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  • How to Dress Head-To-Toe on $75

    By Ellen Hoffman, Refinery29

    Sure, we're totally lusting after the designs we saw on the runway during Fashion Week in New York and London. But, in real life, we wear more Zara and Topshop than rag & bone and Alexander Wang. Shelling out thousands of dollars per outfit isn't exactly practical for our life plan (which generally includes needing food and shelter). But, just because we don't have the funds to don designer getups on the regular doesn't mean we don't still look good - like really good. Our secret? We're constantly seeking out those savings-friendly pieces that look anything but cheap.

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    And, the pickings are a lot better than one might expect - as long as you're willing to do a little digging (or let us do it for you!). Plus, this tricky, transitional period between winter and spring means you'll be able to score big on all those end-of-season sales. So, in the spirit of saving, we put together four under-$75

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  • How to Handle a Hair Bully

    Refinery29By Bryn Kenny, Refinery29

    We've all been there. You walk into a salon knowing what you want - or thinking you know what you want. Then, somewhere between that first sip of green tea and the buzz of the blow dryer, you barely recognize yourself. You came in asking to look like Kate Mara and left looking like Rooney, and at the end of the disorienting process, you're actually expected to hand over your hard-earned cash.

    Unfortunately, you've just encountered the hair bully. This person can be extremely charming and convincing. He (or she) may persuade you that they know better. But, in reality they're steamrolling you into changing your mind in favor of a totally different look. Maybe you remind them of an ex-girlfriend who broke their heart and they're looking for a bit of retribution. Or maybe they honestly feel like they know better, and their advice comes from a good place. Either way, there's no reason to play Pygmalion when, as the client, you should be calling the shots.

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  • Your Lacy Panties Will Get You Arrested in Russia

    Refinery29By Gina Marinelli, Refinery29

    Your lacy underthings might be sexy, depending on where you shop they could be downright scandalous. But, in Russia, they could get you into some serious trouble. Yes, your underwear.

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    As reported by Marie Claire today, Russia is one of several countries in Eastern Europe that has put its foot down on the delicates trend. But, don't worry, the Customs Union - which exists between Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus - only has your health in mind. The crackdown is not a reaction to some lingerie-related lawlessness, but rather to save us all from a lack of absorbency perpetrated by lace and other synthetic materials. In other words, keep your undies cotton only. It's for your own good.

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    There have already been protests to the ban, like a movement in Kazakhstan that had women taking to the streets with lacy underthings on their heads

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  • Spring Beauty Forecast: Get Psyched!

    By Tara Rasmus, Refinery29

    We know the winter wind's still blowing, but in our book, it's never too early to start gawking at the pretty primpers and rad beauty looks we'll be sporting in the new season. Snow may still be on the ground, but dreaming of bright-orange pouts and floral hair accessories warms our hearts, we can almost feel those spring breezes. (Emphasis on almost.)

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    So, whether you're looking to cure your February boredom with a new haircut (perhaps Beyoncé's perfectly textured bob?) or searching for a manicure that doesn't make you look like you're going to a nail-art convention, we've got all of the beauty inspiration you need, right here. Click through to learn every trend that you need to know now - it's going to be your most gorgeous spring, ever!

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  • What Your Wallet Says About Your Sex Life

    By Nicole McDermott, Refinery29

    .While getting it on is a surefire way to be happier and healthier, a newly released survey found that 62% of American adults think about money more often than sex (major yikes). Perhaps extra cringe-worthy is that more than a quarter of Americans in a romantic relationship reported money woes affect how often they want to do the dirty with their partner. The survey conducted by Harris Poll (commissioned by finance data platform Yodlee) included 2,039 adults, ages 18 and older, from 2010 U.S. census data.

    Here's the super-freaky part: Money didn't just screw with the libidos of people with tight finances. It even messed with those in higher-income brackets. The poll found 26% of couples that earned $100,000 or more per year dealt with damaged sex drives because they were too preoccupied with their bank accounts.

