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  • Female Porn Stars Have More Self-esteem, Better Quality of Life, Contrary to Popular Belief

    Former porn star Sasha Gray. Female porn stars have higher self-esteem and a more positive outlook on life than most women, according to a recent study by the Journal for Sex Research. Apparently having sex on film for a living is more fun than it looks!

    "Porn Actresses: The Damaged Goods Hypothesis" polled 177 female porn stars aged 18 to 50, and a group of women the same age who were not in the adult industry. Researchers asked for information on sexual behavior, quality of life, self-esteem, and drug use.

    The title of the study comes from the assumption that female porn-stars in particular are "damaged" individuals and victims of childhood sex abuse. But the results show there is no difference in the incidence of childhood sex abuse between the two groups.

    The 10 warning signs of childhood sexual abuse

    Deconstruction of a powerful stereotype is certainly a good thing, but the rest of the results of the study were equally fascinating. Female porn stars had "higher levels of self-esteem, positive feelings,

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  • Dannielynn Birkhead in a new Guess Kids campaign.Photos of Anna Nicole Smith's 6-year-old daughter Dannielynn Birkhead modeling for a Guess Kids campaign featuring celebrity children hit the Internet Monday, causing concern amongst parents and non-parents alike.

    "She's already been through too much for someone her young, tender age, and has a lifetime of her mother's racy history to find for herself on the Internet. I think her father should be nurturing her and sheltering her from the media, not the opposite," Lyss Stern, the founder of New York City parenting network told the Daily Mail. Other women's and fashion blogs followed suit with critical commentary.

    The criticism continued on Twitter late Monday and early Tuesday. "Birkhead got to enjoy almost 6 years of being a kid before having to go to work and earn a living modeling for Guess like her mom," tweeted @entylawyer.

    In the photos, Dannielynn models the new denim collection on the beach and, in black and white, leans against a piece of driftwood. Guess's

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  • Ke$ha Emerges as a Positive Female Role Model

    Ke$ha performing on the Today show.Though it seems like just yesterday we were trying to get Ke$ha's super annoying, incredibly catchy single, 'Tik-Tok,' out of our heads, now she's back, with a new album and an illustrated memoir! Ke$ha is growing on us, and here's why:

    She has serious songwriting chops.

    Unlike many female pop stars that have come before her, Ke$ha had her first taste of fame as a songwriter. While working as a waitress, she broke into the business singing back-up vocals on Britney Spears' "Lace and Leather" in 2008. Then, in 2009, she wrote the title track to Miley Cyrus' record The Time of Our Lives. In 2011, Ke$ha gave her track, "Till the World Ends," to Ms. Spears. The song spent over fourteen weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 charts and sold over a million copies.

    She puts her career first.

    In an interview with Glamour magazine, Ke$ha described why it's hard for her to maintain a relationship: "I'm in the middle of writing a new record. I'm taking so many different instrument lessons. I'm also

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  • Oprah Reveals Breast Cancer Scare, Best Friend Gayle Visibly Upset

    Oprah speaks onstage at the O Magazine conference.In what was a shocker to both the audience and apparently to her best friend Gayle King, Oprah Winfrey announced at O Magazine's annual conference in Los Angeles last month that she had recently weathered a breast cancer scare, according to The New York Times.

    She did not share much detail, aside from saying that it had only been a false alarm and that she is in good health. According to the Times, Gayle King, who was onstage with Oprah at the moment, appeared to be surprised and upset at the announcement. One woman on stage noticing King's surprise, chided Oprah for not telling her friend in private and asked her to apologize in front of the audience.

    Oprah's representatives did not respond to Yahoo! Shine's request for comment.

    Oprah's health scare is just one of many struggles the media mogul has dealt with over the past year. Her popular television show ended after 25 years on the air and her new cable network, OWN, continues to strive for a foothold in ratings and audience.


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  • Young Mother Gives Up ‘Beauty’ for One Year

    Phoebe Baker-Hyde in a photo taken by her daughter Harriet.Frustrated with low self-esteem and feeling pressure to always look perfect, Phoebe Baker-Hyde gave up 'beauty' for an entire year.

    In 2007, shortly after giving birth to her daughter, whenever Baker-Hyde glanced in the mirror she was overwhelmed by how exhausted she looked. Like many women, she was tired of spending enormous amounts of money on makeup and so-called miracle face creams. This time, rather than piling on the beauty products, she went in the complete opposite direction.

    After one "mirror meltdown," Baker-Hyde made the decision to stop wearing makeup, swore off special beauty products like moisturizers and conditioners, and chopped 14 inches off of her hair, leaving her with a boyish mop-top for easy maintenance. She stopped shaving and covered up all the mirrors in her home. Baker-Hyde also decided she would stop shopping for clothes and made no attempt to dress with style. The result of her year-long experience is her new book, The Beauty Experiment, out December 25.

