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  • Want to Read a 106-Year-Old Message in a Bottle? Too Bad

    The notion of a message tucked into a bottle conjures up images of lonely sailors at sea desperately trying to reach loved ones or pirates sending secret messages on the whereabouts of buried treasure. But do people actually find them?

    They do, and more than you might think. During a recent beach stroll, a Canadian man stumbled on a 106-year-old corked note believed to contain a message from 1906. The catch: He refuses to open it.

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    Steve Thurber was walking along Schooner’s Cove, a hiking trail and beach in Tofino, British Columbia when he spotted a rusty bottle lying in the sand, according to an article published this week in Global News. The bottle was sealed with a piece of paper inside.

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    Thurber did not want to open or break the bottle for fear of damaging the letter inside, but he was able to make out through the glass that the note was dated Sept. 29,

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  • Ovarian Cancer Survivor Wages Fight of Her Life

    Andrea Sloan/FacebookImagine being terminally ill and told that the one thing that might save your life is just out of reach.

    For Andrea Sloan, that's a reality. The 45-year-old is suffering from stage 3 ovarian cancer, and she’s launched a social media campaign in the hopes of convincing a pharmaceutical company to give her a drug that’s in the early stages of development.  

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    Sloan is an attorney and executive director of the Texas Advocacy Project, an Austin-based group that offers free services to victims of domestic violence. At the age of 37, after visiting her doctor for intermittent abdominal pain, she received devastating news. “My doctor told me that I had stage 3 ovarian cancer,” Sloan told Yahoo Shine. “Three years later, I learned I had inherited the BRCA1 gene.” The gene leads to a heightened risk of breast and ovarian cancer (65 percent and 39 percent, respectively).

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  • Kate Middleton Makes Official Red Carpet Appearance at Tusk Conservation Awards

    Photo: ReutersKate Middleton took a glamorous break from diaper duty to hit the red carpet with Prince William at the inaugural Tusk Conservation Awards at the Royal Society, London on Thursday.  

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    The event, which celebrates outstanding achievement in the field of African conservation, was the royal couple’s first official public appearance as new parents and also marks the end of Middleton’s maternity leave after she gave birth to son George on July 22. The new mom stunned in a floor-length glittery gown by Jenny Packham and her hair was in loose curls.

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    It's a big day for Prince William, too. Earlier on Thursday, Kensington Palace announced that he is leaving his position as a helicopter pilot with the Royal Air Force's Search and Rescue Force, after almost eight years of service, to focus on

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  • Woman Finds Mother's Wedding Ring in House Fire

    Todd Tamcsin PhotographyCarole Ryan lost her Arizona home and most of her pets after a wildfire demolished her neighborhood earlier this summer, but from the debris, she uncovered her most cherished possession.

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    Beachcombing Treasure Hunter Finds, Returns Lost Wedding Ring

    While the 65-year-old Glen Isla native was attending her niece’s wedding in Prague, a wild fire was quickly spreading through her small neighborhood. “I was checking the news on my iPhone the day after the wedding when a story about 19 firefighters dying in a fire caught my eye,” Ryan told Yahoo Shine.

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    “When I realized the fire had destroyed my small town, all I could hope was that my daughter, who lives with me, was alright.”

    After reaching her children, Julia, 34, and Mark, 33, Ryan boarded a plane and crossed her fingers that her home was intact and 13 pets were alive and safe.

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  • Kim Kardashian: How Pregnancy Changes Your Style

    photo: SplashNewsKim Kardashian is a blonde, but that’s not the only thing that’s different about the 32-year-old. In a photo posted Wednesday, the reality star wore an olive-green button-down long-sleeved shirt, black jeans, and flats. While the outfit was decidedly off-brand for Kardashian, it was perfect for disguising breast milk stains and squatting to secure a baby carrier—and if you’re a new mom, you may (gasp) relate to her.

    Everyone talks about post-baby body anxiety, but the flipside is that a new shape and new priorities forces you to rethink your fashion philosophy. In the case of Kardashian, it’s a bit of a revelation. Her body is her brand and one that certain, ahem, business partners have a vested interest in. Or at least, that seemed to be the case back in those early episodes of "Keeping up With the Kardashians" when her mom called the shots on her public perception. Could it be that motherhood has given Kardashian the freedom to have a little more fun, and do a little less business,

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  • Man Who Walked Miles With 'Need Kidney 4 Wife' Sign Finds a Donor

    CBS NewsLarry Swilling, 78, a South Carolina man who walked the streets with a sign asking strangers to donate a kidney to his ailing wife, has finally found a match.

