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  • The Do's and Don'ts of Public Primping

    Be sure to adhere to these do's and don'ts when primping in public. There's a lot of pressure on women to look their absolute best at all times, and with hectic lives that often means we must groom on the go. A survey by U.K. retailer Debenhams found that at least 67 percent of women apply their makeup during their morning commute, while an additional 22 percent also touch up their lipstick or mascara while traveling. More proper ladies may prefer a private trip to the powder room, but there are occasions when public primping is hard to avoid. If you're a lady who can't resist multitasking, these do's and don'ts will keep you looking fabulous without offending those around you.

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    1. DO use your own mirror. Sometimes you need to refresh your lipstick or lipgloss, but do not attempt to use a window reflection, the side mirrors of your vehicle, or sneak a peek via someone else's mirror. Aside from snagging an inaccurate or rushed glimpse of your face, you're merely drawing attention to your awkward

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  • How to Create Beyonce's Smokey Eye

    It's always exciting news to find out Beyonce's makeup secrets! (Photo: Getty Images)

    If you've seen Beyonce onstage (she's currently on "The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour"), then you know her musical performances are nothing short of magic. From those wicked dance moves (how is it even possible to move like that in those heels!?) to that disco-era blue sequined body suit and windblown ombre hair, her look is nothing short of perfection.

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    Of course, Beyonce can't take all the credit. The pop singer has her own beauty guru, make-up artist Sir John, the man responsible for all of her flawless make-up on tour.

    "Each key look we collaborate on has a cosmic sensibility at the core - be it a dark winged shimmering eye that takes on the overall look of the night sky or an angelic ethereal approach that magnifies Beyonce's own brilliance," Sir George revealed recently on Beyonce's Tumblr account,

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  • Our Wipe Obsession: The Best Beauty Wipes

    Removing your makeup nightly is perhaps the most important step in your grooming routine; but after a long day, sometimes the easiest thing is reaching for a makeup wipe. reports that the quick-and-easy removal method has created a boom in the wipe biz.

    "An alternative to a multi-bottle skincare regime, these towelettes claim to cleanse, hydrate, and improve skin tone, all without the messy business of actually having to use water," points out. "And practically every beauty brand worth their salt is making them now."

    Drugstore shelves are completely overstuffed with makeup removing wipes, but a quick walk through the drugstore aisles reveals most of your favorite beauty formulas can now be found in wipe form, too. From nail polish remover to tanning lotion, there's a wipe for that. Here are some of the most useful versions on the market. - Andrea Arterbery, Shine Staff

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  • Why Washing Your Face is so Important

    No matter how tired you are at the end of the day, wash your face! What happens when you don't wash makeup off your face daily? Really bad things.

    Anna Purgslove recently pushed the beauty boundaries by applying layers of new makeup on each day and not washing it off her face before sleeping. The results? She almost developed an eye infection when a mascara-coated eyelash got stuck in her eye and her skin looks like its aged 10 years.

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    Purgslove, a 40-year-old mother of two, wrote in a Daily Mail article that she did the experiment because daily makeup removal "frequently falls off the bottom of the list."

    "How much harm can a bit of war paint really do? Isn't this just another example of beauty companies scaremongering in a bid to flog us yet more skincare products we could possible do without," she wrote in the article.

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    While this may be a bit of an extreme example, it turns out that not washing the makeup from your face at night can

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  • Retro Hair Color Makes a Comeback

    Vintage clothing, vintage jewelry, vintage home décor. Old looks are all the rage, and that includes hues for hair. Hair color company Clairol Professional recently announced plans to launch a new line of 16 permanent liquid shades inspired by the original Miss Clairol tones of yesteryear. With the classic colors set to hit the market next month, let's take a look at the famous females who embraced the bold shades both back then and today. - By: Andrea Arterbery, Shine Staff

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  • Which Piercings Leave Permanent Scars?

    Lady Gaga shows off her new septum piercing. People always say that (unlike tattoos) you can simply remove piercings. But sometimes, even when you take out the jewelry, you're left with an ugly reminder of your mistake.

    And Lady Gaga, you could be next.

