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  • 10 Signs You’re Addicted to Lip Balm

    By Augusta Falletta, Beauty High

    woman applying lip balmWe've all got our vices. For some it may be red lipstick, for others it may be dry shampoo, but for many, lip balm becomes more of a way of life than a beauty product. Call us crazy, but nothing feels better than moisturized lips, and though it may be true that many lip balms contain a bit of alcohol so that they actually dry your lips so that you need to use more product, getting addicted to lip balm isn't exactly hard.

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    Because we want you to know you're not alone (and because we're trying to justify our own lip balm obsession), here are 10 signs that you're addicted to lip balm. Please note: No where in this article will we tell you that this addiction needs to stop.

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    1. You don't just have one lip balm. You have your purse lip balm, your car lip balm, your desk lip balm, your nightstand lip balm and so on.


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  • 7 Ingredients People with Sensitive Skin Must Avoid

    By Natasha Burton, Beauty High

    pretty womanFor people with sensitive skin, finding beauty products is often a huge challenge - and can require a lot of trial and error. Discovering a product that won't make your skin go crazy feels a lot like finding the holy grail.

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    To take some of the guesswork out of choosing the right products for temperamental skin, we chatted with dermatologist Dr. Vermén Verallo-Rowell about the seven ingredients you need to look for on beauty labels. Follow these tips and never have buyer's remorse again (well, with beauty products, anyway).

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    1. Scents: Added fragrances can often mean potential allergens or irritants to the skin, particularly sensitive skin, and especially fragrance-sensitive skin. Fewer ingredients associated with scent or perfume are best, or look for products with natural fragrance instead.


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  • 8 Common Nighttime Beauty Habits You Need to Break

    By Jaclyn Sciara, Beauty High

    woman sleeping
    We've all got a few habits we need to break. Waiting until we're out of socks to do laundry and going for that cupcake after dinner are harmless enough, but there are certain bad habits that really effect us in a negative way, and coincidentally enough, a lot of these habits go on at night.

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    Stopping these habits is possible, and if you grab a friend and make it a team effort, your bad beauty habits can be a thing of the past. Below we've pulled together eight nighttime habits that aren't doing you any favors. Learn to identify the issues now so you can stop them and go on living a more beautiful life!

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    Not Removing Makeup: This is the number one rule we beg you never to break. Throughout the day all kinds of gunk and grime builds up on top of your face (and the makeup you have on), making it the prime environment

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  • How to Get Makeup Stains Out of Clothes

    By Augusta Falletta, Beauty High

    dress shirtIf you've ever gotten a makeup stain on your clothing, you know how devastating it can be. Whether you're pulling a shirt over your face and lipstick makes its way to the collar or you're leaning on your boyfriend's shoulder and some foundation transfers onto his shirt, makeup stains on clothing are never a fun time. Luckily, there are a few time tested ways to remove makeup stains from clothing. Whether you're dealing with an oil-based makeup, mascara or blush, we've pulled together a guide for how to remove makeup stains from clothes based on exactly what kind of makeup made the stain. Read on below!

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    Because lipstick is oil-based, using an oil based cleaner will help to remove the stain. Get yourself a grease fighting liquid soap like Dawn Dish Soap and begin by blotting the stain with a clean tissue to remove any excess color. Next, spritz the stain with clean

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  • The Best Spices for Detoxing During the Holidays

    By Natasha Burton, Beauty High

    spicesWith Thanksgiving just weeks away, we're already thinking about the mashed potatoes, pies and stuffing we'll soon consume - and the massive food babies we'll be sporting come Black Friday (there's no shame in wearing sweatpants to Thanksgiving dinner, right?).

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    Since we'll clearly need to help our bodies bounce back from the holidays, we did some research on little-thought-of ways to detox - and it turns out that many spices can actually help filter through all of those toxins. Use them in your Turkey Day cooking - or when prepping any meal - to reap the benefits of these seven svelte-making seasonings.

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    Cilantro: Also known as Chinese parsley, this popular flavor-maker in salsa aids with mercury detoxification, says celebrity nutritionist JJ Virgin, author of The Virgin Diet. Too much mercury in your system, which typically comes

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  • 10 Things No One Ever Tells You About Doing a Detox

    By Molly Carroll, Beauty High

    Juice Cleanse

    They have been a celebrity beauty secret and weight loss trick for years, but now that detoxing and juice cleanses have been introduced to the masses, it is rare to meet someone who hasn't tried one. Nowadays, at-home juicers are as common as toasters and cold-pressed juice shops are on every corner. The benefits from detoxing are truly endless, but there are still some things to be aware of before you start your cleanse.

