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  • 5 Delicious Diaper Bags Under $400

    Today's fashionable diaper bags are turning heads around town. High-end designers are catering to mommy and baby by giving them stylish meticulously crafted bags that scream, "I am NOT a childish baby bag!" Unfortunately there isn't a $10k Hermes Birkin diaper bag yet, but MommyQ thinks you'll find these five little gems just as yummy.


    Juicy Couture Canvas Baby Bag - Featuring classic casual styling with a pinch of fun, the Juicy Couture diaper bag even has sweet treats inside like a coordinating bib, burp cloth and changing pad. Yummy! $375


    Kate Spade Bleeker St. (Henry Bag) - MommyQ has never really loved Kate Spade, but don't let that stop you from checking out this subtle classic. With all of the appeal of a modern diaper bag, you get a funky animal print liner and matching changing pad. Now that's more like it! $385


    Fleurville Lexie Tote - Moms just love the Fleurville line of diaper bags because it takes functional luxury up a few notches.

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  • Dancing with the Stars is the Biggest Guilty Pleasure

    ABC's hit show Dancing with the Stars, may be the best guilty pleasure to ever grace a television set. Over-the-top glittery costumes boasting more sequins than an '80s prom, combined with some seriously smokin' hot bodies transports you into a wonderland of acceptable raunchiness and what, pray tell, is more fun than that? Think of it as a smorgasbord of decent smut with a twist of ballroom dancing.

    Every season they manage to choose stars that eventually capture your heart and no matter how hard you try, you find yourself rooting for someone. Or worse yet, cheering out loud when your favorite dancer nails the Paso Doble. (And yes, you learn the names of the dances too.)

    Since it's on network TV, you can ogle everyone as much as you want and it's totally 100% acceptable. Why? Because you're concentrating on the steps, the footwork, the form. You care about the dance, not the ridiculously fit body pulsating and gyrating to the music. You're (gulp) appreciating art.


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  • Ode to a Wheely Bug, the BEST Toddler Gift Ever!

    Cute as a button;
    As enjoyable as a hug;
    No child should go without a ride-on Wheely Bug!
    The bee is bright and cheery;
    The lady bug is extra-sweet;
    The cow, oh my goodness, is an absolute treat!
    Scoot, spin and roll all over the house;
    And thanks to special wheels, it's as quiet as a mouse.
    Evoking laughter, giggles and smiles as wide as the sea;
    No critter is better than the one known as Wheely!

    MommyQ is obsessed with this wonderful ride-on toy! Can you tell? I was driven to write poetry about it. Now that's love! And I'm no stranger to this toy either. I've seen all three Wheely Bugs in person at least a hundred times, but now I know personally, why they are award-winning toys.

    My youngest son turned one yesterday and his big gift was a Cow Wheely Bug. (Not an easy feat to wrap it, but MommyQ improvised and it looked cute enough.) The little birthday boy loved it, but my older son who is almost four, was completely enamored with it. He rode around the house on

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