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  • The Insanely High Cost of Being an "It" Girl

    Paris Hilton and her sister Nicky Hilton are two of the most famous socialites. The pampered life of an "It" girl costs more than we'd ever imagined. With helicopter rides to the Hamptons (you think they actually sit in traffic?) and every lavish spa treatment you can imagine (Crème de La Mer is haphazardly slathered on like Jergens), we're astounded that even the 1% can afford such a lifestyle. 

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    Battle Of The Socialites: Lydia Hearst Says She's No Paris

    A recent New York Times article revealed an inside look at socialites and their lavish expenses. Tickets to swanky charity events? Those set them back as much as $5,000 apiece. This, of course, doesn't include their gowns ($100,000), personal car service ($40,000 per year) and the private publicists that maintain their extensive social calendars ($84,000). 

    "The cost of being a socialite in NYC has undoubtedly risen over the past couple of years," Samantha Yanks, Editor-In-Chief of Hamptons Magazine, told Shine. "We now live in a time when being a 'socialite' has less to do with family lineage and more

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  • Emma Stone's $1 Beauty Secret (Plus 5 Other DIY Tips)

    Ever wonder what gives Emma Stone that glow? Baking soda! Actress Emma Stone may have a contract with Revlon and lots of fancy makeup artists, dermatologists, and spa treatments at her disposal, but she recently revealed to ELLE magazine that she uses plain old baking soda out of the pantry to exfoliate her skin. It turns out there's real merit to the this DIY beauty fix.

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    According to, baking soda is categorized as a physical exfoliant and its fine yet hard consistency makes it ideal for removing dead skin cells without causing irritation. To incorporate baking soda into your beauty routine, add a teaspoon into your existing facial cleanser, mix well, and gently massage into your skin. The results are radiant!

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    There are many other at-home beauty remedies we love and involve just a few ingredients that can be found in your kitchen. Here, we round up our top 5.

    1. Use fresh pineapples or kiwi

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  • Turbans: they're popular and we swear they're wearable

    Once the province of the very rich or the very famous, in recent years turbans have gone mainstream, appearing everywhere from the runways to the streets. But this isn't their first time at the style rodeo! Back in the 1920s and 1930s, glamorous stars like Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford brought the look to Hollywood. "[Turbans] signified a woman who was very educated and worldly," fashion historian Caroline Rennolds Millbank told The New York Times back in 2010 at the brink of the turban resurgence. "Going back to the turban is a return to the allure and sexiness of a foreign culture." Since then, turbans have been spotted at high fashion shows like Jason Wu and Giorgio Armani and on many famous heads. Nowadays stylish celebrities like Solange Knowles, Kourtney Kardashian, Salma Hayek, Kate Moss, Sarah Jessica Parker, Mary-Kate Olsen, Zoe Saldana, Rachel Zoe, and Rachel Roy are all rocking turbans, and clearly they are here to stay. Turbans may seem costume-like, but rest assured they

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  • Plus Size Clothing: Why Is It So Hard To Find?

    Plus sized models seem to have plenty of cute, fashionable clothes to wear, but what about everyone else? It's a scene that plus size shopper Alysha Sample, 24 of Dallas,TX, knows all too well.

    "I go to the store to find something to wear out and most of the items I find are just not cute," she tells Shine when questioned about her shopping habits.

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    So, Sample says that she logs onto some of her favorite sites and shops there instead. According to a new survey published by, Sample is not alone.

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    The online fashion site surveyed more than 5,000 U.S. women of mixed sizes and found that at least 57 percent of women wear clothing in sizes 16 and above. Those that are within this size range report purchasing half of their wardrobe online as compared to women who only wear standard sizes.

    But, why is this so? Plus size fashion blogger Sarah Conley of StyleItOnline, tells Shine that online shopping for her is a necessity.

    "Plus sized women have developed a very keen sense for what

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  • 11 Awesome Side Braid Looks to Wear This Summer

    Bored with those every day braided looks? (Yeah, we kind of are, too). Instead of doing your normal French Braid, try one of these funky side braid looks this summer. We went ahead and did all the hard work to select some fun looks that you might want want to check out. - Andrea Arterbery, Shine Fashion & Beauty Writer

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  • North West and Other Clever (Crazy?!) Baby Names

    Kim and Kanye (a.k.a. KimYe) have named their baby girl North West.

    There isn't a news outlet anywhere (Shine included!) that hasn't been champing at the bit to find out what Kim and Kanye named their new baby girl. magically got their hands on the official birth certificate first and reported that the new little lady is called North West—not the K-whatever that every one had predicted.

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    Clearly, North's parents were trying to come up with a witty, playful name that uses a fun riff on words—but the whole directional thing falls kind of flat. However, just when we were starting to feel sorry for the baby (its not her fault!), we recalled many other celeb parents who did the same to their star babies, so at least she's in good company:

    • Actor Rob Morrow has a daughter named Tu Morrow.
    • Actor Jason Lee has a son named Pilot Inspektor.
    • Singer Jermaine Jackson has a son named Jermajesty.

    There are also those celebrity parents who chose to dub their babies objects or or

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  • 3 of Your Most Popular Frizz-Fighting Treatment Questions Answered!

    Fighting the frizz doesn't have to be a painful battle! Summer is officially here which, for some women, can amp the frizz factor for your hair. It may be alright while at the beach or when doing some other outdoorsy activity, but sometimes the frizz needs to just disappear. Besides simply getting a blow-out at the salon, there are several ways to maintain sleek, frizz-free strands. Here, we answer three of the most popular questions in regards to this topic to help you find the best solution for your hair.

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    1. Are Brazilian Blowouts safe? One of the more well-known straightening treatments among women, Brazilian Blowouts have most recently received the most attention due to its status in the news. Due to complaints stemming from stylists and hair salon owners about exposure to formaldehyde, the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (or OSHA) completed air tests at many salons that offer the treatment. The tests showed formaldehyde at levels above OSHA

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  • 5 Manly Items to Add to Your (Womanly) Closet

    Let's hear it for the boys! Clearly, this must be what some ladies are saying when it comes to getting dressed. From Madonna to Beyonce, several celebrities have been spotted around town rocking men's wear inspired items. While you may not want to wear an entire suit, there are other male-inspired items that you can add to your lady-like wardrobe. Here are our top 5 must-haves. By: Andrea Arterbery

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  • Top 10 Magical Mascara Wands

    The key to how mascara looks on the lashes lies mainly in the shape of the wand. Much like Harry Potter, once you find the right one, it will be easy to bedazzle other people with your pretty peepers. Here, we've picked out the top 10 mascara wands that will do the trick. — Andrea Arterbery, Shine Beauty Blogger

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  • Hairy Stockings Picture: It's Trending, But is it Real?

    Are these hairy leggings or just hairy legs? It's a universal truth for most women that once temperatures rise, more skin is shown. If your milkshake is bringing all the boys to the yard (including unwanted pervs), take a note from China and put on a pair of super-hairy stockings.

    No, seriously.

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    This photo was first posted by HappyZhangJiang on Sina Weibo, a Chinese website similar to Twitter, along with the caption:

    "Super sexy, summertime anti-pervert full-leg-of-hair stocking, essential for all young girls going out."

    Since it went up, the picture has gone viral and is listed as one of the most popular posts on Sina Weibo, according to

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    But, are these hairy leggings or just hairy legs? No links to the actual product have been published, according to several sites such as The Atlantic Wire and Mashable.

    "What it adds up to is that these wonderful pervert repellents are probably not for sale,

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