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  • 6 Quick Tips to Looking Gorgeous in Your Profile Picture

    By Natasha Burton, Beauty High
    Girl taking selfieWith so much of our lives lived online these days, making sure you look as fab on the interwebs as you do in real life is essential. From Facebook to Instagram to Tinder, your social media profile picture is a pretty important part of your online persona.

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    So, to help you really shine online, here's some makeup advice from Laura Geller, founder of Laura Geller Beauty, that will ensure your photos really show off how gorgeous you truly are.

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    1. Stop Shining
    For your profile pictures, you want to look fresh and eliminate any unwanted shine. Apply a powder foundation to absorb break-through oil and even out your complexion, leaving your skin with a flawless matte finish. (Try Laura Geller Beauty Balance-n-Brighten Baked Color Correcting Foundation.)

    2. Scupt Yourself
    Sculpt your cheekbones with blush or bronzer for added illusion of height and shape. Purse

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  • 15 Tips for Getting Ready Faster

    by Augusta Falletta, Beauty High 15 tips for getting ready faster. There are few things worse than having to rush when you're getting ready. Liquid eyeliner gets everywhere, your hair looks fine from the front and then you find a giant bump in the back when you pass a mirror around noon, and basically everything that can go wrong will. More than understanding how terrible rushing to get ready is, we also know quite a few tips to make things easier on you. Below are 15 must-know tricks for getting ready faster.

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    1. Keep your space organized so you don't have to search for products every time you get ready. Into making your own space? Check out these DIY makeup organizers.

    2. Have a quick look that you can do in five minutes flat. Even if it's the bare essentials, master a look that can be your go-to for the mornings when your alarm doesn't go off and you've got all of 10 minutes to get ready and leave.

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    3. Practice on the

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  • Why Your Hair Stops Growing: Experts Explain How to Revive Your Hair

    By Aly Walansky, Beauty High
    Girl running fingers through hairMany of us want nothing more than long, healthy hair, which is why it's so frustrating when it just refuses to grow! Even more annoying, though, is that it stays the same length, and yet we still see our roots emerge when it's time to color our hair. Our hair may be growing, but where is it going? Why isn't it getting any longer? Read on below to hear what the experts have to say.
    Are you getting trims often enough?

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    "Some women try to hang on to as much length as possible by avoiding haircuts, and yet they gain no length. We all have a maximum length our hair can reach according to our current regime. This is where your ends simply begin to break instead of continue to remain strong and healthy. Until you change your existing habits and products used on your hair, nothing will change about your hair. Trim the split ends, use thermal protection and safe thermal tools, and use the right hair mask and treatment

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  • 10 Natural Remedies for Shrinking Your Pores

    By Natasha Burton, Beauty High
    Girl with clear skinPores. No matter how clear or tiny yours are, they can always be smaller, right? Harsh treatments and even some serums can sometimes be counter-intuitive by clogging up your pores further or, worse, spawning breakouts, though. So, we chatted with some top skin professionals to find out which natural remedies can really make a difference when it comes to smoother, flawless skin. Below are their top tips and recipes to shrink your pores - the natural way.
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    Rice: Skin guru David Pollock stresses the importance of using a gentle physical exfoliator every day. "Our skin is in a constant state of renewal, which can slow with age," he says. "A physical exfoliator will scrub away dead, possibly dangerous, skin cells." He suggests using a cleanser with rice or jojoba beads that won't damage your skin and can be used everyday.

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    Papaya, Lemon Juice and Honey: Detox and deep clean your

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  • How Often You Should Wash Your Hair Depending on Your Hair Type

    by Ashley Okuwosa, Beauty High
    How often you should wash your hair Washing our hair is one of those things we feel we're never doing right. Some of us feel like we're washing it way too much, while others feel like we're not washing it enough. The answer to this dilemma is knowing your hair type. Different hair types require different kinds of care. So, if you're stumped on how often to wash your hair, read on for quick tips for shampooing your locks.

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    For Fine Hair: Fine hair tends to absorb more oil than other hair types, which means you should be washing it more often. If possible. you can wash your hair every day, especially if you frequent the gym. Time may be an issue, though, so a quick spritz or two of dry shampoo is a great alternative, helping to absorb any excess oil in your hair.

