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  • Dear Nike, Women Want More Stylish Sneakers like These

    Emily Hodgson and Emilie Riis think the gender inequality gap is widening - at least with regards to sneaker designs. The two founded Purple Unicorn Planet, a website featuring Nike kicks that are only made for men (but should be made for women, too). According to the site: "All the best Nike trainers, the good ones ... don't come in women's small sizes." And they're asking, or rather, hashtagging, Nike to #PleaseJustDoIt via Twitter. "It's important to state that this is by no means an attack on Nike," Riis said. "Quite the opposite. It's our call to feet. A shout-out to change it up for the girls - make it easier for us to buy cool trainers." Girls, we hear you. Why do guys get to have all the fun while we're stuck with an array of bulky cross-trainers? In an effort to ease the sole searching, we've scoured for the best that's out there — high tops, low tops, sporty, edgy, and couture in different colors, prints, and fabrics. Consider it proof: girls can be sneaker-heads too.

    -- Erika

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  • Dear Dunkin' Donuts: We Want Cronuts Too!

    Getty ImagesLess than three months old, the beloved cronut – a magical cross between a croissant and a doughnut – has taken New York by storm and spawned knockoffs from San Francisco to South Tampa. Now, the culinary creation is going corporate.

    Coffee-and-doughnut chain Dunkin' Donuts has officially brought the pastry hybrid to stores in South Korea, and the company isn't wasting time trying to come up with a catchy name, dubbing it simply the “Donut Croissant.”

    It's not the first international opportunity for the cronut. Since New York pastry chef Dominique Ansel first began offering up the masterpiece in May at his bakery in Manhattan's Soho neighborhood to lines around the block, independent pastry shops around the world have tried creating their own renditions (including Australia’s "dossant") but Dunkin' Donuts is the first global chain attempting to make the dessert mainstream.

    So does this mean we can finally get our hands on a cronut here in America without waiting in line for hours?


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  • Wendy's Customers Defend Server Against Bully, Get Frosties and Food

    The Wendy's employee's thank you to customers who stood up for her. (Reddit)Bullying may conjure up images of school kids ganging up on each other on the playground, but adults are guilty of partaking in the nasty practice too – on the Web, in the workplace, and even at restaurants.  Luckily, some bystanders aren't looking the other way anymore.

    When two New Jersey teens overheard a cashier getting an unfair earful from a customer, they spoke up. And it not only felt good, but tasted good, too.

    On Sunday, Kailee Whiting, 19, shared her story on Reddit, writing: "Stood up for an innocent employee at Wendy's who was being bullied by a customer. She gave us free frosties and chicken nuggets." Whiting also posted a photo of the two shakes sitting atop a piece of paper that read, "You guys are AWESOME. (Hope you like vanilla.)"

    More on Yahoo!: Rise Up Against Bullying: Think About This

    "I thought it was really sweet of the cashier,” Whiting's girlfriend, 18-year-old Katie Light, told Yahoo! Shine. “It was nice to know that she was happy that we stood up for her.

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  • Abercrombie & Fitch's Latest Battle: Hot Parisian Salespeople

    Happy shoppers pose with Abercrombe & Fitch salespeople outside a store in Munich. (Getty Images)Just a few months after Abercrombie & Fitch stirred up one of its bigger controversies of the year for refusing to sell plus-size clothing, the retailer is in hot water again, this time for allegedly employing only thin and attractive people at its Paris flagship store on the renowned Champs-Élysées.

    The company often stations staffers outside its shops and at entrances to greet and pose with shoppers. And if you think they look more like models than salespeople, well, you'd be right. The title for a salesperson on the Abercrombie & Fitch careers website is actually "model."

    The Champs-Élysées store is known to have some of the best looking salespeople in Paris as employees – so good-looking, in fact, that they have been known to work in the buff (or close to it). And now, France’s human rights group, Le Defenseur Des Droits (which translates in English to Defender of Rights), is on the retailer's case.

    The watchdog group started an investigation last week and plans to wrap up its look

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  • Armani's Baby Diaper Line Is Fake, Don't Worry

    A screenshot of the counterfeit website.Lanvin, Burberry, and Dior are some upscale designers known for their luxury collections for tots. So when an alleged Giorgio Armani diaper ad recently surfaced on the web, the idea wasn’t totally out of the realm of possibilities, which is why some may have assumed it was true. But do babies really need couture garb, like diapers courtesy of Giorgio Armani? Hold your tongue – because it turns out the ad is fake.

