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  • 5-Year-Old With Cancer Is Made Princess for the Day

    Claire Lankford, a 5-year-old girl with terminal cancer, got her fairytale ending on Wednesday when her hometown of Dickinson, Texas, helped make her a princess for the day.

    For the past year and a half, Claire has been fighting a rare form of cancer called rhabdomyosarcoma, which has no known cure. "Claire was cleared of cancer in June, but her scans in January showed five tumors in her lungs and lymph nodes," Claire’s mom, Patricia Lankford, tells Yahoo Shine. However, like many little girls, Claire brightens up when she sees princesses, so last Monday, Lankford’s longtime friend Jamie Harbuck hatched an idea to make Claire the star of her own princess parade. After getting Lankford's blessing, Harbuck turned to some local businesses and the town's high school for help pulling the whole thing off.

    Claire and her parents, Patricia and Kevin Lankford Photo by Kevin M. Cox/The Galveston County Daily News“I wanted to make Claire feel special and I thought dressing her as a princess and having her spend the day with one would make her happy,” says Harbuck. “It sort of snowballed from

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  • Selfie Regret: It's a Thing

    Ireland Baldwin/TwitterPosting a hot selfie can be thrilling — until you wish you hadn't done it in the first place. That’s what happened to model Ireland Baldwin on Tuesday when she tweeted, “I’m never taking another selfie again.” The 18-year-old didn’t specify which photo she was referencing, but it could have been a cheeky shot she had posted earlier that day, revealing her bikini-clad butt.

    It’s called "selfie regret" and Baldwin is just the latest celeb to experience remorse for sharing unflattering, embarrassing, or controversial photos. On Sunday, Canadian Olympic speed skater Brittany Schussler tweeted a photo of herself and Russian President Vladimir Putin with the caption, “I should've asked him to be my Valentine!" The image generated angry comments due to Putin’s discriminatory laws against gay Russians, prompting Schussler to remove the picture. In July, during a self-described tequila haze, television host Geraldo Rivera tweeted a nearly nude portrait with the caption, “70 is the new 50.” His

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  • 'How I Raise 15 Children': One (Busy) Mom Tells All

    Even if you have a big family, odds are, it’s not as large as LaChelle Adkins's Georgia clan. Adkins and her husband, Jerome, welcomed a 15th child into their sizable family on Sunday.

    Former corporate attorney turned stay-at-home mother Adkins, 43, gave birth to daughter Hope Monique, the newest addition to her brood, which includes 13 children and two stepsons with her husband, Jerome, 45. Jerome juggles three jobs as a U.S. major in the Army Reserves, a manager of a retail chain, and a church pastor.

    Courtesy of LaChelle Adkins

    “The chaos is normal to us and we love it,” Adkins tells Yahoo Shine.

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    The children (deep breath) are: Jerome Brendan, 24, Taylor, 21, Christian, 20, Jonathan, 19, Alexandria, 17, McKinsey, 16, Victoria, 14, Elisabeth, 13, Olivia, 11, Danielle, 9, Jeremiah, 7, Joshua, 5, Jordan, 3, Faith, 2, and Hope Monique, 3 days old. The oldest, Jerome Brendan and his wife are even expecting their own baby in July, making Adkins a

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  • Here's What's Wrong With Nintendo's 'Girls Channel'

    NintendoFemale gamers are often cast as outsiders in a boys' world, but Nintendo UK is trying to combat gender stereotypes with its weekend debut of Nintendo Girls Club, a YouTube channel for girls, which has already sparked controversy online for promoting sexism.

    The weekly video series offers a community for news and trends geared toward female gamers. One of the first episodes features bubbly blond British actress Jorgie Porter sitting in a pastel bedroom, talking about the game “Animal Crossing: New Leaf,” in which players decorate their homes, then embark on a shopping spree at a fashion boutique before visiting the “makeover magician” for a new look “perfect for a night on the town.”

    Unsurprisingly, the pink-washed channel has already experienced a social media backlash. “What's ... the point of that? It's just gonna be a Nintendo news channel but with more pink? Is this really necessary? I understand and appreciate Nintendo trying to appeal more to female gamers lately but this is just

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  • Happy Presidents Day! So When Are We Getting a Female President?

    Getty ImagesMonday marks Presidents Day. Not just a day for skipping work and hitting the mall, but a national holiday to honor our presidents, past and present. Will we ever see a female commander-in-chief in our lifetime? Hopefully, yes. A recent Gallop poll found that 95 percent of people would vote for a woman president — up from 33 percent in 1937. Here's what 10 authors, execs, poets, and politicians have to say about what it will take to finally get us a woman in the Oval Office.

    She'll need to be tough: “One of the best pieces of advice that I have ever heard from anyone is from Eleanor Roosevelt in the 1920s, who said that women in politics or in public roles should grow skin like a rhinoceros." — Hillary Clinton, former United States Secretary of State, United States Senator, and first lady of the United States, speaking at an event for the No Ceilings Project, 2014

    Because she’ll face more challenges than a man: "She will have to overcome a natural, inborn cultural prejudice that the

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  • When Did Dating Become Passé?