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    Larry's wife, Jimmie Sue Swilling, 76, first learned she was born with only one kidney when they tried to have children. Despite doctor's doubts that she would be able to conceive, Jimmie Sue gave birth to three children. But the possibility of needing a future transplant was never far from her mind.

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    Last September, doctors confirmed Jimmie Sue's worst fears: She was going into kidney failure and would need a transplant. She was put on a donor waiting list; however, Larry, a truck driver and former volunteer fireman, worried that his wife of nearly 58 years wouldn’t survive before a donor was found.  “Before we went to bed that night, Jimmie Sue said, ‘What are we going to do?’ IRead More »from Man Who Walked Miles With 'Need Kidney 4 Wife' Sign Finds a Donor
  • The Controversial Life of Syrian First Lady Asma Assad

    Photo by: @SyrianPresidency/InstagramWhile most of the world focuses on President Bashar Assad's alleged chemical weapons attack in August, his wife and Syria’s first lady, Asma Assad, has been making smaller waves of her own. In light of the president's brutal regime, which the U.N. says has killed 100,000 people and sent millions more seeking refuge in neighboring countries, his glamorous wife has been acting like nothing's wrong — Instagramming seemingly inauthentic photos of her on a tour of purported goodwill, shopping for fancy shoes, and even collecting pricey home furnishings.

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    For starters, her Instagram account — which her family launched in July as a reported attempt to gain public approval against the backdrop of her country’s two-year civil war — boasts almost 37,000 followers and features smiling images of her greeting children, hugging the elderly, caring for the sick, and working at a soup kitchen (while wearing a Jawbone UP, a popular

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  • Mother's Heartwarming Response to Son Who Came Out on Facebook

    The letter (click to enlarge)A mother exemplified unconditional love by writing a note to her son who came out on Facebook.

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    On August 30, Michelle Conway McClain posted a photo of a letter she wrote to her son Zach Gibson on her Facebook page. The note read:

    "Zach, I was surprised by your Facebook post where you came out. I want you to know that I love you unconditionally. I love you with my actions, not just my words. I'm so proud of you. You are the bravest person I know. I'll fight for you always. Your sexual orientation does not define you. You are still the boy who forever won my heart. The only thing that concerns me is the number of empty soda cups and tea bottles in your room. Throw them away before ants come inside. I love you always, Mom."

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    McClain prefaced her post by writing, "I didn't get to talk to him before I left for work today, so I left Read More »from Mother's Heartwarming Response to Son Who Came Out on Facebook
  • Mall Employees Resign With Very Public Note

    photo: RedditEver been so frustrated with your boss that you’ve wanted to walk out on the job?

    Several employees at Journeys footwear and apparel inside the Marketplace Mall in Rochester, New York, may have done just that. They allegedly closed their store in the middle of the day, leaving a handwritten note attached to the shop’s security bars that explained their absence to their manager “Jamie.” The note read:

    "Dear Jamie, since you decided to say 'Cancer is not an excuse' and think it's OK to swear at your employees like you do all the time, we quit. This is why you can't keep a store manager longer than a year. You abuse your [role] and staff. Enjoy the fact that you just lost a store manager, co-manager, and key holder in the middle of Back to School. Think next time you treat people the way you do. We aren't allowing it anymore. Niki, Jess, TJ."

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    Earlier this week, Reddit user and mall employee R1y23 posted a photo of the sign to the social

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  • Happy Birthday, Beyonce! The 7 Things You've Taught Us About Being a Better Woman

    photo: Getty ImagesHappy birthday, Beyonce! The singer turns 32 today and during her decade and a half in the spotlight, she's taught us a few things about life. Here are seven lessons to learn from the successful songstress.

    1. Never fake it. Unlike Miley Cyrus, Beyonce doesn’t twerk—then again, she doesn’t need to. Whether she’s dancing, posing for an ad campaign, or mugging for an Instagram selfie, her sexuality never comes off as desperate or contrived — just natural and comfortable.

    2. Go for what you want … you just might get it all. As a kid in Houston, Beyonce didn't just spend her time auditioning and trying to be a star, she enrolled in a music magnet school and, later, in the city's High School for the Performing and Visual Arts to learn all she could about the craft and the business. After finding success as a member of girl group Destiny's Child, Bey tried her hand at acting and a solo music career. The latter catapulted her to superstar status and made her millions (and more millions). She

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