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  • 'Muppet Police Sketch' Mocked by Internet Leads to Arrest. Who's Laughing Now?

    Photos: Lamar County Sheriff's Department and eParisExtra.comA police sketch that was publicly mocked for its resemblance to a Muppet actually helped nab a suspect earlier this week in Texas.

    The drawing of the man was based on the description given to a forensic artist by two unidentified victims: a 77-year-old woman and her 57-year-old daughter, who were robbed at knifepoint in broad daylight.

    The drawing quickly became the laughingstock of the Internet for its resemblance to a cartoon (chubby cheeks, a too-thin lip line, dopey eyes).



    But on Jan. 28, when a local police officer

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  • Too Much of This Might Double Your Risk of Dementia

    CorbisThe female hormone estrogen keeps a woman’s sex drive humming and her menstrual cycles regular, but women with naturally high levels — especially those who are diabetic — are at risk for dementia, according to a study of 5,644 post-menopausal women published January 29 in the journal Neurology. French researchers found that the risk for dementia more than doubled for women over the age of 65 who had high estrogen levels. For diabetic women, the risk of dementia increased 14-fold. Scientists measured the women's blood levels of estrogen and then checked them again four years later, comparing the estrogen levels they had observed in 543 women without dementia with those in 132 women who had been diagnosed with it.

    Estrogen therapy (medicine to replace the female hormones that the body stops making after women reach menopause, usually around age 50) has long been hailed for soothing the symptoms of menopause, but there’s been debate in the science world in regard to its safety. In 2002,

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  • Parents Allow Kids to Play on Multimillion-Dollar Tate Sculpture (Seriously)

    photo:Stephanie Theodore/TwitterRule number one for art lovers of any age: Don't touch the sculptures at the museum. One couple broke that cardinal rule on Sunday by allowing their children to crawl all over a multimillion-dollar sculpture at Tate Modern in London.

    Stephanie Theodore, a visiting gallery owner from Brooklyn, New York witnessed the children clambering over the installation by American artist Donald Judd and snapped a photo of the scene, posting it on Twitter with the caption, "Holy c**p. Horrible kids, horrible parents," to the horror of the Internet. Outrage, in 140 characters or less, followed:

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  • Sexercise: The Workout Trend that Needs to Die

    Jason Rosell/TwitterThought it wasn't possible for another "Sexercise" workout to exist? Ha. "Sexpert" Jason Rosell, best known as Latin lover "Heat," a castoff on the reality/train-wreck show "I Love New York," has announced that he's releasing a 32-minute workout that includes "squats, lunges and booty pops designed to tone glutes, quads and calves so couples can keep going all night long." As Rosell told the New York Daily News about the video, available next week, "It gives you that longevity on the dance floor — or the bedroom." Oh, and it's being promoted with this "sexy" (read: full of gyrating women) video clip. Ugh.

    Sexercise classes has been around forever — There's Pole-lates, Stiletto Step, and Strip Bar, just to name a few. And while there's nothing wrong with amping up your exercise routine to look and feel sexier, the sexercise trend seemingly cashes in on exploiting two areas women feel super-insecure about — their figures and their sex lives — to varying degrees. Crunch Fitness's

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  • Scorned Wife Who Donated Kidney to Husband Wants it Back. Whaa?

    Andy and Samantha in "Diet or My Husband Dies" (photo: BBC)A wife who donated a kidney to her ailing husband who allegedly cheated on her after the operation, has changed her mind about the donation. And yes, that means she wants it back.

    U.K. couple Samantha and Andy Lamb have been married since 2007. Four years ago, after Andy's kidneys started failing, he began undergoing thrice-weekly dialysis sessions. In an effort to save her husband's life, Samantha, now 41, offered up one of her kidneys, which Andy, now 45, gratefully accepted. Sounds like a sweet story, right? The BBC even documented the couple's journey as they underwent the organ transplant in a documentary called "Diet or My Husband Dies."

    But soon after the operation (for which Samantha had to lose weight in order to undergo), she began to suspect that Andy was cheating. He was moody and distant, and was spending a lot of time on his computer, according to her interview with Britain's the Mirror Online. Samantha didn't have proof until she stumbled upon his online sex sessions

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  • Man With Cancer Writes Awesomely Sweet Daily Notes to Daughter

    Richmond Times-Dispatch via Garth Callaghan/FacebookYou'll want to call your dad after this one. A Virginia man who has been diagnosed with cancer three times and has been given an 8 percent chance of survival has concocted an incredibly sweet plan to stay in the heart and mind of his 14-year-old daughter after he's gone: He's writing her one note a day until she graduates from high school.

