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  • Blogger Unwittingly Becomes Diet Poster Girl. Now She's Fighting Back

    Rachele Cateyes in the stolen bikini photo. Photo: Courtesy of Rachele CateyesWhen fat-pride blogger Rachele Cateyes posted an online photo of herself in a bright blue two-piece swimsuit last summer, it signified a major moment of empowerment. “Wearing a bikini as a fat woman is an act of rebellion,” she’d written on her Fat Babe Designs blog. “I felt glorious and glamorous all at the same time.”

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    The feeling was short-lived, though. The Oregon woman later discovered that her photo was popping up in a diet company’s Facebook spam ads — as the dreaded “before” photo. Now she’s embroiled in a frustrating battle with the company and its affiliates to try to get her stolen image removed from the ads. “It made me feel exposed and not in control of my own image,” Cateyes tells Yahoo Shine. “I’m used to negative attention [online], but for somebody to make money off of me? That really infuriated me.”

    The 31-year-old caseworker began documenting the situation on her blog on

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  • Smart Move: Betabrand Clothing Uses PhDs as Models

    The Del Ray Perfect Dress, modeled by nuclear engineering PhD candidate Sasha. Photo: BetabrandJust like computers are replacing cashiers and bloggers supplanting, ahem, journalists, it seems as if the trend of actual everyday humans filling in for professional models is a growing one. The latest label to give it a whirl is Betabrand — a hipster San Francisco–based company that's enlisted women with PhDs to model its new spring line.

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    “When you look beyond the ranks of the professionally beautiful, photography becomes a lot more fun,” Betabrand founder Chris Lindland says in a statement. “Our designers cooked up a collection of smart fashions for spring, so why not display them on the bodies of women with really big brains?” 

    Asha, with a PhD from Stanford, in a Gray Confetti Popover Shirt. Photo: BetabrandThe bookish beauties (and they are, naturally, all beautiful) all either have a PhDs or are working toward one. They include a woman with a doctorate in education from Columbia University Teachers College; a nuclear engineering PhD candidate at University of California, Berkeley; and a

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  • Everyone Is Loving the 'First Kiss' Video, Even If It Is an Ad

    If reference to just one viral video passes your lips this week, it’s bound to be this: “First Kiss,” by Tatia Pilieva, a 3-and-a-half-minute lineup of strangers making out for the first time, which has racked up more than 6 million views since being posted to YouTube on Monday. Oh, and by the way, it's a clothing ad — an interesting little fact that just emerged on Tuesday, thanks to a recent tweet from the Los Angeles–based brand behind it, Wren Studio, a chic women's label:

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    But commercial or not, it's really fun to watch (even if it was sneaky to not label it as an ad).

    “We asked 20 strangers to kiss for the first time …” is the explanation that flashes across the screen at the start. Then we see all the pairs — two women, two men and the rest men and women — one at a time, standing and facing

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  • This Bloodhound Dog Is a Member of the Wyoming Legislature

    LeRoy, at Rep. Watt's feet on the House floor. Photo: Alan Rogers/Star-TribuneOne of the most popular members of the Wyoming state legislature just happens to be a dog named LeRoy—a brown, 80-pound bloodhound who has been a godsend to his owner, Rep. Stephen Watt. “Everybody says good morning to LeRoy when they say good morning to me,” Watt, a Republican from Sweetwater, tells Yahoo Shine.

    The dog, nearly 3 years old, has an important spot on the Wyoming House floor, right at Watt’s feet. He’s a service dog for the legislator, 58, who suffers from chronic Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) stemming from a roadside shooting he suffered as a police officer more than 30 years ago. And as far as anyone knows, LeRoy’s the first and only dog to have ever regularly worked the floor of the House. “It’s the first time I’ve seen it in my 10 years, other than the bomb dogs that come through every morning,” House Speaker Tom Lubnau, who granted permission for Watt to have LeRoy at work, tells the Billings Gazette.

    Rep. Watt. Photo: State of Wyoming.Watt adopted LeRoy nearly a year ago from a local

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  • Martha Stewart on Reddit: It's a Rad Thing

    Martha Stewart may be 72 — theoretically old enough to remember the days of party line phone calls — but it’s not slowed down her social-media savvy one little bit. To wit: She’s a wiz on Twitter, where she averages around seven tweets daily to her 2.92 million followers, and has actually been called out for over sharing on matters from food pics to her shattered iPad. On Thursday, she conquered another platform — Reddit, where she spent a couple of hours at the helm of an AMA (Ask Me Anything) chat. The subject matter veered wildly from apples (Gravenstein or Macoun are best for apple pie) to “House of Cards” binge watching (oh yes she did) to sex (not surprisingly, cleanliness is important to her), and her straightforward inspired Redditors to call her “cool as hell,”  “badass,” “a total babe” and “one of the classiest, nicest people to ever hold an AMA.” Herewith, some of the highlight topics:

    R: Is it true that you paint over the soles of your Louboutins because you don't

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  • Woman Learns She's Pregnant As She Gives Birth. For Reals!

