osmosis, carbon, ultraviolet, tap and charcoal, the question seems almost quaint.

    When you consider all the options available to us, the pursuit for pristine water can also seem excessive. But considering that homeland security has dubbed our waterways as possible vessels for terror, that lead remains a potential contaminant in some homes, that traces of prescription drugs have been found in 24 major metropolitan areas in the US, and that Americans consider the stuff to be a key component to their overall health and well-being, according to a 2012 Beverage Marketing Corporation report, then the hysterical search for purity begins to make more sense.

    But, is one way of cleaning our water better than another? And, does molecular restructuring or a spiked pH make healthier water? Before you plunk down three grand

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  • Things We Hope Are False: Alleged Zara "Sweatshop" Conditions

    By Gina Marinelli, Refinery29

    With Zara's recent efforts to improve the quality of their products and make strides in being a more conscious company, the latest news about one of our favorite fast fashion retailers comes as an enormous shock. According to Telegraph UK, an investigation of a South American factory that may be producing Zara products has revealed "slave labor" working conditions.

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    La Alameda, a worker's rights group, had caught wind of the Buenos Aires factory conditions that would turn anyone's stomach - namely 13-hour work days and "sweatshop" conditions for adults and children - and in response, the workplace was raided by Argentinian officials. Sadly, as reported by Telegraph, the findings included employees living within the factory space and working six-day weeks while denied their right to breaks.

    Zara officials did respond saying that "the

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  • The Best Brows for Your Face Shape: A Primer

    By Tara Rasmus, Refinery29

    The most important aspect of your beauty routine may surprise you. While you may be used to putting your energy into searching for the perfect foundation or your secret-weapon lipstick, you may want to be focusing on the two small things that add the most structure and definition to your face: your eyebrows.

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    "Brows can play a huge role in widening the eyes, narrowing the face, and drawing attention away from certain features - and enhancing others," says "brow architect" Tiffany Reicosky of Browhaus in NYC. "The brow shape will depend on a person's face shape, working to enhance a particular facial feature." Whether your visage is round, square or heart-shaped, rest assured: There is a brow shape that will work perfectly for you."

    Click through to see six stars who are rocking the absolute best brow shape for their faces, and get Reicosky's tips on how to get the look right for your

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  • There's a Scientific Reason You Look Different in Photos Than in Mirrors

    By Hayden Manders, Refinery29

    .Even though your outfit was slammin' and you swore you were having a good hair day, whenever someone takes your picture, it just looks off. Now, you can blame science for your un-photogenic tendencies. Turns out that the way we see our mirrored selves differs from the way we see our photographed selves.

    "We grow up getting used to all of our asymmetries as reflected in the mirror," writes Jordan Gaines of When the time comes to look at our own portraits, our brain can't comprehend why the differences and nuances we see in the mirror don't match with the "us" in a photo. The same can be said of the way we hear our voices when played back in a recording.

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    Pascal Belin, a professor of psychology at the University of Glasgow, breaks down the way we hear. Quite simply, Belin explains, "We never actually hear our voice like other people hear it," because sound enters our ears in two ways:

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