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  • Your Cat Doesn't Care About Cat Yoga, You, or Anything

    Photo: Dan Borris/Carters News AgencyIf you've caught your cat in a particularly ridiculous stretch and thought, wow, my cat could be a yogi, you are not alone. According to Jeffrey Bussolini, the founder of the Center for Feline Studies, a cat’s movements “are basically a form of yoga, because they are so limber.” He goes on to say that the martial arts and yoga were based in observation and mimicry of animal movements.

    Bussolini first realized the connection between cats and yoga when a few of his feline friends tried to join him on the yoga mat. Though he insists the cats “imitated” his poses, it seems more likely they were just looking for some attention. Have you ever tried to type on a laptop with a cat around? It’s impossible.

    Though the trend of exercising with one’s dog has caught on, cats are not ideal exercise buddies. As the creators of humor website Yoga Kitty would undoubtedly point out, no matter how hard you try to get your cat to do yoga, they could seriously give a s—t. They have better things to do.

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  • Kate Middleton's Maternity Dress: Recycled from her pre-pregnancy days?

    Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge the wedding of friends in Arosa, Switzerland. (Photo by Indigo/Getty Images)The Duchess of Cambridge, now five months pregnant, attended the wedding of friends on Saturday in the Swiss Alps, bundled up against the cold pairing a favorite MaxMara Studio dress and pillbox hat from her closet with a new cream coat.

    Kate was wearing the same MaxMara Studio dress she wore to visit Cambridge back in November, before she was pregnant. The brown pillbox was also recycled from her closet—she wore it to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day last year. Her shoes and clutch were from British wedding boutique Emmy and she wore KiKi McDonough hoop-earrings and Annoushka pearls.

    A representative from Max Mara confirmed to Yahoo! Shine that the Duchess did wear the dress in November before she went public with her pregnancy. Though Max Mara doesn't design maternity wear, they are "thrilled" that Kate is recycling the look five months into her pregnancy.

    Though Kate is halfway through her pregnancy, she’s mostly relied on her regular wardrobe and hasn’t been photographed in maternity

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  • Girls Gone Wild Bankrupt: Best Reactions to Possible End of Pervy Videos

    Good riddance Joe Francis! (Photo: Getty Images)Girls Gone Wild, the purveyor of disgusting videos of young women taking off their clothes (sometimes willingly, sometimes not so willingly) has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

    Someone pop the champagne because we’re ready to celebrate the demise of this misogynist regime! And we will be partying with our tops ON.

    Though the company says they will continue to distribute videos that might be difficult. Not only are they totally broke—they are $16 million dollars in debt. Ha!

    And we’re not the only ones who are happy to see Girls Gone Wild go.

    Cord Jefferson, at Gawker, writes, “after 16 godawful, Jagermeister-fueled years, the Girls Gone Wild amateur porn franchise has filed for bankruptcy . . . If we’re lucky, perhaps also gone for good from the public eye is [founder] Joe Francis, a predatory, violent misogynist who once threateningly pinned a female reporter down onto a car and was constantly getting sued when he wasn't being arrested . . . Bye, Joe, hope to see you never.”

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  • Playing Mommy to an Orphaned Gorilla—Best Job Ever?

    Here's looking at you, Gladys! (Photo: Cincinnati Zoo)Hi, Cincinnati Zoo. We don’t have any experience working with primates but we’d like to apply to help you raise the sweet baby gorilla you’ve recently acquired.

    It seems impossible, but sometimes gorilla moms reject their babies, and humans must step in and care from them. This adorable four-week old monkey has found a new home at the Cincinnati Zoo, where primate experts are keeping her well-cared for and hoping that one of the gorillas there, who happens to be her great-grandmother, will eventually take over the parenting duties.

    Until then, the zoo keepers and primate specialists are dressing up as gorillas and holding the baby 24/7, even grunting to her in gorilla speak so she can get used to her new environment. A job that requires grown men to dress up in gorilla suits and grunt all for a good cause? Wow, best job ever. And if you think its sounds like hogwash, it's not. In China, workers wear panda suits to release pandas into the wild. (The photos are a must-see.)

    On Friday the

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  • Honey Boo Boo Breaks Girls Scouts Rules With Online Cookie Sales

    The offending Facebook ad. (Photo: Facebook)Not so fast, Honey Boo Boo! You may be an international celebrity, but as far as the rules are concerned, you’re just another Girl Scout.

    TLC’s child beauty queen Honey Boo Boo, whose real name is Alana Thompson, published a flier on her Facebook page selling Girl Scout cookies with instructions on payment. After the Girl Scouts contacted her, explaining it was against the rules, she pulled the flier.

    “The simple answer [as to why we asked that the ad be pulled] is because it violates a Girl Scout agreement that no cookies will be sold online. Every troop around the nation has agreed to that guideline, so we are simply asking this family to honor it,” Michelle Thompkins, a representative of the Girls Scouts, told Yahoo! Shine.

    Though with the help of Honey Boo Boo, the Girls Scouts undoubtedly would’ve seen a spike in sales: Boo Boo has over 700,000 Facebook followers, and she was selling the boxes with her autograph and an autographed family photo for just $3.50 a box.

