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  • Trapped Cat Found After Days Inside Sofa

    Tabby cat via Shutterstock

    By Sid Kirchheimer |

    A cat spent five days trapped inside a sofa donated to a London thrift store before the new purchasers of the second-hand furniture did a first-class act: They ripped up the sofa to free the couch potato pet, tracked down his owners and returned him.

    Crockett, a 10-year-old tabby, apparently snuck inside the sofa after it was partially disassembled for hauling to the thrift store.

    "We can't believe how he must have tucked himself into the sofa during the short time the bottom was removed and remained silent for so long," said pet parent Pauline Lowe.

    The sofa reportedly went through "normal routine checks" by thrift store employees before being sold on March 27. One day later, the BBC reports, the new owners heard meowing from beneath the material - and then saw two claws poking out.

    "In order to release the cat they had to rip the material under the sofa," recalls the thrift store manager.

    During Crockett's time in sofa

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  • 6 Funny Looking Dog Breeds


    Photo by Kevin Hellon via Shutterstock

    Though we love our "muttigrees" for their individual personalities and varied good looks, there are some breeds that take unique to an entirely new level. We've asked Victoria Schade, dog trainer, speaker and author of Bonding with Your Dog: A Trainer's Secrets for Building a Better Relationship to share the most unusual looking dog breeds.
    Of course, if you're researching breeds, we recommend you take disposition into account way before good looks. The most important part of finding the pet for you is committing to a critter who will become a true part of your family.

    #1 - Xoloitzcuintli:
    One of the oldest known dog breeds, the Xoloitzcuintli (pronounced shoh-loyts-kweent-lee), or Xolo, is also known as the "Mexican hairless dog." The breed is believed to have been brought stateside during the migration across the Bering Strait an estimated 12,000 years ago and has remained on the list of known breeds since. Prized as a companion and a guard dog, Xolos are

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  • 8 Small Dog Breeds with Big Personalities

    This is a Pekingese from Shutterstock

    By Carol Bryant |

    It is said that big things come in small packages, and judging by these stature-challenged dogs, we couldn't agree more. While all canines have some nuance that makes them unique, we're dogged in believing that these eight small breeds truly have bigger-than-average personalities.

    #1 - Standard Schnauzer

    This spirited, loyal and loving dog is one of the three Schnauzer breeds (the others being Giant and Miniature). Originating in Germany and bred to protect livestock and keep vermin away, they are intelligent, pack-pleasers who overflow in personality and are fun (if not humorous) to watch. Truly a pint-sized pooch who knows how to live large, this breed is so addictive that many Standard Schnauzer owners have more than one.

    #2 - Russell Terrier

    A distinct breed from the more popular "Jack" or "Parson," this Russell Terrier is alert, inquisitive and eager. But mostly, they're known for being high-energy - and that's an understatement.

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  • 10 Most Mischievous Dog Breeds

    Mischievous Dog RunningBy

    From gnawing on shoes to truly Dog Shaming-worthy acts of mischief, it can seem like our dogs are always finding a way to get into something. Convinced your dog may be the only one? Fortunately, the experts at the American Kennel Club are here to share the 10 most mischievous breeds and provide tips for keeping your particularly playful pup entertained. See if your breed made the list.

    #1 - Pyrenean Shepherd

    Developed in the French Pyrenees Mountains as a herding dog, the Pyrenean Shepherd covered up to 25 miles each day with their shepherds, with just two dogs being responsible for flocks of 1,000 sheep. In addition to their work in the hills, Pyrenean Shepherds were used as war dogs in WWI and were known for being "the most intelligent, cunning, able and fastest" among all the breeds used, according to the officer in charge of war dogs. Needless to say, this breed loves to work and is very active.

    "If a Pyrenean Shepherd is not involved in the day's

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  • Top 10 Cat Breeds for Kids

    Cat Breeds Great For KidsBy Jessica Remitz |

    Looking for the perfect feline friend to add to your bustling household? Take a look at one of these family-friendly breeds, and get some tips on how to teach kids how to care for their pets.

    #1 - American Curl

    Recognized by their alert expression and ears that curl into a graceful arc, American Curls are faithful, affectionate companions that adjust easily to other pets, children and new situations, said Cat Fanciers' Association spokesperson Jodell Raymond. A very people-oriented breed, American Curls love following their owners around the home and love being involved in whatever their people are up to, similarly to dogs.

    #2 - American Shorthair

    With good looks, a history of good health and a sweet personality, American Shorthairs make gentle companions and excellent playmates for children. The breed originated from cats following settlers from Europe to North America, Raymond said, and is amiable to both children and other household

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  • Cat Shot with Arrow Helps Family Fill a Hole in Their Hearts

    Photo of Quiver from The Spectrum Facebook Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell |

    ST. GEORGE, UTAH -- A cat shot with an arrow and subsequently named Quiver, has healed, helping her adopted parents fill some holes of their own.

