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  • Disney's ‘Frozen’ Star-Studded Red Carpet with Kristen Bell and Cast

  • Top Puppy Names of 2013

    Puppy/via ShutterstockBy Jessica Remitz |

    Looking for the perfect name for your new puppy? Pet360 polled our community and-after more than 300,000 users cast their votes-collected the top puppy names for 2013.

    Boy Puppy Names

    8. Boomer-a great name for a pup with a big, booming personality or a distinctive voice, the name boomer is also used to describe a male kangaroo making it a good fit for Aussie mixes and particularly bouncy puppies alike.

    7. Hawkeye-an Old English name made popular by Marvel Comics in the 1960s and M*A*S*H in the '70s, Hawkeye is experiencing a resurgence with the 2012 film The Avengers. Look for it to remain popular as the series continues into 2015. Fans of the University of Iowa (where the hawkeye mascot reins supreme) may also pick the name Hawkeye to show their school spirit.

    6. Otto-a German name meaning "wealthy," names similar to Otto include Odis and Othello. Pop culture Ottos include super-villain Otto Octavius, or Doctor Octopus, in Marvel Comics

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  • 10 Least Popular Dog Breeds

    Entlebucher Sennenhund/ via ShutterstockBy:Jessica Remitz |

    Looking to expand your pet family with a rare breed of dog? We've asked an expert at the American Kennel Club to share ten lesser-known breeds with a bit of information on how they originated.

    1. The Norwegian Lundehund

    The Norwegian Lundehund
    has several unique characteristics in combination not found in any other dog, including six toes on each foot, ears that fold closed, forward, and backward at will, and the ability to tip their head backwards until it touches their back bone, says AKC spokesperson Lisa Peterson.

    These physical traits all helped the breed perform its original job as a Puffin hunter. When the bird became a protected species in the 1800s, the breed numbers dwindled. They were saved from near-extinction after World War II in Norway, Peterson shares, but their numbers today remain limited. Their even temperament, small size and charming personality makes them a wonderful, easy-to-live-with pet.

    2. Dandie Dinmont Terrier

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  • Seven Dogs Who Dress Better Than You

    By: Carol Bryant |

    Bark is the new black, and some dogs truly have a better wardrobe than most of us, present company included. Dog fashion is all the rage and this is no passing fad. Canines are copying their human counterparts, and what was once considered a fad has emerged as a trend and has now entered mainstream.

    Here are seven pets who rock the couture and have a fashion for canine passion. How many of these dogs are wearing cooler clothes that you've ever donned?

    Image: Cuba

    Stylish Cuba

    Bob Shaughnessy and Dave Lyon are proud parents to Cuba, who has been wearing canine fashions for six years. As the spokes-dog for Pawvogue, an exclusive pet fashion site, Cuba's folks report the Havanese gets excited when the clothes appear.

    "The biggest misconception about pet fashion is that they don't like it," Shaugnessy says. " All of Cuba's friends like wearing fashion as they associate it with very positive things."

    Image: Sophia LorenSophia Loren Can Move Mountains

    Sophia Loren

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  • What Does Your Dog’s Breed Say About You?

    Yorkie Dog Owner/via ShutterstockBy: Valerie Trumps |

    We often choose dogs who are most like us, consciously or not. While these are just generalized impressions, consider if any of these descriptions fit next time you see a friend or neighbor with her dog, or catch a glimpse of yourself walking your best bud in a shop window. The similarities may surprise you.

    Poodle: Very aware of appearance and spends hours in the mirror primping. A bit stand-offish, yet highly excitable and prone to drama. The Poodle's pet parent usually drives a Volvo.
    Yorkie: Wealthy and attention-loving despite initial protests. Only carries designer purses, price is no object for what she wants. This pet parent rolls around in style in her BMW.

    Golden Retriever: Helpful and giving in relationships. Loyal to the ends of the earth and fun loving. Loves hiking, biking and all outdoor activity. The pet parent of the Golden Retriever usually drives a SUV.

    Learn More: Fun Golden Retriever Facts (VIDEO)

    Afghan Hound: Takes a

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  • Top 10 'Pint-Sized' Dog Breeds

    Image of Pomeranian/via Shutterstock

    Great Things Do Come In Small Packages

    If you're thinking of getting a small dog because they're cute, cuddly and quiet, you probably should think again; what they lack in stature, they often make up for in arrogance. Sure, small dogs are cute, and some of them look cuddly, but not all small dog breeds have meek personalities. Like people, small dog breeds come with different personalities, so before you pick up your small, cute friend, it's a good idea to know exactly what you're getting.

