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  • Katie Holmes' Tan Lines: We Can Fix That

    Katie Holmes shows off her tan line on the red carpet.

    Looking tan, Katie Holmes!

    The actress posed on the red carpet Tuesday night at The High Line for a party thrown by fashion brand Coach looking super relaxed in oversized shades and a white, one-shoulder dress.

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    While the biggest stand out about this photo is that her dress totally looks like a toga, we also couldn't help but notice that she's sporting an itty bitty tan line on her bare shoulder. It's definitely not everyday that you see a celebrity hitting the red carpet showcasing tan lines, so we took it upon ourselves to round up these top tips on how you can avoid this little beauty snafu.

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    1. Wear protection

    If you are going to tan, wearing a high SPF will not only protect your skin from the sun, but will also keep the tan lines from forming. Darker clothing will also deflect the harsh rays, according to the experts at

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  • The First Wearable 24 Karat Gold Shoes Are Here! But, Would You Wear Them?

    Behold the first pair of wearable pumps made of gold!

    Alberto Moretti is going for the gold with the creation of the first wearable pair of 24-karat gold shoes. For the ladies, there's a pair of heels, and for the guys, loafers. Each is covered in velvet and drenched in 24-karat gold. But expect to fork over some serious coinage for these shoes as prices start at $2,650 (or 2,000 euros).

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    According to the brand's Facebook page, the shoes were created in collaboration with HORO, a brand that has also made gold leaf T-shirts. The footwear will be available for purchase exclusively at five places around the world: Barneys in New York, Fred Segal in L.A., the Swank in Hong Kong, Level Shoe District in Dubai, and Harrods in London.

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    Strip away the gold, and there's really not much more to these shoes. Both the heels and loafers are very plain designs, which begs the question: Are they really worth the big bucks? Are the

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  • The Do's and Don'ts of Wearing High Heels

    photo: Getty ImagesWhile Carrie Bradshaw and the rest of her lady friends on Sex And The City make walking in heels 24/7 look like a cakewalk, in real life we should know better.

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    According to a recent survey released by the College Of Podiatry, 2,000 women (and men!) reported foot pain within an hour of wearing their heels. At least 20 percent reported that the pain begins within 10 minutes and a third reported walking home barefoot after a night of dancing.

    The best way to kill the foot pain is to simply not wear heels. But, who (us included!) is going to do that? Instead, we reached out to Dr. Rock Positano, Director of the Non-Surgical Foot And Ankle Service Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, for the do's and don'ts when it comes to wearing some of our favorite heels.

    DO always purchase your heels later in the day and not early in the morning.

    "Your foot is at its most swollen point early in the morning and you

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  • 10 of the Craziest Leggings Ever

    There was a time when wearing black leggings made a bold fashion statement. Now, you can't turn heads in a pair of stretchy pants unless you've got the face of Karl Lagerfeld imprinted on your thigh. Ever since 2011, the fashion industry has seen a rise in the demand for pants-less pants.

    According to Women's Wear Daily, some designers have responded by offering pants with "shaping benefits such as tummy control and derriere enhancement." Others however, have gone in the opposite direction, throwing caution to the wind and letting their imaginations go wild.

    "Designers are artists," The Luxury Spot's Bryce Gruber, tells Yahoo Shine. "They're all sorta free spirited hippie types…so obviously intergalactic leggings are fair game."

    Fair is a relative word.

    "I've noticed a slow uptick in the patterned leggings trend," says Tamar Anitai of The Fashion Binge."Unless you've got inches to spare, patterned leggings will make you look shorter, wider and a lot like Pippi Longstocking."

    But, style

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  • 7 Heatless Hairstyles to Wear This Summer

    Hair is considered to be the ultimate accessory for women; however, it can quickly turn into one of your greatest enemies during the hot summer months. From frizz to limpness, it's easy to rely on hot tools as the best way to tame your strands into some sort of stylish behavior. We say put down the blow dryers and curling irons and work with your natural texture —no heat involved.

    "Hair can be worn more natural and organic looking in the summer," Patrick Melville, owner of the Patrick Melville Salon in New York tells Shine. "My philosophy is longer hair in the summer, so you can have more versatility and with the climate being warmer, you can let your hair dry naturally. Think about growing your hair out in the spring and summer and going shorter in the fall and winter as clothing necklines go up."

    We recruited Melville to give us the lowdown on how to achieve some of summer's chicest styles without having to apply a lick of heat. --Andrea Arterbery, Shine Staff

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  • Puppy Born with Mustache: Happy Friday!

    This is the cutest puppy ever!

    Here's some later afternoon cuteness to kick off your weekend.

    No, your eyes aren't deceiving you. That definitely is a mustache that you're looking at on this adorable puppy and apparently it's something that he was born with!

    This little guy is Inigo Montoya and the picture was uploaded onto Reddit by his owner who goes by the name peach_and_garlic_pie. Also known as Monty, he was born during the month of Movember (which is really November and when men everywhere grow mustaches to raise awareness and funds for men's health issues). How perfect is that? Since then, Monty has taken the internet by storm with his supreme cuteness and all we can think about is giving him a snuggle. What a cutie!

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  • The Devil is Back: 12 Reasons Why You May (Or May Not) Want to Work in Fashion

    Remember The Devil Wears Prada? (Seriously, how could you forget about the book that we all know is secretly all about author Lauren Weisberger's job as Anna Wintour's assistant?) Well, now there's a sequel! Revenge Wears Prada just hit the bookshelves Tuesday.

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    According to, the book picks up on Andy's life 10 years after she quits her magazine job atRunway. Until we get our hands on this sequel, we plan to revisit the movie The Devil Wears Prada and reflect on the good and bad about working in the wonderful world of fashion.

    You have the job that every woman wants.

    You live in eternal fear that your boss may or may not fire you at any given time.

    You have access to wearing all the best designer clothing in the galaxy.

    You literally can't eat if you want to be able to fit into all of that design clothing.

    You get to dress up and rub shoulders with major celebrities and the fashion elite at swank

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  • 7 Wacky Looks from the 2013 CMT Awards

    Country music's finest gathered last night for the Country Music Awards. While there were some pretty classy looks on the red carpet last night, we can't help but point out that there were also a couple of looks that had us scratching our heads in confusion. Here are the top 7 wackiest. By: Andrea Arterbery

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  • Barbie's Incredible Shrinking Swimsuit

    While we may struggle to find the perfect swimsuit, Barbie has never had any problem with her summer attire. Over the years, however, our plastic blonde friend has worn increasingly racy swimwear. Case in point: the 2013 Malibu Barbie by Trina Turk. Check out her itsy bitsy floral bandeau, accessorized with just a sheer mesh coverup and sky-high wedges! The old school 1959 Barbie is gasping in horror in her one-piece. After some extensive research, we've concluded that Barbie's new swimwear look is her skimpiest yet. Take a look at her beach-ready looks through the years. By Andrea Arterbery, Shine Staff

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  • 20 Easy Pieces for Summer

    As the summer heats up we couldn't be happier to ditch our coats and sweaters for more carefree styles. "The best thing about summer is that you don't have to layer," Dorcia Kelly, Style Director for " As a woman, it's all about being comfortable and looking stylish. Your options are endless." Don't worry though! Kelly helped us narrow down those options to just 20 stylish summer pieces that will easily take you from work to the beach, or brunch to a hot date. By Andrea Arterbery, Shine Staff

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