    Getty ImagesRobin Wright is a gorgeous Golden Globe-winning actress on the hit show “House of Cards,” engaged to a man 14 years her junior. But prior to meeting her fiancé three years ago, Wright, 47, had never been asked on a date.

    In a recent interview with The Telegraph, Wright said that before her now-fiancé, 33-year-old Ben Foster, invited her to a poetry recital in 2011, she wasn't familiar with the concept of a proper date. “I’d never, ever been asked out on a date before,” she said. “Never. I was frickin’ married my whole life, and even before that I hadn’t been asked out.”

    In all fairness, Wright married young. By age 23, she had wed and divorced soap star Dane Witherspoon and would soon kick off what would be a tumultuous 20-year relationship with Hollywood bad boy Sean Penn. Over the course of their 14-year marriage, the pair, who have two children together, filed for divorce and reconciled multiple times before finally pulling the plug in 2010.

    Whether it’s happening in Hollywood or in

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  • Meet New York Fashion Week's First Model in a Wheelchair

    Photo courtesy of Danielle SheypukIf you haven’t heard the name Danielle Sheypuk, well, that’s about to change. The psychologist turned fashion model is the toast of New York Fashion Week after becoming the first person to work the runway in a wheelchair.

    Sheypuk, a 35-year-old New York-based clinical psychologist who specializes in love and sex issues for the disabled, wheeled down the runway at the Feb. 6 Carrie Hammer show modeling a black cotton blouse, a newspaper-print A-line skirt, and five-inch nude snakeskin heels. “There’s a misconception about people with disabilities — that we’re not glamorous and sexy — and I want to break that stereotype," Sheypuk tells Yahoo Shine.

    At the age of 2, Sheypuk was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy, a condition that impaired her motor skills, and she was fitted for her first wheelchair. "I never had a problem adjusting to my chair; it seemed like second nature," she says. After college, Sheypuk moved to New York City and became interested in fashion, experimenting with

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  • Does Anyone Actually Want a Teddy Bear for Valentine's Day?

    CorbisGiven the many ways a man can screw up Valentine’s Day — forgetting to make dinner rezzies, buying lingerie one size too large, wrongfully assuming you’re not celebrating — gifting a teddy bear is up there. 

    The idea of a woman who is not a toddler getting excited over an expensive stuffed toy wearing a shirt that reads, “You keep me in stitches” and no pants, is both creepy and infantilizing. Yet, for some reason, the bear market is booming. Take the Big Hunka Love Bear that’s been freaking everyone out all week. It’s a 4.5-foot-tall brown bear whose zombie stare will turn you to stone. The ad features a lingerie model lying in bed cuddling the bear while a voiceover coos, “It’s a great gift for her that’s sure to pay off for you.” (Not a mood-killer at all — why?) Worse, the Vermont Teddy Bear Company is hawking the 50 Shades of Bear, a 15” Teddy with “smoky fur and smoldering blue eyes,” wearing a suit and carrying a sex mask. The ad assures women they’ll “submit to loving him.” Ew.

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  • Why Being Tired Can Make You Thinner and Healthier


    When you’re exhausted, going to the gym is probably the last thing you want to do, but it turns out that’s when you should go. According to a new study to be published in the Journal of Consumer Research, people make better health decisions when they’re feeling tired and rundown.

    The urge to take care of our bodies when we're sleepy could be biological. “We proposed that people are more motivated to engage in healthful behavior when they are depleted and perceive their safety to be at stake," wrote study authors Monika Lisjak, assistant professor of marketing at Erasmus University in the Netherlands and Angela Y. Lee, professor of marketing at Northwestern University.

    In the study, researchers asked subjects to read about the dangers of kidney disease and early detection, those with a family history included. Afterward, those who were feeling exhausted expressed a higher likelihood of being tested than their energized counterparts. In another study, subjects were asked to complete a

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  • Stephanie Seymour's Steamy Mother-Son Photos: What's Wrong With This Picture?

    Sebastian Faena/Harper's BazaarSooo ... this is awkward. In a provocative new photo shoot for Harper’s Bazaar, supermodel Stephanie Seymour dons lingerie and strikes come-and-get-it poses while draping herself around two much-younger men. Oh, and those guys just happen to be her sons, Peter Brant II, 20, and Harry Brant, 17.

    One photo (seen left) in the 11-page spread depicts Seymour wearing a black, backless, cleavage-baring minidress. She faces one son, whose arm is wrapped around her waist, while the other son’s hand rests near her rear end. Seymour’s own hand covers her crotch. In another photo, she rocks a corset, briefs, and lace-up boots, while her sons pull at her boot strings. And in a third, Seymour sports a sheer dress, while her sons kneel on either side of her body — one hugs her thigh, the other rests his head close to her hip. The rest of the photos are two degrees tamer: The family playfully poses while applying makeup, wearing funky headdresses, and brushing their hair.

    More on Yahoo Shine: At New

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