    Jezebel’s recent post questioned whether or not the ad, which appeared on an alleged Giorgio Armani Russia website, was yet another ridiculous fashion effort or if it was an “artful prank.” But it looks like it’s the later, not the former.

    A statement sent from Giorgio Armani to Yahoo! Shine confirmed that: “Following reports of the business activities of the e-commerce website the Armani Group wishes to emphasize its non-involvement in the initiative. The item for sale, especially in the baby section, are counterfeit, as are the photographs advertising them.”

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  • Summer's Statement Sunglasses Are Insanely Expensive (And Just Plain Insane)

    Sunglasses for more than $1,000? Shady. Every summer,  designers roll out high-end statement sunglasses with shocking price-tags . This year, however, the designs are equally jaw-dropping. From Linda Farrow's use of snakeskin and metal, to Karen Walker's futuristic Lucite look, the most coveted shades of the season are designed to draw attention —  at any cost. "My clients are willing to spend more on a pair of statement frames that just look and feel better knowing that they fits their face, are comfortable and are ultimately the hottest pair on the market," Beverly Hills fashion stylist Joe Katz told Yahoo! Shine. "Wearing a pair just like any accessory really gives people confidence in their overall style." This may be true, but do you really need to spend a month's salary on a pair of non-prescription sunglasses? Not if you're armed with some shopping savvy. Here are some of the priciest sunglasses on the market, along with better alternatives for your budget. Go ahead, make a

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  • Top Ten Swimsuits for Curves

    Summer is a one-size-fits all season - anyone and everyone can enjoy it - but bathing suit sizes vary for everyone. Perhaps that's why there has been an upsurge in swimwear lines that cater to full-figured women. "Over the past couple of years plus-size women and curvy women have started to embrace their bodies and plus-size bloggers are doing a great job of making that known," shopping editor at Plus Model Magazine and creator of Stylish Curves Alissa S. Wilson told Yahoo! Shine.Forever 21, ASOS, and Mod Cloth have created bathing suit collections for the busty and curvy-types. H&M recently revealed its new swimwear line featuring 23-year-old plus-size model (per industry standards) Jennie Runk; and Gabi Gregg, the voice behind GabiFresh, collaborated with Swimsuits For All in May to release her collection of "fatkinis," which sold out before summer began. To find the most suitable swimsuit for your shape: "Look for adjustable straps and high-waisted briefs if you're going to do a

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  • Relationship Deep Dive: L'Wren Scott and Mick Jagger

    This week designer L'Wren Scott announced a partnership with Banana Republic for her first ever mass market collaboration. If you hadn't heard of the towering Scott before, you'll definitely recognize her long-term partner, Mick Jagger.  In 2001, Scott met the legendary Rolling Stone at a photo shoot. Since then, Scott, 46 and Jagger, 69, have forged a solid ('advanced' stylish) partnership. Here's a look at fashion's surprisingly underrated power couple.   --Erika Ostroff, Shine Staff

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  • Anthropologie's Chicken Coop and Other Unlikely Fashion Items

    If you're online shopping at Anthropologie and you happen to be perusing the house & home section, you may be surprised to find products that belong on a farm. Anthropologie is now selling a $3,000, handmade chicken coop made from reclaimed cypress and redwood.

    Customers have expressed some skepticism. Is this a serious endeavor, or merely a way for Anthropologie to appeal to the grunge-loving, green-going hipster culture that has swept the consumer market? "I was so excited to receive this as a gift, but when I put my chickens in their new home, they basically went berserk," a customer from Washington, DC posted on the product review. "My chickens are modern chickens - classy ladies who live in this century and aren't about to set themselves back 150 years just to get a little street cred with the hipster chicks over in Williamsburg with their organic, local chicken feed and ironic waddles." While the retailer may be known for its boho-chic clothing, accessories, and home décor, the

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  • No, Gwyneth Paltrow, Not Everything Natural is Good for You

    Just because it's natural doesn't mean it's good for you, Gwyneth. In the July 2013 issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine, the actress, author and notorious health guru pronounced her love for all things natural - especially the sun. "We're human beings and the sun is the sun - how can it be bad for you?" Paltrow told Cosmo. "I don't think anything that is natural can be bad for you." In fact, Paltrow also told Harper's Bazaar "no gluten, no dairy and no sugar" in her diet - but those, too, are natural aren't they? Point and fact, the line between what is natural and what is healthy can be blurred. We aren't stopping anyone from guzzling green juice; but beware. There are elements of the faultlessly perceived Mother Nature that have slipped through the cracks.

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