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  • 8 Dog Breeds that Will Tickle Your Funny Bone

    French Bulldog via ShutterstockBy: Carol Bryant |

    Laugh Out Loud Dog Breeds
    Does your dog make you laugh more than most people? Have you ever met a dog whose antics rival that of some of the best comedians? In fact, dogs are great joke tellers; just watch their tail or tushie wag to and fro when they do something to make you laugh out loud, literally.

    Some dog breeds have more of a comedic funny bone running through their skeletal system than others. Though all dogs have a propensity to make us laugh, here are 8 dog breeds who are actually comedians in a dog's body. See how many of these tickle your fancy and with which you agree.

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    Bull Terrier
    This stout and sturdy pooch is described as playful and clownish on the official AKC breed information website. In fact, the AKC goes so far as to describe the Bully as a "three-year-old child in a dog suit." What makes him so comedic, according to Bull Terrier fanciers, is his charming Read More »from 8 Dog Breeds that Will Tickle Your Funny Bone
  • 5 Chattiest Cat Breeds

    Siamese Cat via ShutterstockBy Samantha Drake |

    What is your cat trying to tell you? Whatever it is, you should pay attention.

    Some cats vocalize more often than others, but they all have their own set of kitty sounds, from meowing and trilling to get their people's attention to chirps and chattering when on the hunt or while bird watching, to purring with contentment. And let's not forget the hissing, growling, and howling.

    Cat owners often say they can tell what their pet's different communications mean. Depending on the pitch and volume of a cat's meow, trill, or chirp, he or she could be saying "feed me now," "pet me now," "I want that," or if you're lucky, "welcome home!"

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    Here are 5 of the most vocal cat breeds.

    1. Siamese
    This breed is the first that comes to mind when the subject of talkative cats comes up and is often referred to as a "chatterbox." Siamese cats have a distinctive cry that sounds like a human baby as well as a Read More »from 5 Chattiest Cat Breeds
  • 6 Deceptively Gentle Dog Breeds

    Saint Bernard via ShutterstockBy: Cheryl Lock |

    You know how the saying goes: Never judge a book by its cover. The same can be said of dogs, believe it or not. While some breeds may appear rough and tumble from the outside, you might actually be surprised how many of those breeds that appear menacing are, in fact, nothing but cuddly pups just waiting to be loved.

    We contacted the American Kennel Club to find out what some of the most popular "deceptively docile" dog breeds are. Here's a list of the top six.

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    Great Dane
    With their large and strong build, Great Danes may appear intimidating at first, but the breed is actually known as a "gentle giant" due to their calm and loving dispositions. These dogs make great family pets, needing minimal grooming and daily exercise, according to the AKC.

    Although they're one of the biggest breeds recognized by the AKC, Mastiffs are actually gentle and loyal companions to their owners.

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  • America's 5 Most Talented Dogs

    Image via Paul Michael Hughes, Guinness World RecordsBy:
    Think your dog can perform incredible feats? While destroying an "indestructible" chew toy in less than one minute is pretty impressive, here are five dogs with truly record-breaking skills, according to the Guinness World Records.

    A Balloon-Popping Machine

    The fastest time to pop 100 balloons by a dog is 44.49 seconds, a record set by a Jack Russell Terrier named Anastasia, owned by Doree Sitterly on the set of Live with Regis and Kelly in Los Angeles on February 24th, 2008.

    One Noisy Dog
    The loudest bark by a dog measured 113.1 decibels and was produced by a Golden Retriever named Charlie, owned by Belinda Freebairn of Australia during the Purina Bark in the Park event in Rymill Park, Adelaide on October 20th 2012.

    The Greenest Pup on Earth
    A Labrador named Tubby, owned by Sandra Gilmore, of Pontnewydd, Torfaen, United Kingdom, has helped recycle an estimated 26,000 plastic bottles over the past six years by collecting them on his daily walks, crushing

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  • 6 Cuddliest Dog Breeds

    Bichon Frise via ShutterstockBy Cheryl Lock |

    There's so much to love about our pups. Their sloppy kisses. The way they love us unconditionally. The way they're never, ever disappointed in us. And those cuddles? Oh, the cuddles!

    Of course a cuddle with any pup is something we'll happily accept any day - but a cuddle with a super fluffy pup? Well that just makes all the sorrows in the world melt away.

