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  • Nicki Minaj Claims She Was Airbrushed 'Wrong.' What Does That Really Mean?

    ESPNNicki Minaj is not happy. On Thursday, the singer took to Instagram to scold ESPN The Magazine about alleged re-touching applied to her cover photo with Kobe Bryant for the magazine's music issue.

    On Thursday, Minaj posted to Instagram an original photo from her shoot, captioning it, "When retouching goes wrong" and added, "I love my personal un-touched photos where my forehead doesn't mysteriously grow in length."

    The photos she posted weren't shot from the same angle as the cover photo, but Minaj does look considerably different — on the finished product, her forehead and nose look pretty lengthened.

    Here's the thing: While it's worth paying attention to any celebrity who brings attention to extreme airbrushing, doing so for the right reasons is just as key. Minaj's fans cheered the singer for "calling out" the magazine for airbrushing, but back up — Minaj doesn't claim to be against re-touched photos; rather, she doesn't appreciate when retouching "goes wrong."

    Instagram/Nicki MinajMore on Yahoo Shine:

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  • Weird Reasons You Can't Sleep: Your Phone, Your Bra, Your Dinner

    Getty ImagesYou finally have a legitimate reason not to respond to a late-night email from your boss: According to a new study conducted by Michigan State University, people who use their phones for work-related purposes after 9 p.m. don't sleep that well and are less productive the following day.

    "We studied work-related phone calls, emails, and text messages because engaging in work before bed doesn't allow people to disengage from their day, unlike more relaxing activities like texting with a friend," lead study author Russell Johnson, an assistant professor of management, tells Yahoo Shine. "We chose to study 9 p.m. because studies show that most people fall asleep anywhere between 9 p.m. and 1 a.m."

    Interestingly, when compared to people who engaged in other stimulating activities, such as watching "excessive" amounts of television before bed (two hours of viewing or more), those who used their phones slept the worst. "Smartphones are the most disruptive gadgets because they're portable, so

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  • Meet Diesel's Awesome, Unconventional New Spokesmodel

    DieselIt started, like most things, on Facebook. Jillian Mercado, a 26-year-old fashion blogger with a condition called spastic muscular dystrophy, spotted a casting call for models on Diesel's Facebook page and decided to throw her hat in the ring. Cut to 2014 and Mercado is not only the face of the spring/summer ad campaign, but also the designer brand's first model in a wheelchair. 

    "I've always wanted to be in the fashion world, despite the obvious obstacles in my way, but I try to have a strong and positive attitude," Mercado tells Yahoo Shine. In the ad, a platinum blond Mercado is sitting in her chair, wearing a denim dress with a slit on the skirt, posing next to visual artist James Astronaut. "I was super nervous for this shoot because I'm not used to being in front of the camera," she says.

    If her nerves were in anyway frayed, Diesel's fashion director, Nicola Formichetti, didn't pick up on it. "The thing about Jillian is that she doesn't let people worry about her," Formichetti

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  • New Billionaire Sheryl Sandberg: What We Can Learn From Her

    Getty Images It's official: Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, 44, is a billionaire — one of the youngest females ever to reach that status — thanks to a spike in the value of shares of the social networking site on Tuesday, according to a ranking from Bloomberg. But it's not just Sandberg's achievements at Facebook that earned her a top spot on the billionaire list. With the publication last year of her best-selling book, "Lean In," Sandberg has inspired a generation of women to gun for success in the office, gender biases be damned. Here are 10 of Sandberg's most valuable career lessons.

    Don't fear the unknown: During an ABC News/Yahoo Newsmakers interview in March, Sandberg shared a humbling moment from a meeting with her future boss. Back in 2001, former Google CEO Eric Schmidt offered her a job with a vague description. When Sandberg questioned the terms, Schmidt balked. "First he said, 'Sheryl, don't be an idiot.' Which is excellent career advice," said Sandberg. "But the next thing he said was,

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  • Cate Blanchett Has Us Asking: Is Hollywood's Red Carpet Sexist?

    E! EntertainmentSparkly, floor-length couture gowns are both an award show staple and — let's be honest — a major reason viewers sit through stuffy speeches and awkward quips from Ryan Seacrest. But actress Cate Blanchett has called BS on the way women are seen on the red carpet.

    On Saturday, during the SAG Awards, the E! crew stopped Blanchett, who was wearing a long, pink Givenchy gown, with its "Glam Cam," part of a segment where the camera slowly pans an actress's body from head-to-toe so viewers can get a closer look at her outfit. But instead of playing along, Blanchett crouched down and asked, "Do you do that to the guys?"

    While the answer to that is a little obvious — how many people want to see 12 different variations of a man's tuxedo, no matter how cute the dude? — Blanchett's comments underscore a type of Hollywood sexism specific to the red carpet.

