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  • Men in Pink: A Fashion Evolution

    John Wayne in pink. Photo: Silver Screen Collection/Getty ImagesSociety’s aggressive marketing of pink as a color for girls, starting with the hue of balloons at a baby shower, has been endlessly railed against. But, while pink has been slowly but steadily finding its way back into male wardrobes and onto male runways over the past few decades, it remains stubbornly fixed in the “daring fashion” category. Which is strange, considering that, in the early 1900s, pink was actually the proscribed color for boys, while baby blue, seen as more “delicate and dainty,” was pushed on girls. There’s also plenty of evidence from earlier in history, particularly in the 18th century, that males of all ages wore various striking shades of pink. But at some point, certainly by the 1950s, the switch had been codified, a move that’s been party blamed on retail decisions. “Think Pink,” a new exhibit currently on view at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, explores the social history of the color, through portrait paintings, clothing and photography. Some of the most

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  • Rachel Canning, Teen Who Sued Parents, Reports She's Won College Scholarship

    Rachel Canning in court. (AP Images)Rachel Canning, the 18-year-old New Jersey high school senior who made worldwide headlines after suing her parents for financial support before eventually dropping the case, has apparently chosen the college she will attend in the fall. “Decision made,” Canning posted on Facebook on March 30, according to the Star Ledger (the post is only visible to her approved Facebook friends). “WNE U class of 2018 BME Major w/ 56,000$ [sic] scholarship.” That’s Western New England University, in Springfield, Massachusetts, where she’ll study biomedical engineering.

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    WNEU’s student body is small, at just 3,800, and the cost for tuition and fees for full-time engineering undergrads is currently $32,606, plus room and board, which is an additional, $12,688, according to the school's website. (Canning's scholarship would more than cover one year's fees.) The various athletics offerings include lacrosse and football

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  • Getting Your Kids Off the iPad Is Worth the Fight

    Photo: Getty ImagesAny parent who knows the particular hell of child tantrums in response to a set of screen-time rules may eventually begin to wonder: Is it really worth the fight? But a new study wants to assure you that yes, it really is. So stand your ground, moms and dads. The research, published Monday in JAMA Pediatrics, found that parents who set limits can count on some seriously positive results for their kids — including improved sleep, better grades, less aggressive behavior, and lower risk of obesity.

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    “Parents often feel out of control when it comes to screen time — like they’re either taking a shot in the dark or should just give up,” lead researcher Douglas Gentile, a developmental psychologist and assistant professor of psychology at Iowa State, tells Yahoo Shine. “But what this study shows is that even that shot in the dark is really powerful. Parents have a much more of a profound effect on their child’s wellbeing than

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  • 5 Things You Need to Know About the Obamacare Deadline

    A Miami woman waited for the ACA website to come back online Monday while trying to purchase a plan with an agent's help. Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty ImagesAttention, fellow procrastinators: Monday night, as you probably know by now, is the deadline to sign up for health insurance at, and already, that’s led to an estimated 9.5 million newly insured Americans. But if you’re anything like me, what you’re wondering about is how firm this deadline really is. Well, I’ve got great news: There’s wiggle room. Lots of it, actually. Here’s the deal, in five easy pieces:

    1. You only have to start signing up by 11:59 p.m. That’s right—you don’t have to finish. Thanks to the White House’s announcement of a “special enrollment period,” you’ll have until about mid-April to complete your enrollment and still be covered as of May 1 (an official date will be decided upon once it’s clear how many slackers, in total, have yet to finish enrolling). By starting the process, or ensuring your place “in line,” you’re still good to go. The prescient idea here is to help out folks who tried to enroll on Monday but were thwarted by expected technical

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  • The Battle Over a Teen's Pink Mohawk

    Mike Barker. Photo: Amanda House/Ella Grace PhotographyA Michigan high school student says he’s been forced to leave his track team simply because of his hair. Mike Barker, a 17-year-old junior at West Iron County High School, recently styled his hair into a bright pink Mohawk to support his mother, who is battling breast cancer.  When authorities allegedly told him to choose between his hair, which violated school policy, and the team, Barker says, “I picked family."

