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  • GoldieBlox Pulls Beastie Boys Song From Viral Video

    GoldieBlox, a company that makes engineering toys and games to inspire young girls' interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), has released a new version of their viral video, following a dispute with the Beastie Boys over the use of the band's song "Girls."

    The original video, which was posted last week and had over 8 million views on YouTube, featured three little girls playing with a Rube Goldberg-like contraption singing satirical lyrics of the band's 1986 hit. The GoldieBlox parody changed the "Girls" rather sexist lines ("Girls — to do the dishes, Girls — to clean up my room, Girls — to do the laundry, Girls — and in the bathroom, Girls, that's all I really want is girls") to more empowering words: "Girls — to build the spaceship, Girls — to code the new app, Girls — to grow up knowing that they can engineer that, Girls, —that's all we really need is girls."

    The Beastie Boys contacted the toy company claiming the use of their song was copyright infringement. Read More »from GoldieBlox Pulls Beastie Boys Song From Viral Video
  • Michigan Students Tweet About What It's Like Being Black on Campus

    Photo by: @TheBSU/Twitter

    On Tuesday afternoon, a campus initiative to raise awareness of how blacks are treated at the University of Michigan quickly went viral and ignited a nationwide conversation about race and diversity. The social media campaign, #BBUM (Being Black at the University of Michigan), encouraged students and others to share their experiences of being a minority at the Ann Arbor institution. The hashtag was trending nationally on Twitter for several hours, and almost 13,000 tweets have been made so far — an impressive outpouring over such a short time period. “We really just wanted to create a platform for our voices to be heard,” Tyler Collier, a senior at the school and president of the Black Student Union, tells Yahoo Shine.

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    Collier was inspired to start the initiative after recent racially charged incidents. As a black leader on campus, he says he simply wanted to give black students, who represent 4 percent of the student body, a voice that is Read More »from Michigan Students Tweet About What It's Like Being Black on Campus
  • Auditor Quits Job With Epic Email

    Photo by: YouTubeThe Hollywood trope for epically quitting a job is hard to beat. From Bridget Jones telling her boss, "Frankly, I'd rather have a job wiping Saddam Hussein's a--," to Andy in "The Devil Wears Prada" throwing her cell phone in the Place de la Concorde fountain, these carefully constructed scenes would be hard to replicate in real life. But a young woman from Texas proved that it's not entirely impossible. Glory — a name she coined to keep her anonymity — resigned from her position as an associate auditor at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) by sending out an eyebrow-raising email to her colleagues, complete with hashtags, describing her hatred of auditing and her "#chattycathy" co-workers, as well as the 10 reasons why Beyoncé is the queen of the world.

    The over-the-top email which talked about "fake" colleagues who "stink" and who are "so in love with their animals" made its way to various blogs and Glory found herself on YouTube, explaining her actions to thousands.

    More on Yahoo Shine:
    'IRead More »from Auditor Quits Job With Epic Email
  • How a Katy Perry Song Turned Into an Anthem for Sick Kids

    Katy Perry may have originally meant her pop hit "Roar" to be a cathartic breakup song for the heartbroken, but it's taken on a much taller task than that: The tune has turned into an inspirational anthem for young kids battling illnesses. The latest adolescent to lip-sync the single off of Perry's album "Prism" is Morgan Platt, a 10-year-old girl who was diagnosed with a brain tumor in June 2011.  

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    Morgan, a pediatric cancer patient at Connecticut Children's Medical Center in Hartford, Connecticut, recently enlisted fellow kids at the hospital, along with nurses, doctors, and staff members (some dressed as lions, boxers, butterflies and bees), to lip-synch the song in this latest feel-good rendition of "Roar." According to the video's description on YouTube, Morgan "decided to make a music video in hopes it would go viral and raise awareness about her condition and the other types of cancers being treated at Connecticut

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  • Nosy Guy Live-Tweets a Couple's Breakup Hooking Thousands as the Drama Unfolds

    Kyle Ayers, a Brooklyn-based comedian and writer, was hanging out on his building's rooftop on Saturday when a couple standing nearby started to fight. Instead of turning away and giving the pair some privacy, Ayers watched as the situation escalated from being a small argument to a full-on break up. Although most people (and by most, I'm really generalizing and referring to what my nosy self would do in this type of situation) would carry on with their conversations or continue to look at the skyline, while covertly stealing a few glances and eavesdropping, Ayers took his interest in the unfolding soap opera one step further and live-tweeted the entire thing for thousands of Twitter followers to vicariously witness. Here are some highlights from #roofbreakup.