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    From documentaries to books, the press surrounding this craze is limitless, but we are here to share with you some things the books may have glazed over. Read on to find out some facts you may not have known about detoxing.

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    1. Prepare Accordingly. Consider the days leading up to your cleanse, as your "pre-cleanse" phase. This means binging on your favorite food the night before is not recommended, instead you should cut down on the coffee, Read More »from 10 Things No One Ever Tells You About Doing a Detox
  • A Brief History of Perfume, from Perfumer Francis Kurkdjian

    By Rachel Adler, Beauty High

    perfumeWe all love a good fragrance - most everyone has their signature scent (or 5 signature scents) and your outfit is never complete without that final spritz before you walk out the door. But, do you really know anything about the fragrance industry? Or how the specific ingredients for your said signature scent came to be chosen for your scent? We had a chance to sit down with the nose behind the brand Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Francis himself, who not only has a namesake line but has also created such scents like Narciso Rodriguez For Her (and For Him), Elie Saab's Le Parfum, Carven's Le Parfum and many, many more.

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    While Francis taught us a ton about fragrance over the years - and made us fall in love with his latest limited edition candle scent for the luxe lovers, Aqua Universalis, and his holiday candle set launching just in time for the holiday season - here are 5 of the most interesting Read More »from A Brief History of Perfume, from Perfumer Francis Kurkdjian
  • 7 Steps to Glowing Skin for the Holidays

    By Aly Walansky, Beauty High

    woman washing faceGet ready, ladies. Thanksgiving is a few short weeks away, and it'll be followed by month of holiday gatherings and photos. Much as you are hitting the gym now to get into that dress, it's time to start getting your skin into shape, too. In an effort to keep you looking gorgeous in those unavoidable photos, here are seven steps to glowing skin for the holidays (and all year long) straight from the skin experts.

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    Never skip the SPF: Even if you're freezing your toes off, sun exposure is still the enemy. Wear SPF daily to help protect your skin from fine lines and wrinkles.

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    Growth factors & peptides: Most potent anti-agers can take a couple of weeks to take effect. "Get a head start at repairing tougher lines and wrinkles by incorporating potent and fast-acting growth factors and peptides," says Marta Wohrle of Truth in Aging. Read More »from 7 Steps to Glowing Skin for the Holidays
  • 5 Ways to Exfoliate Smarter

    By Natasha Burton, Beauty High

    woman exfoliatingThere are few things more satisfying than using a grainy scrub on your skin. All that sloughing makes you feel like you're taking a layer of grime off your face and, with it, every blemish or imperfection you may have.

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    However, in reality, exfoliating can actually give you more skin problems if you're not doing it correctly - or using the right products. We turned to the experts to find out exactly how to get the most out of our favorite step in our facial cleansing routine.

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    1. Don't do it daily.
    Do not use exfoliating acids or exfoliate every day, says celebrity esthetician Renee Rouleau. Acids that are left on the skin, such as acid-based serums or moisturizers, can actually cause inflammation (even if this is not visible), which will accelerate the aging process. Acids can be used every other day while, for Read More »from 5 Ways to Exfoliate Smarter
  • How to Recreate 5 Iconic Fragrances for Less

    By Rachel Nussbaum, Beauty High

    perfume bottles

    Every high school had an art teacher, and seemingly, every art teacher had to wear patchouli essential oil. It was essentially in the job description, and yes, we do regret that pun just a little bit. But all jokes aside, essential oils tend to get a bad rap from those hippie-dippie stereotypes-one not at all warranted, because more often than not, the oils on the aisles of Whole Foods can also be found in our favorite perfumes.

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    So, because we're all about the look for less in every aspect, we decided to break down five scents, new and old, and figure out the necessities for recreating them. With most Aura Cacia or Edens Garden oils costing 5 to 10 dollars, even with trial and error you'll come out ahead (and with multiple options, if you're feeling a custom blend).

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    But first, a quick rundown. Read More »from How to Recreate 5 Iconic Fragrances for Less


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