    Garth Callaghan, a 44-year-old business development manager at an IT staffing company, has been writing daily notes for his daughter, Emma, and leaving them in her lunch bag for the last nine years. The notes began as a way for the father-daughter duo to stay connected throughout their busy days, but they took on new meaning after Callaghan was diagnosed with prostate cancer and kidney cancer (the latter twice) starting in November 2011. While Callaghan is staying positive, he knows there's a chance he won't live to see Emma graduate and has decided to make the notes his legacy, in the hopes of leaving his daughter with the best guidance possible. So

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  • Whoa, Science: Woman Might Be Pregnant Using Womb She Once Occupied

    Swedish doctors conduct a practice session before a womb transplant operation. (Photo: AP/JOHAN WINBORG)It sounds like a futuristic medical miracle: A woman born without a womb gets a shot at giving birth to a baby after undergoing a womb transplant (with her own mother serving as the donor) followed by a successful embryo transfer.

    But it's actually happened.

    Now, if a pregnancy results, the unidentified woman (who used her own egg in the procedure) will become the first to give birth from a transplanted womb and the baby would be the first born to a mother using the same womb she was born from.

    "We are hopeful that a baby will be produced in nine months," Mats Brannstrom, professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Sweden's University of Gothenburg, who led the transplant team, tells Yahoo Shine. "Right now, we have to wait and see. Even if the embryo is high-quality, there's still a 25 percent chance that it will result in a baby." Incidentally, those are the same odds an average woman has of an embryo turning into a viable pregnancy, and, according to Brannstorm, the fact that the womb

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  • Nicki Minaj Claims She Was Airbrushed 'Wrong.' What Does That Really Mean?

    ESPNNicki Minaj is not happy. On Thursday, the singer took to Instagram to scold ESPN The Magazine about alleged re-touching applied to her cover photo with Kobe Bryant for the magazine's music issue.

    On Thursday, Minaj posted to Instagram an original photo from her shoot, captioning it, "When retouching goes wrong" and added, "I love my personal un-touched photos where my forehead doesn't mysteriously grow in length."

    The photos she posted weren't shot from the same angle as the cover photo, but Minaj does look considerably different — on the finished product, her forehead and nose look pretty lengthened.

    Here's the thing: While it's worth paying attention to any celebrity who brings attention to extreme airbrushing, doing so for the right reasons is just as key. Minaj's fans cheered the singer for "calling out" the magazine for airbrushing, but back up — Minaj doesn't claim to be against re-touched photos; rather, she doesn't appreciate when retouching "goes wrong."

    Instagram/Nicki MinajMore on Yahoo Shine:

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  • Weird Reasons You Can't Sleep: Your Phone, Your Bra, Your Dinner

    Getty ImagesYou finally have a legitimate reason not to respond to a late-night email from your boss: According to a new study conducted by Michigan State University, people who use their phones for work-related purposes after 9 p.m. don't sleep that well and are less productive the following day.

    "We studied work-related phone calls, emails, and text messages because engaging in work before bed doesn't allow people to disengage from their day, unlike more relaxing activities like texting with a friend," lead study author Russell Johnson, an assistant professor of management, tells Yahoo Shine. "We chose to study 9 p.m. because studies show that most people fall asleep anywhere between 9 p.m. and 1 a.m."

    Interestingly, when compared to people who engaged in other stimulating activities, such as watching "excessive" amounts of television before bed (two hours of viewing or more), those who used their phones slept the worst. "Smartphones are the most disruptive gadgets because they're portable, so

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  • Meet Diesel's Awesome, Unconventional New Spokesmodel

    DieselIt started, like most things, on Facebook. Jillian Mercado, a 26-year-old fashion blogger with a condition called spastic muscular dystrophy, spotted a casting call for models on Diesel's Facebook page and decided to throw her hat in the ring. Cut to 2014 and Mercado is not only the face of the spring/summer ad campaign, but also the designer brand's first model in a wheelchair. 

    "I've always wanted to be in the fashion world, despite the obvious obstacles in my way, but I try to have a strong and positive attitude," Mercado tells Yahoo Shine. In the ad, a platinum blond Mercado is sitting in her chair, wearing a denim dress with a slit on the skirt, posing next to visual artist James Astronaut. "I was super nervous for this shoot because I'm not used to being in front of the camera," she says.

    If her nerves were in anyway frayed, Diesel's fashion director, Nicola Formichetti, didn't pick up on it. "The thing about Jillian is that she doesn't let people worry about her," Formichetti

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