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  • The Top 10 Most Stolen Items in the Country

    Bicycles are the most commonly stolen item, according to Property Room.During your holiday gift shopping this season, there may be one option you haven't thought of before: Property Room, an e-commerce auction house. On the Property Room website you can expect to see discounted prices on over 4,000 items, including jewelry, electronics and vehicles. The items are stolen goods recovered by 2,800 police departments across the country. When no one comes forward to claim them, the goods go up for auction.

    Property Room's auctions have generated more than $46 million dollars in revenue sent back to local communities. Now you can turn a sad story into a nice gift for a loved one and give back in the holiday spirit.

    Property Room's C.E.O. P.J. Bellomo shared with Yahoo! Shine the most stolen (or, "recovered," as they like to say) items in the nation based on a survey the company conducted this year.

    1. Bicycles

    2. Power Tools

    3. Gold Jewelry

    4. Laptops

    5. Cell Phones

    6. Hunting Equipment (crossbows, knives, etc.) "This particularly comes up in the South

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  • Christmas Canceled in Santa Monica Park

    The religious display.A federal judge in Santa Monica ruled on Monday against a church group's right to reopen a nativity scene display in a public park.

    The ruling comes after a contentious battle between the church group and one prominent atheist in the area, Damon Vix. Just last year, Vix put up a banner with images of Santa Claus, Jesus, King Triton and the Devil that asked "what myths do you see?" right next to the church group's nativity display. The large nativity display, which depicts 14 religious scenes, and Vix's banner, were located in a public city park, not on the private grounds of the church.

    The argument between the church group and the atheists last year resulted in a great deal of vandalism and upheaval in the community. This year, anticipating the same result, the city of Santa Monica barred both the church group and the secular groups from displaying anything at all.

    In suing the city, the church had hoped to argue to the court that it should have the right to display in the park as

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  • J.Crew’s Jenna Lyons Thanks Girlfriend for “New Love”

    Lyons and Crangi (photo by may once have been known for its stuffy prep-school style, but its eccentric, six-foot-tall creative director Jenna Lyons is anything but traditional. On Monday evening at Glamour's Women of the Year Awards, Lyons publicly acknowledged her girlfriend Courtney Crangi for the first time during her acceptance speech.

    Though Lyons and Crangi have been seen together frequently since March, this is the first time Lyons has acknowledged their relationship in public. During her speech she thanked "Courtney, who has shown me new love."

    Dating After Divorce: How Soon is Too Soon?

    Lyons caused quite a stir last year in the New York social scene when she was seen about town with Crangi shortly after divorcing her husband Vincent Mazeau. Recently, Lyons sold the Brooklyn townhouse she and Mazeau shared for $4 million dollars and moved to downtown Manhattan with her 5-year-old son, Beckett.

    Courtney Crangi is a jewelry executive, the CEO of her brother Phillip Crangi's luxury jewelry line.

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  • Younger Man, Older Woman: Aaron Johnson and Sam Taylor-Wood

    Sam Taylor-Wood and Aaron JohnsonThis weekend, women everywhere will get to enjoy gorgeous newcomer Aaron Johnson as he plays opposite Keira Knightley in the new film adaptation of Anna Karenina. But what they might not know is that in real life Johnson is married to a woman 23 years his senior. 

    Director Sam Taylor-Wood, now 45, and Johnson, 22, met when she cast him in 2008 to play John Lennon in her debut film Nowhere Boy. The romance was swift. Taylor-Wood broke up her decade-long marriage to gallerist Jay Jopling, with whom she has two daughters, and became pregnant with Johnson's baby in 2010. She would go on to have another child with Johnson before they were married last June.

    Infidelity is par for the course in Hollywood, but it's understandable to be scandalized by the difference in Taylor-Wood and Johnson's age. The hard truth is, though, that men marry younger women all the time, both in and out of Hollywood. Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas are twenty-five years apart in age, and still married.

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  • 10 Things You Don't Know About Hillary Clinton

    Hillary Rodham ClintonJust days after President Obama's reelection, the calls have begun for Hillary Clinton for President in 2016. This week, billionaire investor Warren Buffett endorsed her for the job, saying he couldn't think of "anyone more qualified." Though we've gotten to know Clinton very well from her years in Arkansas and in the White House, through all the scandals and triumphs, there's still a lot to learn about our nation's Secretary of State, and perhaps someday, our first female President.

    1. As a young woman, she described herself as a "mind conservative but a heart liberal" and served as the President of the Wellesley Young Republicans in 1965.

    2. After the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., Clinton organized a two-day strike at Wellesley with black students and faculty to demand that more black students be admitted, and that more black faculty be hired at the college. Thus began her passion for civil rights.

    3. She was the first student at Wellesley asked to give the commencement

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