    Daddy and the surprise General Lee Jacob. Photo: Courtesy Josh CoxWhen Mandy Batchelor of Indiana was rushed to the hospital with mysterious abdominal pain late last month, she was expecting to have to undergo an emergency appendectomy. Instead, to her amazement, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. “I was shocked,” she tells WRTV. “Very shocked.”

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    Batchelor, 33, was already mom to two children ages 5 and 12, with no plans to expand her family. But on February 28, after working an eight-hour shift on the automotive assembly line at the IAC plant in Greencastle, she found herself in severe pain. Her worried partner, Josh Cox, rushed her to the emergency room, where they figured they’d be told she had appendicitis.

    More on Yahoo: Pregnant Celebrities Bare All

    “When we got there, they were kind of taking their time, and then Mandy said she had to use the restroom,” Cox, 34, a forklift operator at the same plant, tells Yahoo Shine. “I said to the nurse, ‘I think

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  • International Women's Day's Most Ridiculous Events (Makeover, Anyone?)

    Then: Suffragists, 1915. Photo: Getty ImagesOnce upon a time, International Women’s Day was an empowering, revolutionary event, uniting suffragists, antiwar activists and equality leaders the world over. But now? It’s more of a cool-sounding, well-intentioned holiday that’s begun to lose its way, kind of like Earth Day or Gay Pride—or Christmas.

    Its roots are upstanding: Begun with a 1909 declaration by the Socialist Party of America, IWD’s reach quickly spread to Copenhagen—and then Austria, Denmark, Switzerland and Germany, sparking rallies that called for women's rights to work, vote, be trained, to hold public office and end discrimination. In 1911, NYC’s tragic “Triangle Fire” brought even more attention to working conditions, and labor legislation in the U.S. became a major focus of subsequent IWD events. Its annual gatherings and actions continued to make a real difference, with efforts soon spreading to more than 27 countries, including Afghanistan, Cambodia, Russia and Zambia. The United Nations began celebrating the day

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  • 'Hot Facebook Mom' Is Now a Global Workout Guru — Like It or Not

    Maria Kang's latest Facebook image, shared more than 1,800 times and liked nearly 16,000 times so far. Photo: James Patrick PhotographyA mere six months ago, Maria Kang — dubbed "hot Facebook mom"— was just another viral flash in the pan. But now, love her or hate her, there’s no denying one thing: The fitness fanatic is a force to be reckoned with. In just a few months, she’s formed the “No Excuse Moms Movement,” comprising more than 700 local groups of mothers, worldwide, who gather for regular, free workouts in parks and other public spaces.

    Kang first kickboxed her way into everyone’s consciousness in late 2013 with the question heard ’round the Internet: “What’s Your Excuse?” She became an instant viral sensation, though much of the attention was negative, with women accusing her of fat shaming — particularly during a heated online kerfuffle between Kang and plus-size activists.

    More on Shine: 'What's Your Excuse' Mom's 2014 Swimsuit Calendar, Featuring Fit Fans

    “I feel like all the backlash was worth it,” Kang tells Yahoo Shine. “I feel like my original image and message sparked an international dialogue that

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  • 'Breastfeeding' Dads Campaign Aims to Get Men More Involved

    Photo: Project: Breastfeeding by Hector Cruz PhotographySensitive Tennessee dad Hector Cruz is tired of “dumbed down” father roles comprised of adjusting car seats and putting together cribs. So, in an effort to help bring men more into the meaningful fold of parenting, he’s launched an awareness campaign, "Project: Breastfeeding," and is using some provocative images to get everyone’s attention: shirtless dads trying to breastfeed, and the phrase, “If I could, I would.”

    “Let’s be honest, we have to get conversations started in a very dramatic way,” Cruz, the photographer behind the project, tells Yahoo Shine. “What better way than by showing photos like these?” (Last year, a Chicago campaign aiming to decrease teen-pregnancy rates used images of “pregnant” boys to make a splash, kicking up plenty of controversy, too.)

    Project: Breastfeeding,” which kicked off this week with a bit of fanfare, has several aims: to dissolve the stigma around public breastfeeding, and to get fathers more involved in breastfeeding efforts and in parenting in

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  • Former Miss America Contestant Comes Out As 'Queer,' Makes History

    Djuan Keila Trent in the 2011 Miss America Pageant. Photo: Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty ImagesMiss America contestants have long been viewed as the embodiment of tradition: the girl next door, who just happens to look like Barbie. The image persists, despite blossoming diversity over the years and, in 2013, the crowning of the first Indian-American winner, Nina Davuluri. But there’s at least one contestant that’s not been seen on the Miss America runway—the out lesbian. It’s why a particular bit of pageant news is making such an impact this week: Former Miss Kentucky Djuan Keila Trent, a 2011 Miss America contestant, has come out as “queer” on her personal blog, making her the first out lesbian contestant to have competed at a national level.

    More on Yahoo Shine: Miss America Responds to Racism, Makes Pageant Cool Again

    “For a while, I struggled with the decision of whether or not it was necessary to ‘come out,’” Trent writes in her February 20 blog post. But, she concludes, “People can't know that their best friend, brother, sister, co-worker, neighbor, news anchor, favorite

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