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  • Why Sharing an Email Address Could Ruin Your Relationship

    Cate Blanchett and Andrew Upton (Photo: Getty Images)Checking your partner's emails is stalker-crazy, right? Well, what if it were your account, too? On Sunday, the Daily Mail reported that actress Cate Blanchett shares an email account with her husband of 16 years, playwright Andrew Upton. “We work together and it’s a way of synchronizing our lives.  I can see what he’s up to – it’s not that I don’t trust him,” she told the newspaper, adding that she checks his messages because Upton "hates email." Her comment promptly ignited chatter on Twitter, with commenters calling their relationship habit "creepy" and "horrifying."
    Given all the ways in which couples integrate their lives — joint bank accounts and cell phone plans, and shared mortgage payments — it’s not surprising that some couples are merging their emails into one catchall account, too. Many of them claim that it’s a way to streamline their busy lives, by keeping family commitments, bill payment alerts, school calendar reminders, and, yes, personal messages, in one central

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  • The Biggest Lies Women Are Told About Labor

    CorbisGetting an epidural during labor provides sweet relief for many women, but one study published in the journal Obstetrics and Gynecology says it might also prolong the entire experience. 

    The study, involving 42,000 women, examined subjects that did and did not receive an epidural. The anesthetized took about two to three hours longer to deliver during the second stage of labor (when pushing begins), compared with women didn’t receive an epidural. It was previously believed that an epidural prolongs labor by about an hour. “Epidurals are associated with longer labor more so than we initially thought, but we didn’t find a direct cause,” Yvonne Cheng, the lead study's lead author and an associate professor at the University of California, San Francisco, tells Yahoo Shine.

    Many women are told that getting an epidural will not affect the length of labor. And that’s only the first misconception they have. Here are four more.

    Myth No. 1: An epidurals numbs all feeling below the waist: It’s

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  • If You Have Nightmares About Your Guy, Read This

    CorbisWe already know that men and women are wired differently, but it turns out we're even different in our sleep. A study published in the journal Sleep found that the two genders experience unpleasant dreams very differently.

    The University of Montreal study collected notes on almost 10,000 dreams from 572 people and found that men’s bad dreams typically include natural disasters (floods, fires, volcanoes, earthquakes), being chased, and insects. Meanwhile, women’s bad dreams commonly include arguing with a partner or situations that left them feeling humiliated, inadequate, or frustrated. Women also tend to have more nightmares – technically defined as a bad dream that results in waking up – than men do.

    “Women are better at retaining negative emotions than men because we tend to be more analytical, so it makes sense that unresolved issues or recurring painful feelings surface in our subconscious,” Lauri Loewenberg, author of "Dream On It; Unlock Your Dreams, Change Your Life," tells

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  • Is 'Biggest Loser' Winner Rachel Frederickson Too Thin?

    NBCWhen "The Biggest Loser" winner Rachel Frederickson revealed her 105-pound body on Tuesday night after dropping an astonishing 155 pounds from her 5’5" frame, the world collectively gasped. Her transformation, which visibly shocked the show's judges, quickly triggered a heated debate about how much is too much when it comes to weight loss.

    On Wednesday, 24-year-old Frederickson, told Us Weekly that she was thrilled about her new slender frame. "I’ve never felt this great, and it’s very exciting! Now I’m really at maintenance mode, so now it’s gonna be about doing a yoga class this day, a spin class this day, and I think I’m going to try dance classes because I don’t have a lot of rhythm, but I think it’d be fun to just add totally new things in!"

    "The Biggest Loser," in its 10th year, is shot over a seven-month period and pits overweight contestants against each other in the reality TV weight-loss competition show. At the beginning of each season, contestants are grouped into various

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  • Taylor Swift's Guide to Dating Is Kind of Fascinating

    GVK/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagicSignature red lips aside, pop star Taylor Swift, 24, is known for her tumultuous, controversial, and very public love life. And while her romances don’t exactly scream “Happily ever after” — her dating roster includes noted playboys John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Harry Styles — they do look fun (for the most part). Whether you find her relationships fascinating or exhausting, the girl has game. We rounded up Swift's most noteworthy relationship advice and had Bethany Marshall, PhD, a Los Angeles-based psychotherapist and the author of "Deal Breakers," weigh in on Swift's dating smarts. Marshall has some words of wisdom for the pop star, but Swift is a bit of a dating savant all on her own. Feel free to decide for yourself who gives the best advice. 
    On Knowing When a Guy Is Interested
    Swift says:
    “Freeze-out: You don’t respond to any of his texts or calls until he does something desperate [like] shows up. Or he calls and leaves a voice mail. Something that makes it very clear to you

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  • We Need To Confront Our Secret Sugar Problem

    Getty ImagesThere's sugar and then there's "added sugar — those extra sweeteners sprinkled into food when it's processed. One sneaky little word signals a secret menu of nutritional no-no's we're prone to ignore — and that's a problem.