    While most pups are at least a little fluffy, there are certain breeds that really up the fluff factor. We contacted the American Kennel Club to find out which breeds are known specifically for their fluffiness. Keep in mind - a fluffy pup is fun, but they also require a little extra TLC in the grooming department. You need shampoo and a brush that's right for your dog's coat type - for example, a natural-bristle brush works best for short coats, according to the AKC, a comb for long coats and a pin brush for double coats and heavy shedders - and it's important to brush all the way down to your

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  • 9 Most Expensive Cat Breeds

    Maine Coon Cat via ShutterstockBy:
    Curious about the breeds of cat that can cost the most buck? While the value and expenses associated with a certain breed can vary depending upon your location, whether or not your cat was bred for show and the type of breeder you use, there are certain breeds that continuously come out on top.

    Here's a look at the most expensive cat breeds.

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    Cost: $4,000-$20,000
    An exceptionally exotic breed of cat that looks strikingly similar to its ancestor, the African Serval, the Savannah is recognizable by its spotted coat, which can vary from brown, tan, silver or black with dark spots. They're also known for their large, tall ears that are situated at the top of its head. A curious and adventurous breed, Savannahs are loyal and active, requiring lots of daily interaction and attention. According to the experts at petMD, their one of the healthiest breeds and have no known established health problems, despite Read More »from 9 Most Expensive Cat Breeds
  • 10 Signs Your Dog is Your Best Friend

    Dog smiling via ShutterstockBy: Dorri Olds |

    It's not that having a human BFF is a bad thing. It's just that your dog makes it clear, every second, that you matter more than anyone else in the world.

    And we're not saying you're needy, either. But your dog is in awe of you. You feed his soul with food, walks, sleep, and play. If he could build you a shrine, he would.

    In case you're still on the fence about whether your dog, or that friend you've had since you were five, is your true bestie, see how they each stack up against the 10 things my dog does to prove his devotion:

    He Never, Ever, Leaves Me Alone
    Buddy's friendship means I never have to feel alone again. He makes it clear I will never have to take even one step without him. Whether I walk to the computer or across the living room, he is closer than a shadow. So close I have to be careful not to step on his paws.

    He is My Bathroom Hero
    He watches over my safety in the bathroom. He has taught me not to close the door tightly or

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  • 22 Craziest Animal Laws

    Mugshot of dog via ShutterstockBy: Valerie Trumps |

    These crazy animal laws make us think lawmakers everywhere are itching to be comedians.

    1. When in Alaska, do not ever shove a live moose out of an airplane midflight.

    2. And you can shoot a bear, but don't wake him up from sleeping to take his photograph.

    3. In the town of Juneau, AK, keep your flamingo out of barber shops.

    4. In Arkansas, make sure all cows walking down Main Street are home before 1:00 PM on Sunday.

    5. In Belvedere, CA, dogs are not allowed in public places without their masters on leashes (they may want to rethink the wording of this one).

    6. Apparently dogs in Colorado can read, because the dog catcher must notify them of potential impounding by posting a notice on a tree for three days prior.

    7. Hartford, CT dogs are not so fortunate, because it is illegal to educate them.

    8. Cats in heat must be silenced in Columbus, GA, where they are not allowed to howl after 9 PM.

    9. Same goes for dogs in Little

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  • 7 Dog Myths that Lead to Mishaps

    Puppy via ShutterstockBy Carol Bryant |
    Why is it that dogs are often at fault and take the blame for human ignorance and/or error? There are some commonly held myths that are simply old wives tales, urban legend, or perhaps a combination of both.

    Petting a Dog Because He's Cute

    Fact: Well, not always. I recall a dog trainer friend asking me one time if I liked strangers to hug me without warning. Apparently, dogs don't like it very much either. I've gone so far as to ask someone if I can pet their dog or if he or she is friendly. Though dogs can behave differently if startled or provoked, one should never pet a dog without asking his owner first and only if the dog is exhibiting proper body language that being petted is acceptable. A dog whose ears are back or whose tail is tucked between his legs is clearly telling you to back off. If a dog feels threatened, he will bite. Come to think of it, I might, too, if you extend an uninvited hug.

    Myth: Letting a Dog in a Car Alone

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  • 10 Monstrous Dog Breeds

    Saint Bernard via ShutterstockBy

    With hearts as big as their bodies, extra-large dog breeds have been used as guard dogs, working animals and trusted companions of humans for centuries across the world. Here are the 10 largest breeds, along with a few tips for bringing home and caring for one of these gentle giants.

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    Irish Wolfhound
    The only breed on the list not in the working group, this hound is the tallest of all breeds, said Wayne Ferguson, president of the Kennel Club of Philadelphia and past president of the American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation. Also one of the oldest breeds in existence, the Irish Wolfhound was bred and used for hunting wolves, deer and boar but has since become a beloved companion and family dog. Patient and affectionate with children and friendly with other dogs, Irish Wolfhounds have tall, long legs, a wide head and a long curved tail. In addition to their impressive size, Irish Wolfhounds are also Read More »from 10 Monstrous Dog Breeds


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