    More on Yahoo Shine: Bus Driver Fired for Helping Hungry Student Fights Back With Lawsuit

    Barker shares his story at length in a YouTube video shot by Michigan blogger Jason Asselin. In it, he explains that he explains that he decided last week to fulfill his promise to his mom to dye his Mohawk — which he’s allegedly had for weeks without consequence — to honor not only his mom’s cancer struggle, but also the struggles of two aunts, one of whom died two years ago. The student says that when various school officials, including his track coach, told him on Thursday that he

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  • #Babysuiting is the Best Thing to Come Out of Instagram Yet

    Selfies are tired (not to mention potentially unhealthy), so what better antidote than posting photos of infants in suits and ties? Sure, that might not have been everyone’s go-to solution, but for mommy blogger and advertising creative director Ilana Wiles—the creative force behind viral trends including Baby Mugging and Epic Baby Hair—it was an obvious hit of an idea. Wiles, a New York City mother of two, set out start the Instagram trend on Monday, and, lo and behold, her dedicated Instagram and Facebook fans, well, followed suit. And the results have been serious fun. See the full slideshow here.Beth Greenfield

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  • H&M Pulls Offensive Star of David Shirt from Stores Worldwide

    The offending tank top. Photo: Twitter/Eylon Aslan-LevySwedish clothing retailer H&M has apologized for selling a shirt perceived to be anti-Semitic and is removing it from its racks after an outcry on social media.

    The tank top, which sold in stores around the globe for about $14, featured a graphic of a creepy skull on a red-and-black Jewish star. Eylon Aslan-Levy, a master of philosophy student at the University of Cambridge, first noticed the shirt and posted a photo of it to Twitter on Sunday, noting, “Why is H&M selling a vest with a skull emblazoned over a Star of David? Email to complain.” That sparked an avalanche of outraged replies and, apparently, enough complaints to persuade H&M to capitulate.

    “We are truly sorry if we have offended anyone with the print on this t-shirt, this was of course never our intention. We have unfortunately failed in our routines and have therefore decided to immediately remove the T-shirt from all stores,” a company spokesperson told Yahoo Shine Friday. In response to

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  • Lena Dunham Directs BF Jack Antonoff's New Music Video and, of Course, It Rocks

    I love that Jack Antonoff is known as “Lena Dunham’s boyfriend.” Also cool: the fact that Dunham just directed the new music video for her BF’s first single with the band Bleachers (as opposed to fun.), called “I Wanna Get Better.” In it, Antonoff is cast as a psychotherapist who must head into the office to deal with a lineup of characters after being jilted by his girlfriend. The video, which runs just under 5 minutes, is an awesome marriage of the real-life couple’s skills — Antonoff’s poignant, uplifting pop sound and Dunham’s quirky-smart, playful vision. The whole scene, basically, is unmistakably hers. Here’s why:

    The feel-good font. It’s just so cute and friendly, so "Girls." 

    The supporting characters’ weird-funny lines. “Roxy! Your ketchup toast is ready!” yells a neighbor to her daughter. The soon-to-be-ex-girlfriend says, to Antonoff’s character, “Jack, if you could even begin to examine yourself the way you examine everyone else, be that analytical — you know, judgmental,

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  • Snickers Ad Angers Some, Confuses Others. Is It Really Sexist?

    A new Snickers ad has put a seemingly refreshing twist on an old stereotype: catcalling construction workers, who in this case yell out empowering statements to startled female passersby, like, “You want to hear a dirty word? Gender bias!” But the campaign, released in Australia and viewable on YouTube, may actually be doing more harm than good, according to a rising tide of social media critics. That’s because the ad’s confusing premise — that the men simply aren’t themselves when they’re hungry — seems to cement the idea that, normally, male workers are offensive cretins. 

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    “The moral of the new Snickers ad is that we should keep men in a state of constant hunger,” one tweet suggests. And while some tout it for being “great” and “surprisingly funny,” more call it out for being “puzzling,” “confusing,” and “offensive,” with one man noting, “I don't really understand this Snickers ad… Eat Snickers and go back to being a

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  • Titanic Survivor's Revealing Letter Sparks Interest on Reddit

    Page 1 of Icard's moving letter, written in French. Photo: ImgurWe’ve had compelling Titanic survivor accounts from the likes of Molly Brown and Elizabeth Shutes and, of course, Kate Winslet’s fictional (though adored) onscreen character. Now comes one from French passenger Rose Amélie Icard, whose letter containing eyewitness details of the disaster has emerged on Reddit, causing a stir among history lovers.

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    “I’ve always been fascinated by the Titanic, ever since my dad took me to an exhibit on it when I was 13 years old. It really struck a chord with me,” Mike Delgado, the owner of Icard’s letter, which is penned in French, tells Yahoo Shine. He posted images of the pages on Reddit on March 20 with the request, “I would love to have it translated so I could have them framed.” The post generated more than 44,000 views, hundreds of comments, and a page-by-page translation written out by multiple users.

    Delgado, a 29-year-old U.S. Marine based in Florida who also owns Icard’s

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