    Here are our 10 favorite "pint-sized breed" dogs:

    #10 Skye Terrier
    Not a dog to get if you own cats, as they dislike those of the feline persuasion. Otherwise, the Skye Terrier is extremely dependable, gets along fine with people, and is a great family pet. It is also a great dog for avid outdoorsmen.

    #9 Pekingese
    This small but ferocious dog is a faithful companion. The Pekingese's aggressive nature, however, does make it unsuitable for a family with other pets and kids. Its

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  • 10 Dog Breeds All Wrong for Apartment Dwellers

    Image: Julia Remezova/ via ShutterstockImage: Julia Remezova/ via Shutterstock By: Jessica Remitz|

    Some dog breeds just love to run freely in spacious areas and may just be plain wrong for apartment living. If you call an apartment home these dog breeds may not be for you.

    1. German Shorthaired Pointer
    A versatile hunter known for its scenting power and intelligence, the German Shorthaired Pointer is enthusiastic about work and makes a loyal family watchdog, says AKC spokesperson Lisa Peterson. They're proficient with trailing, retrieving and pointing a variety of game including quail, raccoons, possum, waterfowl and deer. A natural athlete, the German Shorthaired Pointer will need plenty of exercise while their short coat requires minimal grooming.

    2. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

    A lovable house pet and competitor in many dog sports including herding and obedience, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi thrives in the country because of their skills as a cattle driver and all-purpose farm dog. "The breed is bold, friendly and responds well to training, but due to Read More »from 10 Dog Breeds All Wrong for Apartment Dwellers
  • Photo of Blind Dog Hugging His Brother Attracts Scammers

    Photo of Jermaine and Jeffrey via Operation Ava Facebook pageBy: Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell |

    A pair of adoptable Pit Bull-mix siblings captured the hearts of many would-be adopters, as well as the imaginations of some shady characters, when their photo went viral this week.

    The two dogs were first found wandering the streets of Philadelphia. One brother, Jeffrey, is blind, and the other, Jermaine, acts as his seeing-eye dog. Ray Little, director of life saving for Operation Ava, the no kill rescue and shelter which is housing the pair, told Pet360 they are inseparable.

    When a photo of the pair holding each other while sleeping went viral last week, Little says the shelter received a lot of inquiries. By Monday, the organization had approximately 10 viable applications and stopped accepting applications on Tuesday at 5 p.m.

    Operation Ava is being very protective of the celebrity dogs. While Little says staff will do nothing beyond normal protocol to screen potential adopters, they have to be careful, given the dogs' celebrity

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  • Blind Man and His Service Dog Kicked Off US Airways Flight

    Photo of US Airways' Puppy in Flight program from the airline's Facebook page.By Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell |

    A blind man and his service dog were kicked off of a US Airways flight from Philadelphia International Airport to Long Island Wednesday night.

    The incident apparently started when Albert Rizzi was told that his service dog, Doxy, had to be secure under the seat in front of him.

    After the plane waited for an hour to take off, the dog became restless and curled up under Rizzi's feet.

    The airline contends that Rizzi became verbally abusive with flight attendants and when other passengers became involved, the captain came out and told the passengers they will be removed from the aircraft due to safety concerns.

    The flight was eventually cancelled.

    Accounts of what really happened vary from Rizzi and some of the passengers on board.

    "This is a case of a passenger becoming disruptive," Andrew Christie, a spokesman for US Airways told Pet360. "The passenger refused to comply with instructions when crew asked them to."


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  • 5 Fascinating Dog Facts You Don't Know



    Here are five fun, fascinating facts about our furry, canine buddies … quite possibly facts you never knew.

    #5 Radar Ears: No, not in the way they hear things (although dogs certainly can pick up higher frequencies than us humans). Dogs are able to move and pivot their ears like little radar dishes, which is quite useful. To accomplish this, dogs are equipped with twice as many muscles in their ears than the average human. Oh, and let's not forget dog ears are much prettier, and softer.

    #4 Perspiring Pets: Dogs don't sweat the way we do. In fact, their cooling system is built-in. All dogs sweat through the pads on their paws (so watch out for little wet footprints on hot summer days). They also dispense heat (cool down) by panting. So don't worry if your dog is panting on a hot day, he's just turning on his internal air-conditioner. But please be vigilant that your dog doesn't suffer from heat stroke.

    #3 Beware Of Dog: If you think this sign is a modern

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