    The couple suffered an injury to their own hearts when, shortly after seeing Quiver's "cat shot with arrow" story, their 17-year-old cat, Powder, passed away.

    "We just had an empty hole in our hearts, and we needed to fill it," Valerie (who asked that their last name not be used to avoid unwanted media attention) told The Spectrum newspaper . "She's just filled it right to the top. We've always just had one animal at a time and have loved them and been devoted to them."

    Quiver's Arrow Injury

    Quiver, a feral cat, had been living in a park. She was found there over a month ago with a hole between her nasal passage and mouth, cuts to her tongue and esophagus, and puncture wound on her left shoulder where the arrow left her body.

    The case drew national and international media attention.

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  • 7 Things that Destroy Your Dog's Spirit

    Things that destroy your dog's spiritBy Carol Bryant |

    No and stop it! Get off and sit down! Shut up and stop barking!

    If that's all you heard day and day out, just how low would your spirits sink? We know beyond a reasonable doubt that dogs feel sorrow, they get depressed, and the very essence of who they are as a species is threatened by a very common predator: Mankind. Here are seven things that are guaranteed to destroy the spirit of your dog.

    Best advice ever: Do none of these, but read on to see how many you hear about, read about, or engage in daily.

    Scold/Yell/Rubbing a Dog's Nose in Waste For Relieving Himself In the House: Dogs know we are mad at them when we yell for their "peeing or pooping" in the house is a myth. Finding a puddle of piddle in the house may not be pleasant for humans, but dogs do not feel guilt when humans disapprove. Instead, they are reacting to the emotional response of their owner, regardless of when the accident occurred. Screaming or yelling reinforces bullying

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  • 10 Spoiled Rotten Dog Breeds

    Spoiled Rotten Dog BreedsBy Carol Bryant |

    If you think your dog is a pampered pooch, you'd be in mighty fine company. According to various pet industry resources, the ongoing trend of pet humanization contributes to the above and beyond pampering of our dogs. As we are knee deep in 2014, the pampering trend continues as an increase in the disposable income of the average American coupled with the pet humanization means spending on pooch pampering goes up. With that in mind, here are ten breeds that get our wag of approval as ten of the most pampered breeds seen prancing around town.

    #1 - Poodle

    Let's get the oh-so-regal and beautifully coifed Poodle out of the way in the first slot. When watching a dog show on television, the prancing Poodle is almost always a show stopper with her coifed hair, immaculate grooming, and "how did they get her coat so white" luster. These dogs actually excel in dog sports and related activities, but they tend to be best known for their show coat. Their

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  • Dog Saves Owner's Life with the Heimlich Maneuver

    Image Credit: otsphoto via Shutterstockby Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell |

    A Springer Spaniel named Mollypops is enjoying a new squeaky chicken and some treats of her own for saving her dog mom's life in a most unusual way.

    Rachel Hayes just ate a piece of hard candy, which lodged in her throat. Choking, coughing and not able to talk, Mollypops came up from behind the woman and hit her in the back so hard that it dislodged the treat, in effect performing the Heimlich maneuver.

    According to the U.K's the Mirror, Hayes sat down at her kitchen table and popped a strawberry candy into her mouth. When she knew she was in trouble, she said her dog kept coming up to her, but she kept pushing Mollypops away.

    "I was having difficulty breathing but Mollypops' sixth sense kicked in and she knew I was in trouble," Hayes said.

    After the rescue, Hayes said she was crying and shaking because she thought she was going to die.

    "I just burst out crying and said, 'I love you.' She came over for a cuddle and I cuddled

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  • 8 Trendiest Mixed Dog Breeds

    Cavapoo via ShutterstockBy
    While we've all heard of the Labradoodle and the Cockapoo, there are a variety of equally cuddly -oodle and -poo mixes climbing the ranks as trendiest mixed breed dogs. We've compiled web search data by volume to put together a list of mixes people are most interested in to-date. See if your mutt makes the list.

    View All Photos of the 8 Trendiest Mixed Breed Dogs

    A cross between a Schnauzer and a Poodle, the Schnoodle has the intelligence of the Poodle and loyalty of the Schnauzer. Alert, and assertive, Schnoodles can make excellent watchdogs and loving family pets. Energetic and obedient, the Schnoodle gets along well with children and other pets and can excel in agility and other dog sports. Poodle mixes like the Schnoodle are also popular because they shed minimally. "[A reason] people give for wanting poodle crosses is to have a dog that does not shed, which most who have one say is quite nice," said Jessica Vogelsang, a practicing veterinarian in Read More »from 8 Trendiest Mixed Dog Breeds


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