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    For Medium Hair:
    For in between hair texture, washing hair 2-3 times a week typically works. Your hair is not accumulating as much oil as

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  • Why One Week Without Makeup Can Be Amazing for Your Skin

    by Aly Walansky, Beauty High
    Why one week without makeup can be amazing for your skin A week without makeup may seem rather rash, but it can be incredibly useful in answering questions about the condition of your skin. If you have breakouts, redness, irritation or just clogged pores and a ruddy appearance, an easy solution may be there. It could be caused by ingredients in your makeup.

    Do some detective work:
    Completely going without makeup for one week will tell you if your makeup is causing any problems on the surface of your skin. If your skin improves, it is time to create a beauty calendar! "Each week, add one makeup product back into your regime. If after one week your skin looks good, add another and so on and so on," says Sarah Kurn, owner of The Dermatory.

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    Clear up problem skin:
    Going without makeup for a week, or even just over the weekend, can help to decrease acne breakouts and open up your pores. "Avoiding occlusive skincare products, such as liquid foundations that tend to clog

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  • Makeup Tricks for Girls with Acne-Prone Skin

    By Alexandra Duron, Beauty High
    Girl applying makeupUnfortunately, not even the best coverage makeup can make your face look completely flawless, and the more you layer, the more attention you call to your less-than-perfect complexion. Your solution: Find a full-coverage formula that works for you-meaning it looks and feels weightless, and, of course, doesn't break you out further. Cole specifically recommends BECCA's Ultimate Coverage Complexion Crème, which she calls "coverage without the cake" and "confidence in a bottle."

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    Pick the Right Primer
    Go green-with your primer, that is. Cole recommends using primer that reduces redness and/or calms your skin, and a green-based formula is the way to go.

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    Ditch the Glitz
    Wanting to avoid adding color on top of splotchy skin is understandable, but you don't necessarily have to forgo a rosy glow or sun-kissed complexion. Girls with

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  • How to Fake Thick Hair

    By Augusta Falletta, Beauty High
    Model at DVFWhether you've got fine hair or your locks seem to have thinned out a bit over time (all that coloring and heat styling can take a toll), we can all benefit from hair thickening tricks. It's gorgeous, it's lush, and it looks healthier, so why not bring your hair to the thicker side? Take a look at the tips below on how to fake thick hair.

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    Put down the straightener: Straightening and thereby flattening out your hair will only make it look thinner, so put down the flat iron in favor of a blow dryer or curling iron to give your hair some body. If you blow dry your hair straight, focus on the root and brush hair up towards the ceiling for more volume at the crown. Opting for the curling iron, let your curls cool for about 10 minutes then gently comb through the curls with your fingers from underneath, breaking up the style and making your hair look thicker.

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  • 7 Makeup Mistakes that Are Making You Look Tired

    By Augusta Falletta, Beauty High
    Girl who looks tiredIt's hard enough to look awake in the morning, but it's even harder if the makeup you're applying is making you look even more tired than you already are. There's no need to look like you're running on no sleep if you don't need to, and by avoiding the makeup mistakes below, you'll look more awake.

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    Monotone Color: Creating definition between each of your facial features helps to make you look more awake. Instead of going for plain, one-dimensional color all over your face, define your brows, eyes, cheeks, and lips, just subtly, to help make yourself look more awake.

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    Wrong concealer color under your eyes: Regardless of whether you're wearing a concealer too dark or too light for your face, the wrong concealer color will only make you look tired (and possibly like you don't know what you're doing with makeup). Make sure you're doing your makeup in a

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  • 8 Things to Know Before You Cut Your Hair Short

    By Molly Carroll, Beauty High
    Model with short hairThe second someone plants the idea of short hair in your head, it's hard to resist wanting to call your hairstylist. The idea of getting a fresh start makeover is all too enticing, and considering the long bob is so on trend right now, short hair seems like a great idea. But, if you're going to take the plunge, there are a few things you need to know first. Below are eight things you need to know before getting a short haircut.

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    Longer hair means heavier hair: Which means that shorter hair is lighter, and if you have curls or waves, they'll get looser with less weight. Long hair will weigh down the curls and waves to be more relaxed, but short hair is going to make your hair texture tighter.

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    Your tools should change: It's best to ditch your old styling tools from your long-haired days and invest in some new tools better suited to shorter locks. Smaller and thinner

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