    For starters, take how our obsession with red carpet fashion can overshadow an actress's accomplishments. Case in point: In January, Hayden

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  • Kids Snorting Smarties. Is This for Real?

    The Birmingham News/Voncille WilliamsFile this in incredibly dumb ideas: Kids are reportedly crushing up Smarties candy and snorting it, according to Portsmouth Middle School officials, who sent a note home to parents on Thursday warning them about an "unsafe, new trend."

    Here's how it works: Kids crush the candy into a fine powder while it's still in its wrapper, tear off the end, and pour it onto a surface, then use a piece of rolled up paper to snort it through their nose. Another method includes pouring the powder into the mouth, inhaling, and blowing out the smoke through the nose, similar to a smoker's exhale.

    And while it's hard to see the allure in snorting a combination of dextrose, citric acid, and natural and artificial flavors, that doesn't stop kids from inhaling the pastel-colored, chalky, tarty treat, reportedly in droves. That's a big mistake, says Jeremy Fine, MD, a Los Angeles based medical concierge internist. "The side effects of inhaling Smarties include nasal scarring, infection, and if you inhale

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  • Happy 92nd Birthday, Betty White! 6 Lessons From Our Favorite 'Golden Girl'

    Betty White turned 92 years old on Friday and while her television career has spanned seven decades, it's the seven years she spent playing simple-minded but lovable Rose Nylund on the hit series "The Golden Girls"  – the '80s sitcom about four older women navigating life and love while living together in Miami – that we remember most. Between Rose's romances; her friendships with her roommates Sofia, Dorothy, and Blanche; her endless arsenal of St. Olaf stories; and lots of cheesecake, we learned a lot about, well, everything. Here are six long-lasting lessons Rose taught us.

    Never change for a guy:
    Rose is giddy when she meets her soon-to-be serious boyfriend Miles, a college professor. She's falling in love, but Miles and his intellectual, bookish friends intimidate her. Worried that she's not smart enough for him, Rose backs out of their date one night, convincing Blanche to take her place. After learning that Miles had a miserable time without her, Rose bares her insecurities

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  • Jezebel Spent $10K for These Pics of Lena Dunham. Why?

    Check out the original image (with the lowered neckline). Image courtesy of Jezebel

    The women's website Jezebel proudly revealed untouched photos from actress Lena Dunham's controversial Vogue photo shoot. However, the move didn't resonate with fans of the actress, who slammed Jezebel's stunt as "cruel" and "stupid" on Twitter. Vogue also chimed in, posting an outtake from the shoot on its Instagram page, of Dunham posing with a pigeon on her head. The caption read, "The VOGUE pigeon. Any questions?"

    It all started on Wednesday, when Dunham's Vogue cover was released online, portraying a gorgeous shot from the chest up. Almost immediately, the Internet began buzzing about the image, with many fans complaining that the magazine had cropped the actress's curvy body out of the frame and applied too much airbrushing to the inside shots (slimming her down, erasing her arm). In response to the public outcry, Jezebel offered a $10,000 prize to anyone (i.e. someone who works in the art department at Vogue) who could pass along the comedian's untouched photos for all to view.

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  • 8 Things You'll See at Every 'Bachelor' Wedding


    "The Bachelor" weddings are like meteor showers — they occur once in a great while. But one is happening soon! Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudice, who got engaged during the 17th season of "The Bachelor," will be the fourth couple in the show's 12-year history to tie the knot in televised nuptials on ABC. And while the couple's January 26 wedding will be a tad different from the rest — Lowe is preserving his virginity until his wedding night — there are some unmistakable hallmarks of a "Bachelor" wedding. Here are eight you'll be sure to spot:

    The wedding promo is usually described as, "The most romantic event ever" and "A magical day to remember."


    Insensitive references to the women who have visited "The Fantasy Suite" with the groom. Exhibit A: At Jason Mesnik's 2010 nuptials, one his guests made a joke about how Mesnik had initially proposed to another "Bachelor" contestant before changing his mind and choosing Molly.


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  • That Thing You Do All Day May Cut Your Life Short

    photo: CorbisAnyone with an office job can attest to that achy, crampy, stir-crazy feeling of being stuck sitting at your desk all day. What you may not know is that sitting all day can also be deadly, even if you work out regularly, according to the results of a forthcoming study conducted by Cornell University.

    The study of 93,000 women found that those who are sedentary the longest during waking hours die earlier than those who are more active. In fact, women who logged 11 hours of sitting time had a 12 percent increase in premature mortality from causes such as cardiovascular disease, coronary heart disease, and cancer by 13, 27, and 21 percent, respectively.

    Sitting wreaks havoc on your health because, when your body stops moving, that causes a decline in metabolic activity and chips away muscle mass, increases insulin resistance (which can lead to diabetes), and, over time, can lead to obesity. Not to mention, it wrecks your posture.

    More on Yahoo Shine: 3 Surprisingly Easy Things You Can Do

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