    But the mission

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  • Models Are Shrinking: How is that possible?

    How thin is too thin? (Photo: Getty Images)

    The average American woman is a size 12. The average American model is a size zero and shrinking.   

    Controversy over the fashion industry's diminishing weight expectations was reignited this week during a panel discussion in New York featuring some of the industry's most outspoken insiders.  

    According to Model Alliance's Sarah Ziff, moderator of the discussion launched for National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, 64% of models in the industry been asked to lose weight by their agencies. 

    In order to drop to minuscule sizes, the industry may be making matters worse. In partnership with the Council of Fashion Designers of America, the juice company Organic Avenue was providing a 50% discount for models during New York Fashion Week, according to Buzzfeed

    "A significant number [of models] lost weight by going on these juice cleanses," said Ziff at Monday's panel. 

    In the past few years, under pressure from women’s groups and health organizations, magazines and designers have had to

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  • Giuliana and Bill Rancic Put Marriage Before Baby. Everyone Freaks Out.

    Giuliana and Bill Rancic put their marriage first. (Photo: Getty Images)If you’re looking to avoid criticism as a parent, whatever you do, do not say you put your marriage before your children.

    Giuliana Rancic, who shares both a child and reality show with husband Bill, learned this the hard way.  “For us, I find, we put our marriage first and our child second, because the best thing we can do for him is have a strong marriage," Rancic told US Weekly

    The stars of Style Network's "Giuliana and Bill," have spent the past few years publicly airing their private life on TV—from their rocky engagement to their struggle to conceive. But Rancic's comment is might be getting more attention than anticipated.  

    It turns out putting your marriage “first” is still a controversial thing to say. Giuliana’s quote made headlines at The Daily Mail, Radar Online, HuffPo, and more. At Jezebel, Lindy West wrote, “I’m sure this sounds worse on paper than the way they meant it, right?”

    The Rancics haven't clarified, but Stir's mommy blogger offered one explanation. "She

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  • Titanic II Cruise Includes Morbid Costumes! Set Sail on the Weirdest Vacation Ever

    Hopefully your voyage on the Titanic II will have a happier ending. (Photo: Paramount Pictures)

    We know you've been waiting for your chance to set sail on Titanic: the sequel, and now you finally have your chance. Curb your enthusiasm! On Tuesday Australian mining entrepreneur Clive Palmer announced his plans to create the Titanic II, a cruise ship that will mimic the “unsinkable” Titanic in every way—but comply to modern safety standards, of course.

    The Titanic: Your Next Vacation Destination?

    Nevermind that the arrogance of building the ultimate, luxurious ocean liner ever was what got the Titanic's creators in trouble in the first place! (Not to mention the many modern day cruise ship disasters.) And before you put this bit of news in the bonkers file, this is, unbelievably, not the first re-creation of the Titanic's voyage. 

    In addition to being surrounded by period architecture and customs, “passengers will find 1912-style clothing in their rooms should they wish to dress up and pretend they are living in an earlier era.” Wait, what? Really?

    We have to admit that the

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  • World's Oldest Woman is 114: Here's Her Secret to Longevity

    Misao Okawa with her granddaughter and her three-month-old great-grandson. (Photo: Guinness Book of World Records)Misao Okawa will be 115 years old next week. On Tuesday, she got an early birthday present when the Guinness Book of World Records named her the oldest living woman on the planet.

    Okawa, the Japanese daughter of a Kimono maker, was born in 1898. She received the impressive title in a ceremony Wednesday, alongside her 3-month-old great grandson, after enjoying her favorite meal of mackerel sushi.  

    Her secret to living a long life? "Watch out for one's health," she told a reporter after receiving her Guinness certificate. For Okawa that means eating whatever she likes–as long it's made in Japan.

    With 50,000 living centenarians in Japan, there's evidence that the country's residents hold the secret to longevity: a healthy diet. Japanese women have one of the longest life spans of any country, only second to those in Hong Kong. The oldest living man (also the oldest living person) is also Japanese. Jiroemon Kimura is 115 years old. 

    “The Japanese diet is the iPod of food," Naomi Moriyama,

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  • David Bowie and Female Lookalike Tilda Swinton: Gender-Bending Video Blows Our Minds

    For his new music video “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)” David Bowie has enlisted the strikingly androgynous actress Tilda Swinton, WHO IS ALSO HIS DOPPELGANGER. For further photographic evidence, see the Tumblr Tilda Stardust, "dedicated to the belief that David Bowie and Tilda Swinton are the same person." It's true: with their insane bone-structure and hummingbird-like metabolisms, Swinton and Bowie look like they've been swimming in the same gene pool.

    Twinsies: Tilda Swinton on top and David Bowie below. (Photo: Tilda Stardust)

    In the video, Bowie and Swinton play a happily married couple whose world is turned upside down by their rock-star neighbors, played by models Andre Pejic and Saskia de Brauw. In the fashion world, Pejic and de Brauw have made waves by modeling clothing for the opposite gender.

    Tune in for this delightfully creepy David Lynchian twinsie love fest extravaganza. 

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