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  • San Francisco Makes 'Batkid' Superhero for a Day

    photo by: Make-a-Wish Greater Bay Area FoundationMiles Scott, a 5-year-old boy who has been battling leukemia for three years, is already an amazing kid but he got the chance to amaze the world when he turned into "Batkid" on Friday. With the help of the Make-a-Wish Greater Bay Area Foundation and a whopping 12,000 volunteers, the city of San Francisco morphed into a real-life Gotham City complete with damsels in distress, enemies like The Joker and The Riddler, and adoring fans. Weeks in the making, the perfectly executed day was all about making the little boy's dream of becoming a superhero come true and it went off without a hitch, giving Miles the experience of a lifetime, and leaving the rest of us wildly impressed with the people of San Francisco. Check out a play-by-play of Miles's special day, which included fending off evil, making the frontpage of the paper, and finally getting that ride in the Batmobile. And be sure to have some tissues handy ...

    Thursday night, the Gotham City police activated the Bat-Signal to let

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  • 300 Sandwiches Blogger Gets Book Deal Instead of Engagement Ring

    Stephanie Smith of 300 Sandwiches project fame is still a little over 100 hoagies away from getting an engagement ring but has just been given some extra motivation to keep slicing and dicing in the kitchen: a book deal. 

    At the end of September
    , Smith, a writer for the New York Post, revealed herself as the woman behind the food blog based on a promise her boyfriend, Eric Schulte, made. Schulte — or “E” as Smith affectionately refers to him in her blog that's part confessional, part cooking guide — said he would propose only after Smith made 300 unique subs for him. And we're not talking about peanut butter and jelly. Smith whips up elaborate creations like her “In the Doghouse,” a combination of scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, and chives.   

    But since Smith came out as the woman behind the blog, some have suspected she's motivated by more than just trying to get her boyfriend down on one knee. In a piece she wrote for the Post after feminists, along with most of the Internet, freaked Read More »from 300 Sandwiches Blogger Gets Book Deal Instead of Engagement Ring
  • Take a Bite Out of Thanksgivvukah With Turkey Doughnuts

    The turkey-cranberry doughnut. (photo courtesy of Zucker Bakery)Nov. 28, 2013 is a date sure to go down in food history. Why is this night different from all other nights? For the first time since 1888, Thanksgiving, the ultimate American feast day, falls on the same day as the first night of Hanukkah, an eight-day Jewish commemoration of light, a holiday convergence that's been dubbed Thanksgivukkah. To celebrate this rare union, Zucker Bakery in New York City has concocted a line of seasonal treats that combine a traditional Hanukkah doughnut with Turkey Day staples.

    More on Yahoo: What Your Favorite Flavor Says About You

    “Everybody started talking about that it's all happening on the same day,” Zohar Zohar, co-owner of the bakery in Manhattan's East Village neighborhood, tells Yahoo Shine. “It's never happened before, and we were thinking, how can we combine the two?”

    More on Yahoo Shine: Why Tea Makes You Happy, Healthy, Smart

    The bakery came up with multiple ways, actually. Starting Saturday, Thanksgivukkah revelers can pick up four versions of Read More »from Take a Bite Out of Thanksgivvukah With Turkey Doughnuts
  • Change Your 'Fitness Age' in 5 Easy Steps

    Photo by: Thinkstock
    How is it possible that 93-year-old Jon Mendes was able to compete in the New York City marathon on Sunday, but people decades younger couldn't dream of running 26.2 miles? Perhaps the near-centenarian’s "fitness age" hasn’t incereased at the same rate as his senior citizen status indicates. So how do you defy the logic of aging when you’re secretly trapped in a teenager’s body (or vice versa)? Pretty easily, in fact.

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    Instead of paying for expensive tests and being hooked up to a machine while running on a treadmill, people can take to the Internet and plug in numbers to determine their fitness age. Using a special calculator created by researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, you can estimate how your body actually functions physically in relation to how it should work on average according to your age, said the researchers in a paper published in the journal Medicine & Science inRead More »from Change Your 'Fitness Age' in 5 Easy Steps
  • Family Is Town Favorite With Son's "Wizard of Oz" Wheelchair Costume

    Photo by: Jason Hurst
    If you were planning to dress like Dorothy, the Tin Man or the Scarecrow this Halloween, beware: You’ve already lost the “Wizard of Oz” costume contest to a Georgia family that has a green-suited wizard in a hot air balloon.

    Tucker Lanier, 13, suffers from Hunter Syndrome, or mucopolysaccharidosis (MPS) Type II, a genetic and degenerative disease. Lanier can walk without assistance, but for lengthy distances like trick-or-treating around his neighborhood, outside Savannah, a wheelchair is easier.  

    Every Halloween, Lanier’s mother Casey Hurst, stepfather Jason Hurst, and younger brother Dylan Lanier, 10, dress up together as a family and incorporate Tucker's chair into their theme. Last year, they went as characters from Mario Cart with Tucker as Bowser— and his big reveal has become somewhat of a local phenomenon.

    “We throw around about 100 ideas every year,” Jason Hurst (who is a professional photographer) tells Yahoo Shine. “We’ve always wanted to do the “Wizard of Oz” and when the Read More »from Family Is Town Favorite With Son's "Wizard of Oz" Wheelchair Costume


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