    According to new research conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people who eat too much added sugar are more likely to suffer from heart disease.

    More on Yahoo: Does My BMI Make Me Look Fat?

    The study, released Monday, found that people who consumed more than 21 percent of calories from added sugar doubled their risk of dying from heart disease compared to those who consumed less than 10 percent of calories from added sugar.

    The good news: Americans are generally eating less added sugar — the average percentage of daily calories from the sweet stuff has decreased (from 16.8 percent between 1999 and 2004 down to 14.9 percent between 2005 and 2010). And the majority of people do try to abstain, but 10 percent of people still get 25 percent or

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  • Gwen Stefani's Comments About Her "Chunky" Body Make Us Sad

    photo: Twitter/Gwen Stefani
    In 1983, Gwen Stefani was just another Sting superfan with a treasured autograph and photo to match. Thirty-one years later, she's got superfans of her own, and some of them weren't too pleased when she tweeted a photo of her first meeting with the singer. Blame the accompanying caption: “Chunky me 1983. Getting @officialsting autograph backstage.” The tweet sent an unintended message to her followers: At 44, Gwen Stefani still thinks she was overweight as a teenager, even though she very clearly wasn't. Cue Twitter outrage:


    If Stefani—indisputable rock star who was once voted as having the “most inspirational mid-riff,” accomplished business woman, and mother of two gorgeous boys with one on

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  • Teen Petitions Disney: Give Us a Plus-Size Princess!

    photo: Walt DisneyIt's no secret that Disney has gotten flak for its blond, white princess archetype, and now a Virginia teen has one more suggestion for the animated film company: Create a plus-size princess.
    On January 24, Jewel Moore, a 17-year-old junior at Fuqua High School in Farmville, Virginia, launched a petition asking Disney to give us an interesting female character who isn't stick-thin. As of Friday afternoon, it had almost 2,000 signatures.

    More on Yahoo Shine: Disney Princess Makeover Sparks Outrage: Merida Petition Goes Viral

    "It's extremely difficult to find a positive representation of plus-size females in the media. If Disney could make a plus-size female protagonist who was as bright, amazing, and memorable as their others, it would do a world of good for those plus-size girls out there who are bombarded with images that make them feel ugly for not fitting the skinny standard," Jewel writes in the petition. "Disney films are highly influential and wide-spread, and they

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  • 'Muppet Police Sketch' Mocked by Internet Leads to Arrest. Who's Laughing Now?

    Photos: Lamar County Sheriff's Department and eParisExtra.comA police sketch that was publicly mocked for its resemblance to a Muppet actually helped nab a suspect earlier this week in Texas.

    The drawing of the man was based on the description given to a forensic artist by two unidentified victims: a 77-year-old woman and her 57-year-old daughter, who were robbed at knifepoint in broad daylight.

    The drawing quickly became the laughingstock of the Internet for its resemblance to a cartoon (chubby cheeks, a too-thin lip line, dopey eyes).



    But on Jan. 28, when a local police officer

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  • Too Much of This Might Double Your Risk of Dementia

    CorbisThe female hormone estrogen keeps a woman’s sex drive humming and her menstrual cycles regular, but women with naturally high levels — especially those who are diabetic — are at risk for dementia, according to a study of 5,644 post-menopausal women published January 29 in the journal Neurology. French researchers found that the risk for dementia more than doubled for women over the age of 65 who had high estrogen levels. For diabetic women, the risk of dementia increased 14-fold. Scientists measured the women's blood levels of estrogen and then checked them again four years later, comparing the estrogen levels they had observed in 543 women without dementia with those in 132 women who had been diagnosed with it.

    Estrogen therapy (medicine to replace the female hormones that the body stops making after women reach menopause, usually around age 50) has long been hailed for soothing the symptoms of menopause, but there’s been debate in the science world in regard to its safety. In 2002,

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