    Clad in an off-the-shoulder shirt and virtually no makeup, the pop star posted a video of herself getting a hole punched through her nasal septum last week. Though most of the septum (the wall that divides the nasal cavity into your two nostrils) is made up of cartilage, it's usually the small area between the bottom of the nose and where the cartilage begins that's pierced. The piercing usually heals within one to three months, depending on the person.

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    Would you wear this spike nose ring from Septum piercings made the transition from alternative to trendy after the look was spotted on the runways of the Givenchy Fall 2013 fashion show in Paris last March. Both male and female models strutted down the runway wearing oversized silver septum rings with charms dangling

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  • Spanx Jeans: The New Jeggings

    Behold! Spanx jeansThe days of lying flat on the bed or sucking in your tummy to squeeze into a pair of skinny jeans may be coming to an end with the launch of Spanx's new denim collection.

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    Spanx, the flattering shapewear adored by so many women they have made founder Sara Blakely a billionaire, has just launched two types of legging-style jeans. They are both super slim cut. reports that Spanx is offering a denim legging for $98 available in five colors and a waxed denim legging for $108 in two colors.

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    Both styles features a high, double-layer waist band (all the better to disguise a muffin top!) with a side zipper, which they say gives the "best fit, less bulk, and a flat, smooth tummy." They are made of a fabric they call "Real Lean Denim" which the company promises will "flatter your butt, thighs and legs every wear" and won't stretch out with wear.

    These slimming jeans are setting

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  • Hospital IVs Are the Latest Wellness Craze

    The newest spa sensation involves an IV. A needle, an IV drip and a massage chair. These are just a few of the components that can be found at Hydration Med-Spas, the latest relaxation craze that promise intravenous cocktails of vitamins and electrolytes for a quick fix of energy.

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    One of the more popular of these med-spas is Reviv, located in Miami. Founded in 2012 by four emergency room physicians, the theory is to get people replenished and rehydrated.

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    The New York Times reports that these IV bars and cafes are looking to "render this once alternative medical treatment as de rigeur as a manicure." Aside from Reviv (who also plans on opening a new location in Las Vegas Saturday), there's also Earthbar Vibrance in L.A. and Montelucia Resort's Joya Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona.Tokyo has the Tenteki 10 Cafe that has "drop-in" IV infusions containing human placenta and London's Ef Medispa now has "Drip & Chill" lounges.

    "Just as

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  • Is Nail Art Dying?

    Pale nails spotted at the Spring 2013 Dolce & Gabbana show. Colorful, intricate nail art may have met its demise, as fashion trendsetters are reverting to basic neutral polish. Lacquers and nail kits are still selling, but not quite at the booming rate they once were. According to Women's Wear Daily, sales growth of prestige nail products have slowed, increasing just 19 percent during the first five months of this year, compared to 42 percent growth during all of 2012, and 67 percent in 2011.

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    With teens creating online nail art tutorials and women wearing more creative shades to the office, why the sudden decline in polish? Apparently the back-to-basics backlash has just begun.

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    "I feel a bit tired of all the gimmicks," Jin Soon Choi, celeb manicurist and New York salon owner told WWD. Choi, who created her own line of nail polishes last year, forecasts "simple nail color" as the key look for fall 2013 because "clean art has staying

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  • Are Electronic Skin Cleansers Safe?

    Electronic devices are changing up the skin cleansing game. The skin on your face can get downright gunky. According to Phillip Tierno, author of "The Secret Life Of Germs," there are 60,000 germs that people come in contact with on a daily basis, and reports that you touch your face up to 5,500 times a day.
    That's a scary amount of grime settling into your pretty face. While you can always scrub out dirt the old fashioned way with soap and water, the beauty industry insists we dig even deeper into our pores with an electronic cleansing device.

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    Back in 2004, Clarisonic was one of the first electronic cleansers to enter the skincare market. It's a large, soft-bristled brush that rotates and moves to do the cleansing action for you—like an electronic toothbrush for your face. The bristles in the brush of the original Classic model move more than 300 times per second over your skin. Word spread like wildfire from magazines to beauty bloggers touting the miracles of the

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