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  • Bra sizes get an update, but will they fit any better?

    The Jockey Fit Kit is a two step process that can be done at home to help you find your best bra fit. The bra has been around for over a century and we still can't find one that fits. It's been estimated that as many as 85 percent of women in the U.S. wear the wrong size for their frame. If you've ever found your bra strap hanging down by your elbow, you're familiar with this fact. It's not only slightly embarrassing in a high-powered meeting, a poorly-fitted bra can cause sagging, neck and back pain. You'd think by now we'd have a better solution, aside from paying a custom fitter upwards of $400 to fix the problem.

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    "The entire bra purchase process is flawed," Dustin Cohn, Chief Marketing Officer for Jockey International tells Yahoo Shine. "Women are asked to measure their breasts with a tape measure. A woman's breasts are three dimensional, so it doesn't make sense to measure them with a two dimensional method. This changes the way bras support a bigger, bustier woman."

    Jockey, the brand once known best for making men's sporty underwear, is

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  • The Ultimate Summer Beauty Guide

    Look gorgeous all summer long. Photo courtesy of J.CrewThe calendar says spring, but the heat and humidity are screaming summer, which means it's time to change up your beauty routine. Goopy moisturizers and melting eyeliner? No thank you! Some women may steer clear of applying makeup during the sweltering summer months, but there is a way to apply it over your SPF. Here's how to stay pretty no matter how muggy it is outside.

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    One of the first places to get hit with makeup meltdown is the eye area. After meticulously applying eye shadow, eyeliner, and just the right amount of mascara for that pretty, doe-eyed look, most women will notice that at least half of it has already relocated leaving them looking a hot mess. The key to avoiding this? Layering.

    Liner: "Just remember powder, wax [liner], gel," advises MAC Cosmetics senior makeup artist Tiffany Johnston. Start by shaping your eyes with an eye pencil (try NYC Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil, $4, Then, use gel eyeliner to go over the

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  • Deadly Duds: Asos Pulls Radioactive Belt

    These studded peplum belts from Asos tested positive for radioactive activity.

    Sometimes studs can be dangerous. Case in point? The studded peplum leather belt from UK-based fashion online retailer ASOS. The belts tested positive by the U.S. Border Patrol for the radioactive element Cobalt-60, according to a report published Tuesday in the The Guardian. The belt in question was stopped at customs, on it's way into the States. It didn't get very far.

    A spokesman for ASOS released the following statement: "A product supplied to ASOS did not meet UK health and safety standards. ASOS worked with all relevant authorities and undertook a precautionary product recall, in line with our high standards of quality and customer care. No other ASOS product lines are affected."

    According to the Daily Beast, the recall was voluntary and the toxicity levels were low enough that you'd have to wear the belt for 500 hours to really start to worry.

    Why you would wear a studded peplum belt for 500 hours? Don't ask. How the heck did Cobalt-60 become embedded into such a

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  • Twitter Marriage Proposal Goes Viral, Appropriately

    (Twitter/Vine) Curt Buthman became a social media phenomenon Tuesday night with a single tweet. 

    @marshacollier I love you! #WillYouMarryMe

    But that wasn't all. Buthman's tweeted proposal to his girlfriend Marsha Collier included a Vine video, a 6-second moving selfie, featuring Buthman holding up a ring and asking "Marsha, I love you so much, will you marry me, please...please?"

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    Collier, an author who writes about social media and Internet trends for a living, was the perfect recipient. She happened to be moderating a informational chat with Twitter followers at the moment of the surprise proposal. She tells Shine, she watched the Vine video of Buthman proposing with her mother's ring and "was blown away."

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    Vine, a video platform that lets users upload 6-second videos from their smartphones, is fairly new. By all accounts, Buthman's proposal was the first time the platform had been used to pop the question.

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