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    Despite the desire to point fingers at older people, the survey found money-related sexual

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  • The Anti-Diet Project: Hitting the Wall

    .By Kelsey Miller, Refinery29

    Sometime around Christmas last year, I had a realization. I was grouchy, worn out, and not just a little bit needy. My workout high had waned, and the novelty of eating a sandwich instead of a salad whenever I felt like it was no longer so exciting. It was just lunch. And, despite all this work I was doing to fix my relationship with food and adjust my body to daily exercise, I somehow still had to deal with all the other not-so-great parts of life: family drama, work stress, getting to the subway three seconds after the train doors had closed. My general attitude at this time was, but, it's not faaaaaiiiir.

    Then, I had an aha moment. One cranky day, it occurred to me: Just because I'm not on a diet, doesn't mean this isn't hard.

    I know. Shocker. Turns out major lifestyle adjustments aren't so easy. Sure, my body is growing stronger and healthier thanks to the daily addition of fitness into my life, and I can eat a slice of pizza without panicking

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  • Meet the Cool Plus-Size Line that Comes from Down Under

    By Liz Black, Refinery29

    There are many great things that Australia has to offer - beautiful beaches, amazing wildlife, fascinating culture, and plus-size brand City Chic. With quite a dearth of exciting plus-size clothing options, perhaps it's only fitting that our latest favorite brand comes out of the Land of Oz.

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    Thankfully, however, these items are the real deal and not a figment of tornado-induced head trauma. With everything from a bevy of flirty, floral frocks; flattering, splash-worthy swimwear; on-trend sheer tops; and more up to a size 24, City Chic actually offers items that a fashion-loving woman would crave. Forget the typical fare that fills the racks at many plus-specific stores. With City Chic, you'll be able to not just shop for what you need, but for what you want. Start shopping our top picks in the slides ahead.

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  • Best Beauty Advice from Women Over 40

    By Holly E. Thomas, Refinery29

    Beauty advice is one of those things that's only as good as the person dishing it out. Is it interesting to hear a dewy-faced twentysomething model explain her skin-care routine? Sure. But, are we more likely to take notes when an equally dewy-faced fortysomething woman starts talking beauty? You'd better believe it.

    To get that kind of first-person, proof-is-in-the-pudding advice, we called on some of the DMV's most stunning women, all of whom are in their forties or older. From a top dermatologist to a Beyoncé doppelgänger, these ladies know what's up when comes to their skin, hair, and makeup routines. So, we were more than a little excited to get them into our photo studio and ask some personal questions about how they look that good every day. The secrets? Read on to learn every last one. You won't regret it.

    Refinery29Shirley Gordon, 48
    Owner of Strands Hair Studios in Wheaton

    Tell us a little about your beauty routine.
    "Morning and night,

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  • The Definitive Guide to Choosing & Using Blush

    By Amber Katz, Refinery29

    Oh, blush. At its worst (applied with too heavy a hand), it has the power to make you look as if you should be piled into a tiny car with 17 other people. At its best, it provides a glow on par with the one acquired while skiing. Problem is, how do you decipher which product will give you the latter without making you look like the former? We're asking the tough questions today, guys.

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    Get a handle on blush's myriad iterations and which ones will suit you, whether you want a prim pop of color or you're going for full-on Alexis Colby Carrington of Dynasty. From liquid to powder, gel to cream, we've got the scoop on the best blush for your skin type; plus application tips to make sure you're making the most of your formula. Read on for our don't-be-a-stooge guide to rouge.

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  • What It's Really like to Be Single

    By Connie Wang, Refinery29

    When it comes to talking about dating, singledom is basically only ever framed in one way: It sucks. There are countless columns, blogs, and articles dedicated to helping single women hack the system, deal with unsavory suitors, and combat the stigmas and stereotyping that the coupled world rains down. Positivity comes in the form of "happy ending" stories; in every article we read about a lonely person learning something from the dating scene, a match of some kind presents itself at the end. "If you follow this advice," the stories seem to say, "you won't have to end up single, either!"

    And yet, today, 50% of people in the United States are single, and it's silly to think that all of them feel cynicism about not being in a relationship. If we've learned anything a lifetime of conversations spurred by The Rules, it's that there are no rules when it comes to seeking out love.

    So, in an effort to transcend that conversation, we turned to six single

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